10 Best Small Bathroom Vanities with Sink

Small Bathroom Vanities with Sink

Sinks are one of those essentials you just can’t do without in a bathroom – regardless of how few square footage your bathroom can boost of. And if you’re a little bit strapped for storage space, small bathroom vanities with sinks take things up a notch by providing clever areas to stow away regularly used items without making you feel claustrophobic or “boxed in”.

Cabinets with sinks are as functional as they’re beautiful, so with some creativity, you can avoid the bathroom clutter trap. Here are some truly ingenious bathroom vanities with sinks that maximize small spaces.

Best Small Bathroom Vanities With Sinks, Reviews

#10 Bathjoy 24″ Ceramic Sink, Vanity Set With Mirror

Bathjoy 24 Ceramic Sink, Vanity Set With Mirror

You’ll be hard pressed to find a more complete vanity set than this beauty at such a steal price. It comes complete with a chrome faucet, a pop-up drain, a rectangular(ish) ceramic sink, a mirror, a multifunctional vanity cabinet to hide different types of clutter, a plumbing trap and some of the other installation gear you’ll need to screw things in place.

This 24″ Bathjoy model perfectly combines traditional with modern by incorporating a slightly unorthodox ceramic sink and a tempered glass countertop to your run off the mill white wooden cabinet – made of dovetail soft closing drawers.

To crown it all up, you get a 29.5″L by 21.7″W mirror you can affix right above the vanity set. The strategic placement of glass and wood means water won’t be ruining the wooden portion of your cabinet, leaving you with a solid and sturdy piece of furnishing for years to come.

#9 Puluomis 24″ Modern Vanity With Porcelain Sink Bowl, Dark Coffee Finish

Puluomis 24 Modern Vanity With Porcelain Sink Bowl, Dark Coffee Finish

This ultra modern coffee colored, vanity sink set is perfect if your bathroom needs a little bit of contrast. The manufacturer offers a wide variety of sink bowls (for the same cabinet) – in different colors; some clear see-through glass, others with an artificial hand painted design, on the off chance your artistic proclivity leans towards rustic.

While the glossy grid pattern coated on the wooden counter top makes cleaning a lot easier, the coating won’t prevent saturation if water is left to sit for too long, so either commit to wiping down the surface after every use or buy a waterproof vanish to seal the countertop to prevent warping.

Except for the extra sealant you’ll need to buy and apply (if you choose to), this vanity comes with pretty much everything you’ll need to get your vanity sink ready for use – a glass sink with an ORB faucet attached, a pop up drain, hot/cold lines, and all the knots and bolts you’ll need for installation.

#8 Eclife 16″ Grey, Wall Mounted Vanity With Sink

Eclife 16 Grey, Wall Mounted Vanity With Sink

You literally can’t do better, in terms of bathroom square footage management, than with this wall mounted, super mini vanity set. Everything about this mini Eclife was designed to make your bathroom look less cramped; from the hidden 360 degree p-trap (designed to be enclosed in the vanity cabinet), the sturdy wall mount design (to free some floor space), all the way to the minimalist grey paint used, so the vanity set blends in with the bathroom.

Aside from space maximization, this sink comes with an environmentally conscious faucet that conserves up to 30% of water, without sacrificing performance. The whole package weighs less than 30 lbs (or the weight of a toddler). Combined with the easy to follow instruction manual, this is a pretty easy DIY project that can be completed in an hour or so.

#7 Simpli Home 20″ Quartz Marble Top Vanity Set

Simpli Home 20 Quartz Marble Top Vanity Set

Marble countertops have easily become the go-to way to raise the value of a home, and this classy, off-white vanity cabinet with sink is no different. Marbles – even the engineered ones – are quite heavy, so this vanity set (which weighs approximately 75 pounds) is supported by hardwood legs. It has brushed nickel knobs which perfectly complements the off-white paint to give your vanity set a luxurious look.

It has ample storage space – comprised of one large storage space for bulky items like towels and tissue, as well as a bottom drawer for smaller bathroom items. The sink has three pre-drilled holes (you can use just one), where a standard 4″ faucet can fit into. Note though that the faucet is not included, and will have to be purchased separately. Cabinet door’s made of tempered frosted glass, with gentle wood veining crafted to give the vanity a distinctive artsy look.

#6 Runfine Vanity Set With Walnut Finish

Runfine Vanity Set With Walnut Finish

At 24.6″ wide, this single vanity sink set takes a little bit more space than the average 24″, so consider getting this if you’re not too strapped for bathroom space. That said, Runfine’s been beautifully crafted with solid wood finished with a walnut coat. The countertops and chrome cabinet knobs are designed to withstand scratching and staining – thereby increasing their useful life.

Bottom vanity drawer’s made of metal glides, so opening and closing is soundless and easy. To make installation easy, this set comes pre-assembled, so all you’ll need to do is follow a few instructions to connect your plumbing units to the vanity set.

Even though the sink has the faucet holes drilled into it, the manufacturers don’t include a faucet – you have to get that separately. If you’re the type who always feels the need to always have 6 mega tissue rolls with you in the bathroom, then you’ll appreciate the ample space the top cabinet offers.

#5 Eclife 14″ Bathroom Vanity with Vessel Sink

Just when you thought vanity sets couldn’t get any smaller, Eclife brings out this 14″ beauty – because there are bathrooms that necessitate them. Eclife found a way to incorporate a tempered glass vessel sink into this 14″ vanity set, because being in a tiny bathroom shouldn’t prevent you from having a trendy bathroom. The cabinet portion of this vanity is just sheer genius.

At just 14″ wide, Eclife designed a cabinet that’s 32″ high – to compensate for the lack of width. So what you have is a cabinet with multiple (4) layers you can choose to either pile things up, or organize by type. Vessel sinks are famous for causing wooden countertops to warp, so you have to be extra careful with water spillage. But for this steal price – which includes a faucet, pop up drain, water hose, sink and vanity – it’s definitely worth it.

#4 Legion Furniture, 24″ Bathroom Vanity set

Legion Furniture, 24 Bathroom Vanity set

If you’re in the market for a retro inspired bathroom vanity sink, look no further. With wood paneling on either side of the cabinet, a classic ceramic sink and sleek metal handles on the cabinet’s double doors, this vanity mixes traditional with a twist of contemporary. Aside from the enclosed storage space, this vanity also has wooden slats that can support other frequently used items.

The slightly raised legs allows easy access, especially when you need to clean. A faucet isn’t included in the pack, meaning you have free reign over your choice of faucet. A grey vanity is a deviation from your classic white, but it shouldn’t contrast too much with the average bathroom decor. It comes assembled, but you may need to do some extra work if your plumbing comes in from the floor, instead of the wall.

#3 Fresca 24″ White Hartford Traditional Bathroom Vanity

Fresca 24 White Hartford Traditional Bathroom Vanity

Anyone with a conservative bone in their body will appreciate the gorgeous symmetry, double door cabinet with sleek nickel handles, and all white finish of this Fresca Hartford bathroom vanity. Its cabinet is comprised literally of one gigantic space, which you can divide into sections by placing a basket.

It’s made of solid wood veneer, over a solid wood frame with MDF panels. So while this may not be durable enough to serve as an heirloom for generations to come, it is quite sturdy and it does make a strikingly sophisticated bathroom piece.

#2 Renovator’s Supply Wall Mount Bathroom Cabinet Sink

Renovator's Supply Wall Mount Bathroom Cabinet Sink

One common issue with vanity sinks is that the wooden part of the countertop tends to warp if water’s left to sit. This wall mount resolves this issue by including a sink whose edges go way past the standard length in vanity sinks. You’d literally have to make a deliberate effort to ruin the wood for water to warp it.

That aside, this super space saver has a towel holder attached to the cabinet door (you’ll need to attach the handle yourself but the door comes pre-drilled so it’s not much of a hassle). The pack comes with a faucet, a drain and the vanity sink (you’ll need to purchase the plumbing trap separately). This shiny, smooth, dark oak cabinet, with its white sink top is ideal for a modern bathroom decorated with dark and light contractions.

#1 Bathjoy 20″ Bathroom Vanity Cabinet with Undermount Sink

Bathjoy 20 Bathroom Vanity Cabinet with Undermount Sink

Probably the most “bang for your buck” vanity sink out there. For less than $200, Bathjoy’s succeeded in creating a free standing vanity sink with cutting edge design – with its soft-close door tech to minimize slamming and sufficient storage space to prevent bathroom clutter.

The ceramic sink used in making this was designed to prevent water from splashing on the wood. Note that the faucet and drain is included in the cost, as well as some other accessories, so you literally don’t have to spend extra money to get things running.

Small Bathroom Vanity With Sink, Buying Guide

There’s such an obscene number of products out there that simply knowing the size you want (small) won’t be enough to make choosing a vanity set easier. By small, manufacturers usually mean single sink vanities – anything from 24″ downwards. Here are a few factors to help you make your decision.

Sink Design and Shape

Whether your sink is oval, round or rectangular in shape, an under-mount or vessel sink by design affects not only the overall aesthetics of your bathroom, but other aspects you might not be aware of until after further research.

For example, vessel sinks are notoriously known for their inability to preserve wooden countertops, so if you must get a vanity sink with one, you’ll need to make sure the countertop is always dry.

Either prepare yourself for constant cleaning, or buy a sealant if the cabinet part of your vanity set isn’t coated with one.

Storage Space

As lovely as vanity sets tend to be, their primary aim is to prevent excess clutter in the bathroom. So ensure the one you choose has sufficient storage space to stow away your bathroom essentials.

Free-standing or Wall-mounted

The smaller your bathroom is, the more inclined you might be to opt for wall mounted bathroom vanity sets. Make sure you check your building codes for remodeling restrictions if you’re leaning towards wall mounted. Just be sure to check out free standing options as well, cause there are some insanely cool options out there.

Extra Parts & Ease of Installation

Always find out what parts are included in vanity set package before placing your order, otherwise you’ll end up spending more if you have to resort to after market purchases. That said, the more assembled a vanity set comes, the less work you’ll need to do.

Most products come with knots and bolts, the sink (detached) and the cabinet portion of the vanity (best when it comes assembled). Mirrors are a huge bonus, but the faucet and plumbing traps are sometimes missing, so be very observant.


Is primarily dependent on the materials used in constructing the vanity set, and whether or not precaution’s been taken to prevent water damage to said materials (using sealants or a countertop that’ll prevent water from damaging the more fragile parts of a vanity set). Quartz is considered one of the most durable materials, but it’s quite costly.

Most vanity sets have either a porcelain ceramic or tempered glass top with a wooden cabinet attached – which is fine. Just make sure you’re conscious about the amount of maintenance needed to keep things durable, sleek and shiny in the long run.

Once you know what to look out for, choosing the best bathroom vanity with sink really isn’t all that complicated.