10 Best Crawl Space Dehumidifiers

Best Crawl Space Dehumidifiers

You might not think a lot about the small spaces in your home, but you should. Crawl spaces are famously damp little dark spaces in the house that are left behind for electric wires, pipes, or duct-work. If the humidity levels in these small pockets of space are left unchecked, it could easily cause rot, mold, and bacterial infestations, not to mention wreak havoc on your home’s structural foundation.

The solution? Getting a Crawl space dehumidifier, of course. You’d be forgiven for not knowing a thing about them; most people don’t. What’s certain is that you do need a dehumidifier for your Crawl space and basements.

Crawl Space Dehumidifiers, Reviews

#10 BaseAire AirWerx55 Crawl Space Dehumidifier

BaseAire AirWerx55 Crawl Space Dehumidifier

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The AirWerx55 Crawl space dehumidifier is slightly smaller (and lighter) than your typical Crawl space dehumidifier. It’s designed to handle up to 1,300 square feet and includes features like HGV defrosting (allows it to work efficiently in low temperatures) and remote-controlled functions.

The dehumidifier is capable of generating 55 pints per day (PPD) at AHAM, and 125 PPD at saturation. This water is expelled via continuous gravity draining through a 6.5-foot drain pipe, so you don’t need to have a pump.

It comes with a nifty digital touch control panel where you can track humidity levels. This is also where you can access stats and information from its in-built humidistat. Other features include noiseless performance, coated coils, auto-error detection, dent-resistant housing, and auto-restart after power interruptions.

#9 MOUNTO 80-Pint Commercial Crawl Space Dehumidifier

MOUNTO 80-Pint Commercial Crawl Space Dehumidifier

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This 80-pint MOUNTO dehumidifier is suitable for spaces of up to 7,000 square feet. A pump is included in the purchase, but curiously, the manufacturer does not provide duct fittings. Nevertheless, it produces decent performances and is capable of draining 80 pints a day at AHAM, and 125 pints a day at saturation.

The dehumidifier is surprisingly light despite its high capacity. It is capable of pulling out more water from the air due to Xactimate technology. It has a control panel where you can see vital information like inlet and outlet temperature and relative humidity.

Best of all, the dehumidifier’s design supports stacking, so you can stack more than one securely and compactly.

#8 AlorAir LGR 85-Pint Crawl Space Dehumidifier

AlorAir LGR 85-Pint Crawl Space Dehumidifier

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Whether you’re a water damage expert or not, this 85-pint dehumidifier from AlorAir can be a great investment. It is compact, lightweight, and therefore effortless to transport. Thanks to its stackable design, you can save space even with two or three of these in your Crawl space or basement.

The dehumidifier is for buildings of up to 2,300 square feet. It has features like automatic turn on/off, memory starting, and HGV defrosting. It uses a condensate pump to drain water and has a maximum drain height of over 14 feet.

#7 Aprilaire 1820 Pro 70-Pint Crawl Space Dehumidifier

Aprilaire 1820 Pro 70-Pint Crawl Space Dehumidifier

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Designed for spaces of up to 2,800 square feet, the Aprilaire 1820 Pro is capable of generating 70 pints of water a day. First-time buyers may find its price a bit high, but the Aprilaire 1820 Pro pays for itself through its low maintenance costs and durable, lasting build.

It has corrosion-resistant aluminum coils and is compatible with 110V-120V AC 60Hz power sources (single-phase). The dehumidifier comes in a kit containing a filter, a Torx bit, nine 10 -inch screws, a drain connection, a 10-foot-long drain tube, and inlet and outlet collars.

#6 Ivation 70-Pint Dehumidifier with Pump

Ivation 70-Pint Dehumidifier with Pump

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Despite costing less than half of what dehumidifiers this size typically cost, this energy star-rated dehumidifier from Ivation has some impressive specs. It can handle spaces of up to 4,500 square feet and comes with features like programmable humidity, auto turn on/off, and a removable, washable air filter.

It weighs just 45 pounds and is small enough to fit in tight Crawl spaces. Moving it around isn’t a hassle because it is equipped with caster wheels. Air regulation can be adjusted between two fan settings to suit specific environments.

The dehumidifier has a 16-watt in-built water pump that can pump as high as 16 feet vertically. Continuous upward drainage is, therefore, very possible with this model. Other notable features are its user-friendly display, temperature and humidity sensors, and washable air filter.

#5 AlorAir Sentinel HD55 Crawl Space Dehumidifier

AlorAir Sentinel HD55 Crawl Space Dehumidifier

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This Crawl space dehumidifier features an epoxy-coated coil design that stands up to moisture much better. Consider it a long-term investment because its decent build quality drastically improves the lifespan of this 1,300 square foot dehumidifier.

AlorAir’s Sentinel HD55 is feature-packed, with functions like remote control, a G3 filter, and continuous gravity draining. It has HVG defrosting, which prevents its coils from freezing over, and uses R410A refrigerant. You get a number of ducting options with this dehumidifier, as well as perks such as full water protection and easy handling.

#4 Ivation 30-Pint Energy Star Dehumidifier

Ivation 30-Pint Energy Star Dehumidifier

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Suitable for up to 2,000 square feet, and equipped with a programmable humidistat, a hose connector, a washable air filter, and an auto turn on/off feature, this 30-pint dehumidifier from Ivation is a steal at its current price. It is powerful and capable of performing efficiently, but it only weighs 31 pounds. What makes it even more portable is that it comes with durable caster wheels.

The dehumidifier sports an LCD interface where you can make adjustments like preferred humidity levels, fan speed, set the timer, and monitor the reservoir and filter. It comes with an adequately long 6-foot power cord as well as an easy to remove 0.8-gallon tank of water with a transparent level indicator.

#3 Keystone 70-Pint High-Efficiency Dehumidifier

Keystone 70-Pint High-Efficiency Dehumidifier

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This is a very affordable digital humidifier that’s compact but capable of producing up to 70 pints (9 gallons) of water a day. It can handle the dehumidification requirements of spaces as large as 4,500 square feet, and it comes with an easy to use electronic control panel with an LED display and a timer.

The water tank measures 1.6 gallons in capacity, and it has a transparent water level indicator. You can adjust the dehumidifier’s settings from normal to turbo to auto-defrost, so it is easy to maintain and keep running optimally.

#2 TOSOT Energy Star-Rated Dehumidifier with Pump

TOSOT Energy Star-Rated Dehumidifier with Pump

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This is one of the quietest models in the market. The TOSOT is an energy star-rated dehumidifier that comes with a pump. It is comfortably priced at under $300, and its noise decibel levels are well below 55, which is equivalent to conversational sound.

This high-efficiency dehumidifier will save you a lot in utility bills. Its tank needs emptying once every 5 hours (depends on temperature and humidity levels), and it’s an easy process thanks to its swivel handle and spill-resistant design. Alternatively, you can use a -inch garden hose pipe to take advantage of the machine’s continuous drainage feature, which automatically empties the tank into a sink or outlet every so often.

#1 Vremi Energy Star-Rated Dehumidifier

Vremi Energy Star-Rated Dehumidifier

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This uniquely small dehumidifier is ideal for spaces of up to 1,500 square feet. It performs extremely quietly and can expel up to 22 pints of water per day. Not only does it dehumidify the air, but it also eradicates allergens via its easy-to-clean filter, which can be removed and washed.

Though it is quite small and easy to carry, it comes equipped with wheels to make it easier for you to move it around. Its auto shut-off feature activates every time the tank is full so that you remember to empty it. You also have the option of continuous gravity draining if you use the right hose outlet.