10 Best Portable Dehumidifiers

Best Portable Dehumidifiers

It comes a time when a portable dehumidifier is paramount. Perhaps you are going on a business trip, and you will be staying in a hotel. You need a machine that you can easily carry in your travel bag. That way, you get to breathe air with a comfortable level of humidity even when you are away from home.

On-the-go scenarios require you to have a small, lightweight dehumidifier, which boosts portability. The market has a wide range of such a product. However, we are going to look at some of the best portable dehumidifiers to consider purchasing.

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#10 Cosvii Dehumidifier

Cosvii Dehumidifier

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When you go for the Cosvii portable dehumidifier, you are purchasing an elegant product suitable for 150 square feet spaces. It has a 500ml water tank and an auto-shutdown feature that stops the device when the reservoir is full. Carry it to the office and be sure of breathing allergen-free air with the appropriate humidity level.

It consists of sturdy ABS material, so do not worry about damaging it as you move around town. It is small, compact, energy-saving, and produces less than 35dB of noise allows you to sleep or concentrate well at work.

#9 Vacplus Dehumidifier

Vacplus Dehumidifier

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Use Vacplus in any 215 square feet room. The model has a 700ml capacity, which is more than what Cosvii is offering. It has an auto-shutoff feature and removes a maximum of 300ml moisture per day.

Due to its large air inlet, you can use the device to dry your clothes. The one-touch usage makes it easy to utilize this brand. Like Cosvii, it produces less than 35dB of noise; thus, it does not distract you when sleeping or working.

#8 Afloia Dehumidifier

Afloia Dehumidifier

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Carry your Afloia dehumidifier to work or when traveling and use it in a 215-square feet room. Like Vacplus, it has a tank capacity of 700ml and an auto-off feature. The yellow LED light lets you know that the reservoir needs emptying.

The product consumes low amounts of energy while extracting up to 350ml of water in 24-hours. Its optimal working temperature is 59-85F; keep that in mind always. Afloia is small and compact to help save space in your RV or closet.

#7 Lonove Dehumidifier

Lonove Dehumidifier

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Are you looking for a stylish dehumidifier offering high performance? Lonove is one of the brands to purchase. It is excellent for 165 square feet spaces and has an 800ml capacity. By the push of one button, you have full control over this product.

With the auto shut-off element, there is no need to worry about water spilling. Lonove is easy to operate and has two air inlets, one at the back and the other at the front for faster moisture removal. In a day, it can extract 350ml of moisture from the air. It runs quietly, so it will not be a nuisance to you or those around you.

#6 Hysure Mini Dehumidifier

Hysure Mini Dehumidifier

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Hysure looks like a baby monitor and is suitable for 10-20 square meter rooms. As usual, the auto-off feature prevents water from spilling, thus fostering your safety and peace of mind. It can draw 250ml of moisture in a single day and has a 500ml water tank capacity.

However, it incorporates semi-conductor tech that ensures it does not make much noise. The manufacturer uses ABS material to promote longevity. Besides, Hysure is energy-efficient and safe, as it does not use chemical components.

#5 Haunature Mini Dehumidifier

Haunature Mini Dehumidifier

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Why go for the Haunature portable dehumidifier? For starters, it is an irresistible, sleek product with a modern design. It is perfect for 170 square feet spaces and has a capacity of 600ml. Like any best model, it runs quietly (producing less than 30dB) while removing 300ml of humidity.

You will be using one button to operate the device. It also has an auto-off feature, which means you should empty the water tank and have it back in place for the machine to continue working. With the defrosting function, Haunature can operate in temperature as low as 5C.

#4 Honati Small Dehumidifier

Honati Small Dehumidifier

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Honati is another small stunning dehumidifier offering an auto-off feature and quiet operation. Have it in a 160 square feet room and breathe the fresh, healthy air. With a 600ml tank capacity, this product is sure a portable dehumidifier.

Nonetheless, it is perfect for 108 to 215 square feet spaces. When the water tank is full, it goes off and requires emptying. Using this brand cannot be any easier. It has no multiple buttons to confuse you; there is only one button to press, and you are good to go.

#3 Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier

Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier

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Pro Breeze is another stylish dehumidifier perfect for when you are traveling or at work. Use it for your kitchen, garage, basement, or caravan. It would be a wonderful gift for a loved one. Like other best portable dehumidifiers, it features an auto-off feature.

Besides, it is great for 250 square feet space. On performance, it can draw 18-ounces of water in a day and has a 52-ounce water tank. Pro Breeze is energy-saving; thus, it does not increase your electricity bill.

#2 Seavon Mini Dehumidifier

Seavon Mini Dehumidifier

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As the second-best portable dehumidifier, Seavon provides an automatic shutoff feature too. It has a tank volume of 500ml and suits 170-square feet rooms. It is also compact and runs quietly, extracting 250ml of moisture from the air.

For it to operate efficiently, the temperature range should be 59-86F and not below 41F. Regarding design, the manufacturer provides elegant color combinations that look spectacular every d├ęcor.

#1 Eva Dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier

Eva Dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier

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Eva Dry E-333 is a unique portable dehumidifier. For it to work, it does not use batteries or needs to be plugged into a power source, as is the case for other products. Instead, it utilizes silica gel tech. Eva has color crystals in an indicator window that changes color from orange to green. When they take a green shade, it means you have to renew the device for 8-10 hours for them to turn back to orange, meaning the dehumidifier is charged up.

The crystals absorb up to 6oz of moisture and never leaks. Depending on the condition of your space, the product will need renewing after 2-4 weeks. Eva Dry is mess-free, child-safe, and non-toxic, and the silica gel tech works for as long as a decade.