10 Best Large Camping Tents

Best Large Camping Tents

Sometimes when you’re out camping in large groups, size is the only thing that matters. This is especially true when your party exceeds ten people. Large camping tents are not as common as you’d think, and it’s hard to pick out the good ones from the ones that are available.

For those who feel that space matters the most, we’ve compiled a list of ten of the best large camping tents out there for your next group expedition.

Best Large Camping Tents, Reviews

#10 Bushnell Sport Series 12 Person Cabin Tent

Bushnell Sport Series 12 Person Cabin Tent

It is big, it is weatherproof, and for a group of 10-12 campers and their luggage, it is all the tent they need for a comfortable experience. This 12 person Sport Series cabin tent from Bushnell sports a free-standing design with fiberglass and steel poles equipped with pole hooks for easy assembly.

It has a center height of 84 inches, and it measures 20 feet long by 10 feet across. The rainfly is made of tough polyester with a water-resistant coating, and the seams are taped down (factory sealed) to handle inclement weather.

You can easily fit 12 campers in the tent, or you could furnish it with up to four queen-size air mattresses. There are two detachable room dividers that can be used to spilt the tent into three spacious rooms. It comes with internal storage pockets, a hanging wall organizer, a utility port, and an expandable carry bag.

#9 OZARK Trail 16 Person Cabin Tent

OZARK Trail 16 Person Cabin Tent

This 3-room cabin trail is ideal for groups of up to 16 campers, which it comfortably accommodates in its 23.5 foot by 18.5-foot interior. Of course, you can split the tent into three rooms and equip each with a queen-size air mattress, but you can also squeeze a maximum of 16 sleeping bags inside it.

A mesh room combined with six windows acts as ventilation ports for the weatherproof tent, which is equipped with a durable polyester rainfly, taffeta floors, and a mud-wicking entry mat. There’s an e-port in case you want to draw power to the tent, and plenty of storage space in the form of an over-head gear hammock as well as several mesh pockets.

Other features to get excited about include a media pocket and detachable room dividers that give you the freedom to customize the internal layout.

#8 OZARK Trail 20 Person Cabin Tent

OZARK Trail 20 Person Cabin Tent

If your group is made up of up to 20 campers, this is the only tent you need. It has enough space for a maximum of 20 sleeping bags or up to 6 queen airbeds. The 4-room cabin tent is a home away from home. It is perfectly weatherproof thanks to its durable rainfly and is packed with features you’ll find handy while out in the woods.

For instance, there is a media pocket and two gear hammocks inside the tent, which is plenty of space for all your electronics and other gear. Multiple mesh storage pockets further increase the amount of storage space you get with this tent.

The tent offers a total of 283 square feet in terms of space, which is kept ventilated by eight windows and mesh ceiling panels. You can make use of the three-room dividers when you want privacy, or ditch them for a communal kind of sleeping layout.

#7 OZARK Trail 12 Person Lit Base Camp

OZARK Trail 12 Person Lit Base Camp

This OZARK Trail base camp tent with built-in LED lights has room for about 12 campers in sleeping bags. The string lights are embedded into the tent’s fabric and can be powered by either a battery or a power bank.

The tent weighs 50 pounds when packed up. It withstands not only rain but also wind very well thanks to its wind-proof frame and PU-coated polyester rainfly. Setting it up is a bit of a hassle, even for multiple people.

Overall, the tent is a decent value for groups of 12. Just remember that it can’t handle snow very well, and shouldn’t be subjected to blizzards and inclement weather.

#6 Tahoe Gear Manitoba 14 Person Family Tent

Tahoe Gear Manitoba 14 Person Family Tent

With 20 feet by 17 feet of space, the 14-person Manitoba tent from Tahoe Gear easily fits 14 happy campers. It is equipped with a factory-sealed rainfly and floor seams that keep water puddles and inclement weather from causing leaks.

Setting up the tent is easy because it comes with shock-corded poles. Detachable room dividers allow you to get some privacy when you need it. Guidelines keep it stable even in strong winds, and there’s plenty of ventilation ports in the form of the windows and doors. The tent has a 6.5-foot center height.

#5 OZARK Trail 16 Person Cabin Tent

OZARK Trail 16 Person Cabin Tentg

There’s enough space for 16 campers in this spacious OZARK Trail cabin tent. You can have a communal sleeping setup where you lay 16 sleeping bags side by side, or use the two removable room dividers to partition the canvas into three large rooms.

Campers can choose to sleep 16 in the spacious 23.5-foot by 18.5-foot cabin, or they can fit 4 queen size air mattresses in the 240 square feet available. The tent is kept well ventilated by six windows as well as a mesh ceiling panel that promotes high-low airflow.

#4 Tahoe Gear Carson 14 Person Family Tent

Tahoe Gear Carson 14 Person Family Tent

The Carson is big enough for a group of 14 campers. It exhibits the same quality shown by all Tahoe Gear products, so it has an excellent rainfly as well as a durable build.

Campers can choose to separate it into 3 rooms or leave an open-style layout to fit up to 14 sleeping bags. There’s enough storage space in the form of in-built pockets too.

The tent has a 7-foot center height and is kept ventilated by 6 windows. Open mesh panels allow for cross-ventilation and keep the inside bug-free at all times.

#3 NTK Super Arizona 12 Person Camping Tent

NTK Super Arizona 12 Person Camping Tent

Despite being rated as a 12-person camping tent, the NTK Super Arizona is pretty spacious. It has a 20-foot by 10-foot interior and is covered by a durable 2500mm waterproof rainfly. It comes in a zipped stuff bag that has an ID label.

The tent takes two poles for the inner tent and a smaller one for the awning. It has a bathtub-style floor that resists even puddles of water, and a micro mosquito mesh provides an adequate source of ventilation for the tent. It uses lightweight fiberglass rods and has two D-style doors. It measures 6.9 feet from floor to ceiling.

#2 Alvantor Instant Pop Up Tent

Alvantor Instant Pop Up Tent

The Alvantor winter screen house is a unique kind of tent. It can easily hold up to 20 adults, and it arrives with 20 stakes, 20 guy lines, and 10 sandbags. Detachable poles keep it upright, even in strong winds.

Fiberglass poles allow you to set it up quickly and take it down just as fast. It has two large entrances with silicone zippers and detachable support poles that keep the top steady. The tent weighs just over 43 pounds when packed.

#1 OZARK Trail 3-Room 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent

OZARK Trail 3-Room 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Setting up this massive 12 person cabin tent (3 rooms) is made easier by its pre-attached poles, leaving you with little to do to assemble it. Its 68D coated rainfly is fully waterproof, and the tent also comes with a 6-inch thick bathtub-style floor.

Taped factory seams keep water and leaks at bay, while ground vents allow the tent to stay ventilated in hot weather. The tent can fit 3 queen airbeds or a total of 12 campers in sleeping bags. It has seven closable windows and 16 feet by 16 feet of space.