10 Best Super Glue

Best Super Glue

You can nowadays find super glue in almost any household anywhere on planet Earth, a fact that speaks volumes about the widespread use of glue and its importance in everyday life. Even though the tubes got smaller over the years, the glue also got a whole lot stronger.

This is also owed to the fact that larger tubes are likely to get ruined faster once the cap has been opened.

Reasonably strong and relatively safe to use, super glue has a wide range of applications across many industries and manufacturing jobs, not to mention how useful the glue can be for fixing things around the house. That said, we should perhaps take a look at the ten best super glue the market has to offer at this point in time.

Best Super Glue, Reviews

#10 Super Glue 15171-12

Super Glue 15171-12

The Super Glue 15171-12 is a perfectly safe, premium grade bonding product formulated to instantly fix metal and different kinds of glass items including stained glass, tinted glass, and crystal.

Thanks to its unique formula containing high-end elements and bonding agents, it features a crystal clear consistency and is invisible to the eye when applied. Quick-drying and easy to use, this super glue is resistant to water and heat.

#9 Krazy Glue All-Purpose Super Glue Pen

Krazy Glue All-Purpose Super Glue Pen

Uniquely formulated and put together for every day fixing and repairing around the household, the Krazy Glue All Purpose Super Glue Pen is extremely reliable and easy to use. Creating a durable, strong bond on various materials including rubber, wood, plastic, metal, leather, glass and more, it also works great on delicate items like porcelain and ceramic.

Equipped with a convenient push-pen application tube, it provides optimum precision when fixing smaller items. Thanks to its air-tight cap, it is resistant to leaking and ensures the glue does not dry out.

#8 Bob Smith Industries BSI-135H Maxi-Cure Super Glue

Bob Smith Industries BSI-135H Maxi-Cure Super Glue

Seen as one of the best in its class, Bob Smith Industries BSI-135H Maxi-Cure Extra Thick Super Glue was formulated to bond plastic, ceramics, metal, wood, glass, rubber, leather and more, it features a thick consistency that dries in just 10-25 seconds.

Easy to use, it comes in a convenient squeeze container with an anti-dry cap that ensures the glue does not dry out. On a related note, the glue maintains its strong bond for days after breaking the seal.

#7 BAZIC 3g / 0.10 Oz. Super Glue

BAZIC 3g 0 10 Oz. Super Glue

Available in a pack of 6 tubes, this super glue from Bazic is one of the smallest yet most reliable glues out there. Delivering a tough and durable bond, this glue provides instant results and is almost invisible after application.

Ideal for bonding leather, glass, wood, metal, rubber, plastic, ceramics, and textiles, it provides an exceptional stronghold on rigid surfaces. Including a screw on cap, it ensures the glue does not dry out. Quick drying, tough and great for all kinds of projects, this glue will fix all your damaged household items in just a matter of minutes.

#6 Rhino Ultra Glue

Rhino Ultra Glue

The Rhino Ultra Glue is a premium quality super glue that provides instant results in seconds.

Crafted with the ability and strength to bond all kinds of surfaces including wood, plastic, rubber, ceramic, metal, vinyl, canvas, glass, acrylic and more, it provides a robust bond that is tougher than most super glue products available.

Commercial grade, quick-drying and super durable, this glue is resistant to moisture, shock, vibrations as well as heat.

#5 Gorilla Super Glue Gel

Gorilla Super Glue Gel

Ideally designed for vertical surfaces, the Gorilla Super Glue Gel features a no-run gel formula with tiny rubber particles that help with resistance to outer impact and optimum strength. Fast drying, this super glue gel sets in just 10-15 seconds without the need of any clamping or holding.

Crafted to bond metal, wood, plastic, rubber, paper, ceramic, leather and more, this super glue is great for indoor and outdoor projects. Thanks to its specially designed container with its anti-cog cap, it ensures the glue does not dry out.

#4 Loctite Liquid Professional Super Glue

Loctite Liquid Professional Super Glue

The Loctite Liquid Professional Super Glue is a high performing, premium grade product that works faster and bonds stronger on all kinds of surfaces. Featuring an ultra-tough formula with high-quality agents and ingredients, it works great for fixing and repairing figurines, toys, metal parts, costume jewelry, rubber seals, cameras, wiper blades, O-rings and more.

Quick drying with a clear transparent consistency, this glue can bond leather, paper, ceramic, wood, fabric, cork, cardboard, chipboard, and most hard plastics like PVC, polycarbonate, Plexiglas, and polystyrene. Equipped with a pin-point nozzle along with a cap that is resistant to clogging, it ensures the glue does not dry out that fast.

#3 Loctite Ultra Gel Control Super Glue

Loctite Ultra Gel Control Super Glue

Formulated to bond all kinds of surfaces, the Loctite Ultra Gel Control Super Glue can fix and repair household objects made from wood, plastic, metal, leather, ceramic, rubber and more. Thanks to its uniquely designed, patented side-squeeze bottle, it helps provide optimum control on the amount of glue dispensed.

Great for vertical surfaces, this glue works well on all objects that are exposed to harsh surroundings and daily use. Featuring a tough-acting, robust formula, it is resistant to shock, moisture, outer vibrations, and extreme temperatures and dries clear.

#2 Super Glue 15187 Gel

Super Glue 15187 Gel

It is important for super glue to be functional on virtually any surface, which is where this particular glue stands out. Formulated to work great on non-porous surfaces, the Super Glue 15187 Gel repairs and bonds metal, plastic and rubber items, instantly.

Packed in a convenient reusable case, the pack comes with 12 tubes with each tube containing 2 grams, Formulated to set in seconds, it provides a clean, strong bond between tight joints, small spaces and between smooth surfaces and breaks. The glue can also be used on aluminum, wood, pottery, and ceramics.

#1 Gorilla Super Glue 15 Gram

Gorilla Super Glue 15 Gram

Thanks to its tough-acting ingredients and elements, the Gorilla 15 gram Super Glue features a thick, easy flowing consistency that provides a heavy-duty bond between a variety of objects. Featuring tiny rubber particles, it increases the strength and resistance to impact and dries in a minimum of 45 seconds.

Ideal for small projects and indoor repairs, it works exceptionally well on wood, metal, plastic, rubber, ceramic, paper, leather and more. The bottle also comes with a clog-resistant cap that ensures the glue does not dry out too soon after breaking the seal, which is bound to help you in the long run.