10 Best Tortilla Makers

Best Tortilla Maker

Tortilla enthusiasts should by now be aware of the widespread availability of tortilla makers in this day and age. These simplistic yet highly practical appliances are guaranteed to ease your tortilla-making efforts to some degree. So if you haven’t already, then you should definitely look into the possibility of acquiring a tortilla maker sooner rather than later because all things considered, these items aren’t even that expensive to begin with.

Still, it pays to be aware of what you’re buying at all times, especially in regards to tortilla makers and how inexpensive they are. TO ensure that you’ll end up getting the right quality, we put together a list of the ten best tortilla makers the market has to offer for you to look at.

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#10 Brentwood TS-129 Non-Stick Electric Tortilla Maker


Crafted to produce delicious perfectly round 12-inch tortillas and flatbreads, the Brentwood TS-129 Non-Stick Electric Tortilla Maker can be used for making roti’s chapattis and other kinds of healthy bread.

Designed from high-grade stainless steel and durable components, it features special non-stick coating cooking plates and comes equipped with an adjustable heat dial that allows you to select the level of crispiness or softness required. It also includes a power indicator light and a preheat light that are extremely convenient.

#9 Revel CTM610 Tortilla Flatbread Maker

Revel CTM610 Tortilla Flatbread Maker

Known for its exceptional performance, quality, and durability, the Revel CTM610 Tortilla Flatbread Maker is a premium-grade, kitchen appliance that is designed for preparing tortillas, flatbreads, roti’s, chapattis and more. Made from durable materials, it features robust non-stick coated, 10-inch cooking plates that provide you with a uniform cook.

Backed up by 1,000 watts of power, it is easy to use and prepares your favorite dishes within minutes. Easy to clean, this device comes equipped with a handy booklet that provides you with all the necessary information and steps for cooking and cleaning.

#8 ARC USA, AL205R Aluminum Tortilla Press

ARC USA, AL205R Aluminum Tortilla Press

Available in 2 different sizes including a 6.5 inches and 8 inches version, the ARC USA, AL205R Aluminum Tortilla Press is a uniquely designed press that comes in 3 colors.

Built from heavy-duty aluminum, this tortilla press is designed for quick and easy preparation of various foods including tortillas, tostones, empanadas, dumplings, mini pie shells and more.

Thanks to its robust handle that is bolted to the appliance, it helps it creating uniformly pressed tortillas. For maximum durability, this tortilla press should always be washed by hand, dried and rubbed down with any kind of cooking oil.

#7 ARC USA, C0026 Tortilla Press

ARC USA, C0026 Tortilla Press

Featuring a simple and straightforward design, the ARC USA, C0026 Tortilla Press is an ultra-durable, heavy-duty kitchen appliance, designed to help you prepare evenly pressed tortillas. Made from tough cast iron, it is sturdy, reliable and resistant to rust and damage.

Featuring a heavy-duty robust handle that is bolted onto the appliance, it helps in producing uniform, flat and well-rounded dough with every use. Ideal for making empanadas, tortillas, mini pie shells, tostones, dumplings, and more, this tortilla press should always be hand washed and dried before applying any edible oil to its cooking surface.

#6 Best Revel CTM-660 Tortilla Maker

Best Revel CTM-660 Tortilla Maker

Built from high-grade materials and components, the Best Revel CTM-660 Tortilla Maker is a modern and stylish kitchen appliance that features a deluxe chrome finish. Ergonomically designed, it includes a sturdy press handle that is contoured to match the shape of your hands for added comfort.

Equipped with an inbuilt cable storage space, the device comes with an automatic on/off indicator light and a ready light that is convenient. Featuring durable, non-stick coated cooking plates, it provides you with even, uniformly cooked tortillas and flatbreads with every use.

#5 Lodhi’s Premium Grade-8 inch Tortilla Press

Lodhi’s Premium Grade-8 inch Tortilla Press

The Lodhi’s Premium Grade-8 inch tortilla press is a standard size flatbread maker that is designed for quick and even pressing. Thanks to its round wide surface, it produces flat, evenly pressed dough with every use.

Equipped with a sturdy handle that is bolted to the device, it features heavy-duty, pre-seasoned cast iron plates that are durable and heavy-weight.

Easy to use, this device can prepare delicious dumplings, corn and flour tortillas, mini pie shells, Patacones, arepas, empanadas and more. For enhanced durability, this appliance should be hand-washed and dried well and rubbed down with any cooking oil.

#4 CucinaPro Tortilla Maker (1443)

CucinaPro Tortilla Maker (1443)


The CucinaPro Tortilla Maker (1443) is an easy-to-use multipurpose press that is designed for making pitas, tortillas, and flatbreads. Constructed from high-quality aluminum, it features special non-stick coated cooking surfaces that evenly distribute heat while cooking.

Ideal for preparing 10-inch tacos, gyros, quesadillas, tostadas and more, you can enjoy delicious and healthy food in the comfort of your home. Easy to clean, it comes equipped with a handy cable wrap and an indicator light to notify you when your food is ready. Perfect for flattening and baking bread, this tortilla maker should not be used with non-gluten flours.

#3 Alpha Living Tortilla Press

Alpha Living Tortilla Press

Made from durable, heavy-weight cast iron, the Alpha Living Tortilla Press is a high-quality device that allows easy preparation of all kinds of flatbreads, tortillas and more at home. Thanks to its unique design and construction, this press can also be used for dumpling sheets, tostadas, pie shells, patacones, Arepas, tombstones, and more.

With each cooking surface measuring 7.5 inches in diameter, it creates flat and uniform tortillas with every use. Unlike most traditional aluminum tortilla makers, this one offers enhanced durability and performance and is extremely stable overall.

#2 Norpro 6″ Tortilla Maker

Norpro 6 Tortilla Maker

Built from tough materials, the Norpro 6″ tortilla maker features a heavy-duty cast iron body that prepares delicious homemade tortillas in minutes. Sturdy, durable and efficient, this device can make large quantities of tortillas, flatbreads, quesadillas and more and is extremely easy to use.

Providing you with enhanced leverage, it comes equipped with a robust handle that is fixed on with the help of a strong screw. Easy to clean and maintain, this tortilla maker is compact in size and space-efficient.

#1 Victoria Tortilla Press

Victoria Tortilla Press

The Victoria Tortilla Press is a heavy-duty 8 inch DIY tortilla maker that is more or less perfect for preparing homemade flatbreads, quesadillas, roti’s, and more. Built from premium-grade pre-seasoned cast iron, it features a tough design that includes a sturdy handle and a strong base.

The plates are seasoned with non-GMO flaxseed oil and are uniquely crafted to prevent any pinching. Known for its superior restaurant-quality, this tortilla press comes equipped with an additional lever screw along with an instruction booklet on the use, care, and maintenance of the device.