10 Best Wall Mount Bathroom Sinks

A bathroom sink is a necessity you cannot avoid. You need a sink to help with all the bathroom cleanup including face wash, hand wash and teeth brushing among others. The best option is installing a wall mount bathroom sink. Wall mount sinks are very affordable and durable. Most wall mount sinks are designed to offer effective drainage of water from the bathroom and are easy to mount.

When shopping for a wall mount sink, there are many factors to consider. The fact that it is a bathroom sink means that you must consider the hygiene of the environment. You should buy a sink that is easy to wash and one that can show dirt if any. You should also settle for a bathroom sink that is durable.

There are several materials used in making bathroom sinks. Most importantly, you should consider its drainage capacity and the overall design. Since bathrooms are usually limited in space, choose a sink that can fit in your bathroom without a problem. Here are the top ten best wall mount bathroom sinks on Amazon.

Wall Mount Bathroom Sinks, Reviews

#10 Sliverylake Corner Wall Mount Sink

Sliverylake Corner Wall Mount Sink

The Sliverylake Corner Wall mount sink is designed to fit into small corners. Since most bathrooms have limited space, this corner sink is ideal for saving space. It is made of ceramic and comes in white color. The wall mount sink is easy to install and is sold together with all the necessary installation materials.

It is resistant to normal house temperature changes hence you do not have to worry about cracking due to high temperature. The faucet is 9” high and the sink itself has the dimensions of 18″L x 12.5″W x 5.9″H. The sink uses the standard U.S water hose of 0.5”.

The sink has both cold and hot water lines chrome faucet. It is easy to clean thanks to its polished surface. It is also a sleek modern European design which will add to your bathrooms decor. Since it is white in color, it can easily match with any type of bathroom decor you chose.

#9 Renovator’s Supply Small Corner Vessel Bathroom Sink

Renovator's Supply Small Corner Vessel Bathroom Sink

The Renovator’s Supply wall mount corner sink is another great bathroom addition. As the name suggests, it is designed to fit in corners for the purpose of maximizing on space. The ceramic wall mount sink is made of high-quality ceramic material and is white in color. Thanks to the fine finishing, it is easy to wash and is also adaptable to the normal house temperature changes.

This sink measures 5-1/8″ High x 17-1/8″ Wide x 12-5/8″ in dimensions. The sink is designed with stain resistant reno gloss finish along the edges. If you have used a normal ceramic sink you may have experienced staining along the wall. The Renovator’s wall mount sink takes care of such by using the reno gloss finish along the edges.

#8 KOHLER K-2032-7 Greenwich Wall Mount Bathroom Sink

KOHLER K-2032-7 Greenwich Wall Mount Bathroom Sink

The KOHLER K-2032-7 Greenwich wall mount bathroom sink is another great option for those with small size bathrooms. Although relatively small in size, it is still sufficient for normal home use.

This sink does not include faucet but it stands out among the most durable. It is made from the high-quality ceramic material that has been reinforced for durability. The sink measures 20-3/4-inch L by 18-1/4-inch W in dimensions. It also comes with a full wall mount installation kit.

#7 American Standard Wall Mount Lavatory Sink

American Standard Wall Mount Lavatory Sink

The American Standard 0355012 is a medium size bathroom sink that is ideal for a shared bathroom. This sink boasts of 4- inch faucet holes and is white in color. The sink offers an elegant design which is perfect for improving your overall bathroom decor.

This is one of the products you can trust since it is manufactured in the U.S. The American Standard 0355012 is a wall hung sink and is installed with a wall hanger. The full installation kit accompanies your order when you purchase.

#6 Fine Fixtures Wall Mount Small – White 14″ x 12″

Fine Fixtures Wall Mount Small - White 14 x 12

The Small – White 14″ x 12″wall mount sink is very small in size as you can see from the dimensions. It was designed with a minimalist lifestyle in mind. You can enjoy using this bathroom sink if you have limited space in your bathroom or in case you just enjoy having a smaller sink.

The sink measures 14 X 12 inches and enjoys a concealed round overflow. This sink is wall hung and therefore very easy to install. Since all the installation hardware is included in your purchase, you can deal with the installation yourself.

#5 Renovator’s Supply Vitreous Wall Mount Vessel Sink

Renovator's Supply Vitreous Wall Mount Vessel Sink

The Small Wall Mount Vessel Sink is a modern wall-mount bathroom sink with a sleek design. The sink is one of the amazing products from Vitreous and is a good addition to your overall bathroom look. This sink is small in size measuring just 6-5/8″ Tall x 17-3/4″ Wide x 13-3/4″.

The sink is made from a durable ceramic material that is resistant to stain and scratch. It is white in color and bosts of fine finishing hence easy to clean. This wall hung bathroom sink comes with a full installation kit and can be done without the need of professionals. However, this design does not have a faucet.

#4 Eclife Wall Mount White Ceramic Sink

Eclife Wall Mount White Ceramic Sink

The Eclife wall mount bathroom sink is a beautiful ceramic piece that ads to your bathroom beauty. This sink comes with a 4-inch faucet and P-trap. Thanks to the smart design, you can manually assemble all the installation parts for easy mounting. The sink boasts of the chrome faucet which is made in solid brass.

The sink also boasts of a 3/8 ” hose connector. The fine finishing allows for easy cleaning and helps prevent staining. The sink is accompanied by the installation accessories when you purchase.

#3 Fine Fixtures 19″ Wall Mount Bathroom Sink

Fine Fixtures 19 Wall Mount Bathroom Sink

This design of a wall mount sink is one of the best available on Amazon. Most people who have purchased it tend to love it due to its size and durability. It is a small wall hung sink with faucet. The white color and smooth finishing make it easy to clean. It also matches well with other bathroom decors.

The product will be delivered to you while brand new and sealed. It comes with full installation brackets. If you are looking for a small bathroom sink that is also easy to install this is one of the best options available.

#2 Fine Fixtures 14.25” Ceramic Corner Wall Mount Bathroom Sink

Fine Fixtures 1425 Ceramic Corner Wall Mount Bathroom Sink

The Ceramic Corner Wall is another beautiful design for a bathroom sink. This wall mount sink is designed to fit perfectly into small corners. The sink is made from a high-quality ceramic material that is anti-stain and anti-scratch. The sink is white in color which means that it can seamlesly match with other bathroom decors. Measuring 18″L x 12.5″W x 5.9″H, in dimensions, this sink is ideal for medium and same size bathrooms.

It uses the standard U.S water hose of 0.5”. The best part is that the sink comes with all the necessary mounting material. It also includes hot and cold water lines chrome faucet and a standard U.S drain. Thanks to the sleek design and smooth finishing, the sink is a beauty to behold and easy to clean. The design can fit perfectly with a bathroom of any size and design.

#1 Renovator’s Supply Corner Wall Mount Vanity Sink

Renovator's Supply Corner Wall Mount Vanity Sink

On the top of our list is the Corner Wall Mount Bathroom Vanity sink. This sink is impressive thanks to its sleek design. The sink is designed to fit perfectly to a small corner while offering impressive decor addition to your room. This wall mount sink measures 22-3/4″ H x 16-1/2″ W x 12″ in size and uses the standard US hose.

The sink is made from high-quality ceramic for the purposes of durability, stain resistance, and easy cleaning. The easy wall mount installation can be done by anyone even those who are not plumbers. You get all the installation materials included plus the faucet and drain. Unfortunately, the P-trap is sold separately.

Wall Mount Bathroom Sinks Buyers Guide

While there are many wall mount bathroom sinks available in the market, not all are good for you.

Some designs are not good enough for the bathroom while others may be too expensive.

Before you rush into buying a bathroom wall sink, look at all the important factors.

Consider the available room and how many people will be using the sink.

Bellow are some tips to help you choose the right wall mount bathroom sink.

Consider The Size and Shape Of Your Bathroom

The type of wall mount sink you buy should be able to fit well within your bathroom. Some bathrooms may have sufficient space but poor design. However, for a normal rectangular or square shaped bathroom, a small wall mount sink should not be a big problem. As you have seen above, most designers create sinks that can fit along the wall or in a corner.

The best option for those who have limited space is using the corner ones. However, even when purchasing a wall mount sink for the corner, you still need to consider dimensions. All the dimensions on this list are in inches. Before you go out shopping for a wall mount sink, you can try and measure the dimensions on your bathroom wall and see how much space does the sink consume.

Consider The Type Of Material and Durability

There are different types of material used to make wall mount sinks. Some sinks are made from stainless steel while others are from ceramic. There are many other options including copper and steel alloys. When choosing the right sink for your bathroom, choose the one that is durable and easy to maintain. Most of the sinks we have reviewed on this list are ceramic and that’s for a reason.

Ceramic sinks are perfect for the bathroom since they are both stain and scratch resistant. With proper care, ceramic sinks can last for a very long time. The most impressive feature of ceramic sinks is that they seamlesly match with bathroom decor. They can be matched with the toilet seat and the bathtub or any other bathroom accessory. Ceramic sinks are also easy to wash as compared to the metallic ones.

Consider The Faucet and the Hose Outlet

When purchasing a sink, you should look for one that supports your lifestyle. There are some sinks that come without faucet which means that you have to undergo extra cost to purchase one.

This is a very important factor to consider when comparing prices. There are those that come with a hot/cold water faucet. You should opt for a sink that provides both cold and hot water options. You should also look for a sink that offers effective hose outlet for quick use.

Consider The Installation Accessories

Most people prefer DIY sinks for easy installation. Most wall mount bathroom sinks are ideal for mounting at home without the need to call a plumber. However, there are some designs that lack installation resources.

When you purchase the sink, make sure the installation accessories are included. If the sink does not include installation accessories you might be forced to spend almost half the price of the sink on installation accessories alone.


Wall mount bathroom sinks are the best solution if you have a small size bathroom. They are convenient since they provide effective drainage and can be mount easily. Wall mount sinks also provide an option for cold and hot water which is ideal for a family setting. However, not all sinks will work well for you.

When choosing a wall mount bathroom sink, consider the different aspects of your home, your family water use rate, the bathroom decor and the size of your bathroom. The most important factor is always the available space in your bathroom. Since most bathrooms have limited space, you should ensure that you chose a sink that can fit within the available room well.

It is also paramount to consider the type of material. When looking for the best material consider durability, staining, and ease of cleaning. Although ceramic sinks are recommended, you can also use stainless steel as an alternative. You must ensure that the sink you purchase has all the necessary accessories including faucets, P-trap and installation accompaniments.