10 Best Inflatable Tents (Airbeam)

Best Inflatable Tents

Boasting improvement in durability and inflation systems, inflatable tents have perfectly replaced their conventional tent counterparts. Inflatable tents also referred to as air tents, are just like the other tents except for one notable difference. Instead of featuring traditional poles made from plastic, fiberglass or metal, inflatable uses inflatable beams that are pumped up to provide the physical structure. Simply put, there are a lot faster to set up than the conventional tents and the whole process is extremely smoother and streamlined.

Today, the vast improvements in both the technologies and designs behind these impressive tents have apparently seen them sharply rise in popularity. Bearing in mind that there are potentially endless inflated tents out there on the market, finding the best one can present lots of challenges to even the most seasoned tent lovers like us. In this section, let us review some of the best-inflated tents you can find.

Best Inflatable Tents, Reviews

#10 Odyssey Vango Inflatable Tunnel Family Tent

Odyssey Vango Inflatable Tunnel Family Tent

As a tent-making company, Vango has always produced high-end and functional inflated tents that can get the job done at a highly affordable price. This one, in particular, is its typical product, boasting astounding features and a worthy inclusion in our list of the best ten inflated tents. It is a six-person air beam tent equipped with inflated poles for super fast assembly.

The Odyssey features Protex 4,000Mm 70D hh polyester flysheet construction which is not only stylish, but highly waterproof and durable. It has reliable beams that create a strong and robust tent structure. This tent from Vango is incredibly easy to and quick to pitch.

The pre-angled air beams not only provides much greater space than in a conventional curve, but equally guarantees effective bracing against strong side winds. Though somehow pricey, the Odyssey is a fantastic camping device.

#9 Heimplanet Inflatable the Cave Geodesic Tent

Heimplanet Inflatable the Cave Geodesic Tent

Here is another top-notch camping device worth your attention. Boasting a One-Pump-System technology, it is super easy to set up and you only need to unroll, inflate and welcome home! Thanks to the geodesic structure of its frame, the tent is extremely stable and the high-end materials at its disposal make it highly durable and waterproof. It boasts a robust structural design that allows it to withstand strong winds of up to 110mph.

It is equipped with five closable ventilation points that ensure sufficient air circulation within the tent. It is designed with unmatched safety in mind and features a multi-chamber safety system for emergency stability in case of a defect. For additional stability, the tent’s center acts as an extra point of support and allows for the formation of a star-shaped structure when in operation. Overall, this is a performance-oriented device worth your investment.

#8 Kelty Sonic Air-pitch 6 Person Inflatable Tent

Kelty Sonic Air-pitch 6 Person Inflatable Tent

The Kelty is a single floor tent that has a lightweight and compact design yet spacious enough to accommodate six people. To set it up, just use the included dual-action, large volume floor pump and your tent will be ready to go in less than a minute.

As opposed to either fiberglass or aluminum poles that are known to break easily, Kelty air poles are super strong yet highly flexible enough to assume their original shape even after numerous applications. And it is equally easy to dismantle, you only need to pull the plug and you would have safely brought it down.

#7 Coleman 6 Man Fastpitch Air Valdes Tent XL

Coleman 6 Man Fastpitch Air Valdes Tent XL

The Coleman is a fairly larger tent that has three bedrooms and comes equipped with tent pegs and a polyester carry bag. It is spacious enough to take family chairs and a table and features large PVC windows with covers that guarantee a balance between privacy and ventilation.

The Coleman is designed with a hundred percent waterproof and UV guard for maximum protection against inclement weather. What’s more, this tent features taped seams as well as a fully sewn-in groundsheet to help keep its occupants dry all seasons. To effectively set it up, you only need to inflate five durable poles using the available double action hand pump.

#6 Heimplanet Fistral Inflatable Geodesic Tent

Heimplanet Fistral Inflatable Geodesic Tent

Heimplanet is equally a trusted and reputable brand when it comes to the production of high-quality inflatable tents. This one boasts a geodesic design and typically employs the use of the shortest points possible to make a spherical design. It is designed for up to two users over a three-season application.

The flysheet is a hundred percent high tenacity polyester, 240T 40 denier, and PU laminated and 5,000mm waterproof. It is a one-pump system that only needs you to unroll, inflate and it’s ready to go. The two closable ventilation points at its disposal guarantee perfect airflow from top to bottom. This must be among the best inflatable tents out there.

#5 IHUNIU INC. 4 Person Inflatable Air Pop Up Tent

IHUNIU INC 4 Person Inflatable Air Pop Up Tent

The IHUNIHU is another high-end inflatable tent that should seriously take into consideration. It features professional waterproof TPU airframe that is not only easy to inflate, but equally durable to withstand the test of time. It is a pop-up tent that comes equipped with a hand pump for a hitch-free setup. Just pump the airframe and the IHUNIHU will be ready to serve you!

It is designed with safety in mind and features some of the most durable and strongest construction materials including 210T Oxford cloth, TPU inner materials and PU2000 Glue Strip material. It is incredibly waterproof and windproof and guarantees uninterrupted protection for all seasons. It is equipped with weather protected ventilation to offer a bug-free environment. It is a highly versatile tent ideal for camping, picnic, fishing, hiking, as well as for touring and festivals.

#4 Core Crua Dome Tent with Airframe

Core Crua Dome Tent with Airframe

The Crua is a worthy inclusion in our list thanks to its supremely durable construction, revolutionary design and the useful perks it brings on board. It is an epic adaptable six-person tent perfect for hunting, hiking, festivals, base camping, beach camping, and safari.

The Core is made from fire retardant, breathable polyester material and also features a water-resistant layer rated HH5000MM. Its airframe structure ensures it is easy to set up and dismantle as well. Another great device you would want to include in your camping arsenal.

#3 Tangkula Inflatable Tent for Family

Tangkula Inflatable Tent for Family

Boasting a unique piece of craftsmanship, the Tangluka is another amazing inflatable tent worth our hard-earned cash. Ideal for family camping, this tent comes with a powerful hand pump and has a frame built as a unit for easy and hitch-free setup. The tent adopts a 190T with PU coating polyester and a TPU inflatable pipe. Thanks to its sturdy and robust materials, this tent can withstand strong winds and is also waterproof to keep you safe and comfortable in any type of weather.

It has two rooms that are spacious enough to house up to three people. It has a lightweight design that supports easy transportation and comes equipped with a durable carry bag.

#2 Morpho Nemo Elite 2 People Inflatable Tent

Morpho Nemo Elite 2 People Inflatable Tent

The Nemo is a highly-rated inflatable tent and comes with nearly everything you would want from a high-end tent. A fairly faster set up, greater strength, easy field repair, small pack size, and strong wind resistance are just a few convincing reasons why you would want to have the Nemo at your disposal.

Dual front doors guarantee hitch-free individual exit and entry, eliminating jostling for position. It brings a number of amazing accessories on board including Nemoid foot pump, repair kit, guy-out cord, stakes as well as dry bag style stuff sack. It has a spacious interior that offers an optimal level of comfort to its users.

#1 MOOSE Outdoors Family Inflatable Tent

MOOSE Outdoors Family Inflatable Tent

This is arguably the best inflatable tent you can find out there on the market. Suitable for all occasions, the MOOSE is ideal for camping, outdoor picnics, backyard family gatherings and backpacking among other applications.

It is highly spacious and accommodates four people. As opposed to its traditional cousins, the MOOSE is specifically designed to allow easy setup and takedown in the easiest way possible. It effortlessly inflates and equally deflates in a couple of minutes.

The MOOSE is made with super strong and durable ripstop tenting fabric. It is 3000MM water-resistant and has an attached groundsheet. This high-end material is breathable and windproof at 33 mph.