10 Best Small Dehumidifiers

Best Small Dehumidifiers

Perhaps you have a small space that needs clean, fresh air. There is no need to buy a 4500 square feet dehumidifier. The market offers smaller variations usable for tiny areas in your home, such as the bathroom, storage room, and kitchen. They are also perfect for small offices or your RV. Below is a review of the top 10 dehumidifiers to purchase for small spaces.

Small Dehumidifiers, Reviews

#10 Pinlo Mini Dehumidifier

Pinlo Mini Dehumidifier

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Do you need a dehumidifier for your basement, bedroom, or closet? Try the Pinlo model. It is a mini design device with a smart LED that shows the current air humidity. It has a detachable hook for easy set-up. With a 50oz (1,500ml) water tank capacity and low energy consumption, this product suits many households.

It is lightweight, compact, and portable to fit in the tiniest corners. It has an ultra-quiet operation and offers a drying feature, which entails a warm air outlet. The Pinlo switches off when the water tank is full due to the water level detection functionality.

#9 Honati Small Dehumidifier

Honati Small Dehumidifier

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The Honati Small dehumidifier is an elegant purchase for your locker, baby room, bedroom, and RV. You can easily carry it using one hand. It runs quietly to allow you sleep; thus does cause much nuisance. It is suitable for rooms as large as 160 square feet rooms and has a 22oz (600ml) water tank capacity.

However, the space it can dehumidify ranges from 108 to 215 square feet, and it collects up to 300ml of air moisture per day. When the tank is full, Honati automatically goes off for safety. Besides, it has only one button, which makes it simpler for you to use.

#8 Honati Home 2,000ml Dehumidifier

Honati Home 2,000ml Dehumidifier

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If the previous Honati model impresses you, but you are concerned about its coverage, do not worry. The company provides another purchase option for you that can cover up to 269 square feet. It has an auto-off feature and is excellent for your office, basement, bathroom, and baby room. Besides, it is energy efficient, small, portable, and operates quietly.

With a tank capacity of 2,000ml, it removes 750ml of moisture from the air around you. Its coverage ranges from 100 to 269 square feet.

#7 Inofia 30-Pint Dehumidifier

Inofia 30-Pint Dehumidifier

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Inofia suits small spaces such as bathrooms and garages. It is usable in a room as large as 1056 square feet. It can function appropriately in temperatures as low as 41F thanks to its auto defrost feature. With the auto error detector, you can know when the machine has a problem instead of guessing. It can remove a maximum of 44-gallons of water from the air in 24 hours.

The product has an intelligent operation where you set your target humidity level, and it gives you exactly that. Enjoy the programmable time, continuous drain, compact size, recessed handle, and auto-restart features.

#6 Afloia Dehumidifier

Afloia Dehumidifier

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Afloia is another low energy consumption dehumidifier. It is lightweight and compact to take up little space in your rooms. It is not noisy, either. However, it incorporates an auto-off function, and a yellow LED lights up when the 700ml tank is full. It is excellent for a 215 square feet space and can remove up to 350ml of moisture in the air in a day.

#5 Seavon Mini Dehumidifier

Seavon Mini Dehumidifier

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The Seavon dehumidifier is a stunning addition to your space. Its beautiful look is not all it provides. It is suitable for 170 square feet rooms and has a tank capacity of 500ml. It runs quietly and has an auto shut off feature.

However, it can remove as much as 250ml from the air in a day. When the water tank is full, you will notice a red LED light. The reservoir is easy to remove and put back in place. Seavon works properly in 59-86F temperature ranges and not below 41F.

#4 Vremi Energy Star Dehumidifier

Vremi Energy Star Dehumidifier

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Vremi is useful for 1,500 square feet spaces. It is quick at absorbing moisture while using as minimal power as possible. It has a sleek design with in-built wheels and handles for portability. The quiet fan, adjustable moisture setting, and auto shut-down features make this product even more beneficial.

Besides manually emptying the water tank, you can purchase a drain hose, install it on the Vremi outlet, and let it do the draining for you. That is not all. You can use either the standard or high humidity settings for added convenience.

#3 Eva Dry E-333 Renewable Dehumidifier

Eva Dry E-333 Renewable Dehumidifier

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You have not seen an eye-catching modern dehumidifier until you come across Eva Dry’s E-333. For one, it does not need batteries or a wall power source to work. It utilizes silica gel tech and has an indicator window with moisture crystals that turn orange when dry to green when wet, meaning you need to renew the device.

Renewing is when you connect it to a power outlet. It can absorb up to 10-ounces of moisture and does not leak. The product has a hook to assist with set up. It is spill-free and child-safe while lasting for up to 30 days before you have to renew it. It is great for 333 cubic feet areas and does not need cords or batteries when operating, so power outages are not a problem. Eva Dry lasts for up to 10-years and has a capacity of 4-6oz.

#2 Pro Breeze Mini Dehumidifier

Pro Breeze Mini Dehumidifier

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Pro Breeze is another attractive, functional dehumidifier for small spaces. Featuring an auto-off feature, it is great for your bathroom, kitchen, garage, basement, and caravan. It eradicates 9-ounces of water from the air per day using an 18-ounces water tank.

It switches off when full and has an LED indicator to signal you for emptying. Pro Breeze works quietly and is usable in temperatures above 59F.

#1 Frigidaire 70-Pint Dehumidifier

Frigidaire 70-Pint Dehumidifier

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As the number one small dehumidifier in the review, Frigidaire has many positive reviews from customers. Why? For instance, it is a 70-pint device, which means it extracts a lot of water from the air around you. It can operate continuously when you install it near a drain. With its humidity control aspect, you are free to choose how much humidity you want in your room. It is perfect for spaces of to 1400 square feet dimension.

The top handle, caster wheels, and side handles make carrying more comfortable. For flexibility reasons, the manufacturer provides two fan speeds for you to choose from. The front pint tank has a handle and splash guard for additional user-friendliness. Frigidaire has a long power cord and operates at low temperature to save energy.