10 Best Willow Tree Nativity Sets

Best Willow Tree Nativity Sets

People often choose willow tree nativity scenes when setting up the nativity scene because of how easygoing and accommodating they are. You will find out when you delve into the subject that artists prefer willow tree wood for its softness and durability. This kind of explains why so many nativity sets are made from or with willow figurines.

Not all these figurines are made to the same standards, however, which is why you want to first take into account what the market has in store before committing to a purchase. To guide you through, we put together a list of the ten best willow tree nativity sets money can buy.

Willow Tree Nativity Set, Reviews

#10 28 Piece Nativity Package

28 Piece Nativity Package

Perfect for indoor décor, the 28 Pc. Willow Tree Nativity Package is a complete set of figures that are found in the Stable. Handcrafted and sculpted with detailed precision, these figures are painted with subtle, elegant colors that would accentuate any Christmas décor.

Including the shepherd and his animals, the 3 wise men, the metal star backdrops on each side, the praying angel, angle stand, ox and goat, peace on earth, 3 piece shepherd set, song of joy angel, song of dance angle, Zampognaro, Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus, it comes with all the characters you need to complete the Christmas scene.

#9 14 Piece Nativity Package

14 Piece Nativity Package

Uniquely crafted with intricacy and precision, the 14 Pc. Willow Tree Nativity Package includes a range of different characters designed with elegance and calmness in mind.

Featuring figurines including Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, the shepherd, and his animals, the 3 wise men and the star backdrop, the maker Susan Lordi portrays her own emotions and feelings in their modern, yet quiet design.

Made from premium-grade resin cast from original carvings, these figures do not possess facial expressions and aim at presenting a modest outlook and appearance.

#8 The Christmas Story

The Christmas Story

Willow Tree – The Christmas Story is an elegant set of 2 figures including Mary holding baby Jesus and Joseph. Made from high-quality resin, each of these figurines is hand sculpted and painted with intricate detailing and subtle use of colors.

With Joseph measuring 14.5 inches high, this set comes in a convenient fitted box that is ready for gifting purposes. This Christmas Story set can be added to other nativity collections and are ready to be placed on your shelf or mantle. For maximum durability, these figures must be cleaned with a soft brush or cloth after dusting.

#7 Metal Star Backdrop

Metal Star Backdrop

Another add-on for the famous Willow Tree nativity collection, the Willow Tree Metal Star Backdrop features a classic design including a sturdy stand with 7 stars. Measuring approximately 13.5 inches high, this display backdrop is made from high-quality metal and hand-painted to stand out.

Easy to maintain, this backdrop should always be cleaned with a soft brush or cloth. Packaged in a convenient box, it is ready for gifting and can also be used as a part of your Christmas décor.

#6 Crèche


Crafted as an add-on or backdrop for the nativity collection, the Willow Tree Crèche is a 3-piece sculpture that is designed to hold figures from the Willow tree nativity set. Made from sturdy wood and hand-painted to perfection, this backdrop measures 17 inches high, 20 inches wide and 11.5 inches deep.

Thanks to its unique design and construction, this sculpture can be folded up and stored flat to save space. Ready to display, it can be placed on your shelf, mantle lace or tabletop.

#5 Shelter for The Holy Family

Shelter for The Holy Family

Uniquely created as a backdrop for the Holy family Collection, the Willow Tree Shelter for The Holy Family is a durable stand that is lightweight and compact in size. Made from thin, pierced metal, this backdrop features a curved design with intricate carvings offering shelter to the other figures of the Holy family Collection

. Measuring 9.5 inches high, it is an ideal accessory for those looking for smaller nativity options. Easy to maintain, it should be wiped clean with a soft cloth or brush for added durability.

#4 Shepherd and Stable Animals

Shepherd and Stable Animals

The Willow Tree Shepherd and Stable Animals is a 4 piece nativity set that is the perfect add-on to other nativity collections. Made from high-quality durable resin, each figure is sculpted and hand-painted with precision and elegance.

With its tallest figure measuring 7 inches high, the set comes with a shepherd, 2 sheep, and a camel. Ready to display, it can be placed on your mantle, tabletop or shelf or can be gifted thanks to its conveniently fitted packaging.

#3 Little Shepherdess

Little Shepherdess

The Willow Tree Little Shepherdess is another premium-quality addition to the famous Nativity Collection by Susan Lordi. Featuring 3-pieces including a shepherdess and 2 sheep, these figures are made from high-quality resin and hand-painted with intricate details.

Free from facial expressions, these figures are designed to portray calmness and modesty. Packed in a fitted box for easy gifting, this set comes with a sentiment card that says ”Behold, a little love on earth”, making it the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones.

#2 The Holy Family

The Holy Family

Including two sets of figures, the Willow Tree – The Holy Family features Mary and Joseph with baby Jesus. Ideal for those who are looking for smaller nativity options, this display set includes Joseph, the taller figure, measuring approximately 7.5 inches high.

Made from high-quality resin and hand-painted with subtle colors, this set can be complemented with other add-ons from the nativity collection including twinkling stars, the sheltered animals and more, which are sold separately. The Holy Family set also comes in a handy fitted box that makes it a great gift for your family and friends.

#1 The Three Wisemen

The Three Wisemen

Including a sentiment card that says “They followed a star and found the Light of the World”, the Willow Tree – The Three Wisemen is the perfect gift for your loved ones during Christmas. Made from resin, each of these 3 figures is hand-painted using subtle colors, adding a calmness and elegance to your home décor.

With its tallest figure measuring 8.5 inches, this set is specially created for the nativity collection. Packaged in a well-fitted box, this set of 3 wise men can also be purchased for your own home and displayed on your mantle, shelf or tabletop.