10 Best Well Pressure Tanks

Well Pressure Tanks

If you are lucky enough to have a private well in your property, it is in your best interests to know how a well pressure tank works so that you can choose the right one for your home.

A well pressure tank is vital because it keeps the water pressure in your house at a constant level at all times. Low water pressure can be extremely frustrating and so it too much water pressure. With a well pressure tank, you can adjust the water pressure in your home to the exact level you find perfect.

It also keeps air and water separated to keep water running in your home. Without a well pressure tank, your water pump turns on and off quickly. This problem is known as cycling and it can cause your pump motor to burn out quickly.

Buying a well pressure tank is not a task you can take lightly. Well pressure tanks are usually a long-term investment so you need to choose the one that will give you the best service according to your needs.

There are many well pressure tank options available and they are not made the same. They are available in different sizes, materials, designs, capacities and finishes.

Best Well Pressure Tanks, Reviews

#10 RO Expansion Well Pressure Tank

RO Expansion Well Pressure Tank

This well pressure tank guarantees to keep your water safe and healthy always. It is made of food grade materials and has a post-cured diaphragm that ensures that your water is 100% chemical free. The RO Expansion Well Pressure Tank is NSF certified and each test is taken through multiple quality tests to ensure it will last.

It has heavy-duty construction with precision welded seams and deep drawn steel domes. Its compact size ensures it can fit in most places including under your kitchen sink and with a 4-gallon capacity, you will have water on demand.

#9 APEC Water Systems RO well Pressure Tank

APEC Water Systems RO well Pressure Tank

This 14-gallon reverse osmosis well pressure tank offers high volume water storage that is compatible with most reverse osmosis systems. It is constructed with high-quality food grade materials that ensure you get tasteless, odorless and clean water free from any contaminants.

This tank is put through rigorous quality control processes to ensure its safety and structural integrity. Installation is easy by following the detailed manual included.

#8 Amtrol Well Pressure Tank

Amtrol Well Pressure Tank

This well pressure tank has a high strength steel shell and a virgin polypropylene inner liner that won’t crack, peel, flake, or chip. It is specially designed for residencies and requires just a bit of floor space. Its appliance-like finish makes it possible to install anywhere. It has an exclusive butyl diaphragm with a unique positive hoop ring to seal and secure it.

Since it’s a totally integrated system, it outperforms most other kinds of water chamber designs. To prevent loss of pressure, the stainless steel air valve comes securely welded. The Amtrol Well Pressure Tank is made with the finest quality mill steel for extra strength and to keep the weight at a minimum.

#7 BURCAM Vertical Well Pressure Tank

BURCAM Vertical Well Pressure Tank

This well pressure tank is perfect for your home if your water system is equipped with a submersible deep well pump or a jet pump. Since there is no water to metal contact, the BURCAM Vertical Well Pressure Tank allows for rust free operation with no risk of seeping or waterlogging. It has a replaceable bladder that is made from butyl rubber for increased life span and reliability. It has a tough, stainless steel shell that eliminates corrosion.

#6 WaterWorker Horizontal Precharged Well Pressure Tank

WaterWorker Horizontal Precharged Well Pressure Tank

This 14 gallon well pressure tank uses a butyl composite diaphragm that flexes up and down depending on the air pressure and water level. It is Precharged to 25psi which means it has greater drawdown capacity, a feature that will save you energy and money.

It has a 21-inch diameter, 16-inch height, and has a high gloss enamel finish that protects it from the elements. It is designed to meet and exceed the requirements of the National Sanitation Fund for quality and safety.

#5 Goulds HydroPro Well Pressure Tank

Goulds HydroPro Well Pressure Tank

This tank offers added convenience during installation and service thanks to the valves, tee kit and union included in the package. Its external shell is made of deep drawn steel that provides improved material strength while the inner shell has a unique design that prevents the tank from overexpanding.

A fusion bonded polymeric liner prevents corrosion and contamination of the water. The tank sits on a polypropylene base for extra protection. The tank has a glossy finish to reduce damage from harsh external elements.

#4 iSpring T32MWell Pressure Tank

iSpring T32MWell Pressure Tank

This is a 4-gallon pre-pressurized tank that is perfect for your reverse osmosis system. It is manufactured using food grade materials and is tested by an independent third party to ensure it meets all NSF standards for safety and structural integrity. It has a special surface treatment that prevents dents, rust or metal contamination of drinking water.

The valve is made of stainless steel that won’t strip or break easily. Inside the tank, a butyl diaphragm provides a water chamber that’s tasteless and odorless. This tank can discharge effectively in both the vertical and horizontal position.

#3 Flotec Precharged Well Pressure Tank

Flotec Precharged Well Pressure Tank

This vertical well pressure tank has a capacity of 20 gallons which is sufficient for most homes. It is manufactured in the US and meets all requirements of the NSF for safety and quality. It has a 16-inch diameter, a height of 28 inches and is constructed of strong and durable steel.

The water and air are completely separated using a diaphragm so there is no need for external air controls. The tank comes pre-pressurized, which means you won’t have any water-logging problems as is the case with galvanized tanks.

#2 Wellmate 30 Gallon Well Pressure Tank

Wellmate 30 Gallon Well Pressure Tank

This is the well pressure tank of choice for both residential and commercial properties as a result of its unmatched durability. It has strong fiberglass construction that is resistant to rust and other adverse external conditions. In addition, its outer shell is sealed with epoxy resin which is scratch resistant and eliminates the need for regular maintenance.

Since the Wellmate 30 gallon well pressure tank weighs half the weight of similar sized steel tanks, it is easier, faster and less costly to install. The lead-free construction makes it corrosion resistant and does not introduce harmful chemicals in the water.

#1 WaterWirker 20Gal Well Pressure Tank

WaterWirker 20Gal Well Pressure Tank

This is, without doubt, the best well pressure tank you can buy today and for good reason. It is well designed to meet all requirements of the National Sanitation Foundation and has a high gloss enamel finish that protects the tank from harsh external elements. It has a Butyl diaphragm with seamless construction and a design that flexes rather than stretches like bladder tanks.

The water reservoir has a polypropylene liner that won’t chip, flake, peel or crack. It won’t change the taste or odor of your water. Since it is a precharged tank, it has a much larger draw-down capacity which saves you money, energy and extends your pump’s life.

Well Pressure Tanks Buying Guide

When you open a faucet in your house, you expect water to flow out at a certain speed. If your water comes from the city utility lines, the pressure is controlled by the city but if you get your water from a well, you need a well pressure tank to build up pressure to distribute water throughout your home at your desired pressure.

How well pressure Tanks work

When water is pumped from your well into the well pressure tank, it compresses air in the tank up to the preset level, usually 40-60 psi(pounds per square inch). When you turn on any faucet in the house, the air pressure inside the tank forces the water out throughout the plumbing system until the pressure in the tank drops to a preset pressure that triggers the water pump to switch on and pump more water into the tank. When you shut off the faucet, pressure builds in the tank until it reaches the default shut-off level. This cycle keeps repeating.

The amount of water that is delivered by the well pressure tank between that time the water pump shuts down and that time it starts again is referred to as drawdown. The drawdown and tank size depends on how much water the pump draws into the house in 1-2 minutes. Some tanks can only hold as little as 10 gallons while others can hold over 200 gallons. Most homes need a tank that can hold about 44 gallons with a drawdown of about 15 gallons.

Types of Well Pressure Tanks

1. Air-over-water well pressure tanks

These tanks are made of galvanized metal and are usually found in old homes. They have a simple design that features a single chamber filled with water and pressurized air. The pressurized air provides the necessary pressure to push water out of the faucets in your home. These types of tanks are usually larger than modern tanks.

2. Diaphragm Well Pressure Tanks

These tanks have two chambers; one for compressed air and the other for the water. The chambers are separated by a diaphragm that increases or decreases depending on the water level.

3. Bladder well pressure tanks

These tanks also have two separate chambers, one filled with water and the other air. Separating the chambers is a bladder that almost looks like a balloon filled with water. The balloon contracts and expands based on water level and when it is low, a sensor is triggered to activate the pump.

Consider When Buying a Well Pressure Tank

1. Capacity

You need to buy a well pressure tank that can comfortably handle the needs of your home. Having a small tank means that your water pump will be constantly switching on to meet your water demands, which significantly reduces its life.

Before buying a well pressure tank, count all your plumbing fixtures including the faucets, showers, washing machine, dishwasher, toilets, and any others. Once you have established the number of plumbing fixtures in your home, multiply it by 3 to know the capacity you need. For instance, if you have 10 plumbing fixtures, you need a tank with at least a 30-gallon capacity.

If possible, go for a larger tank than you need.

2. Drawdown

As mentioned earlier, the drawdown is the amount of water your tank can hold before the pressure becomes so low that the pump is activated. In general, the larger the drawdown the better. A larger drawdown reduces the number of times your pump is activated. This saves a lot on the energy and money needed to pump water. It also helps to prolong the life of the pump as it is not used too often.

3. Flow rate

The flow rate is another key factor to consider as it determines whether your tank will meet the pump performance and your operational needs. The flow rate is indicated as gallons per minute and the higher it is, the better.

4. Flexibility in installation

Well pressure tanks come in different sizes, shapes, and designs which affects how you install them. They can be vertical or horizontal while some allow for both. Before purchasing the tank, think of where you plan to install it and choose the tank that best fits that area.

5. Build quality

A well pressure tank is a long-term investment, so you must choose one that you are sure will last long. A good well pressure tank is made of strong materials that won’t bend, chip, or rust. The material should also be resistant to harsh external elements especially if you plan to install the tank outside.


Installing a good well pressure tank in your home ensures that you can enjoy immediate, consistent access to water throughout your home without ever having to manually switch on the well pump. It ensures the pump only runs when necessary which helps optimize its efficiency and prolong its life.

We hope our encyclopedic guide helps you choose a well pressure tank that will suit your needs perfectly and serve you for many years.