10 Best French Fry Cutters

Everybody loves french fries, no doubt about it. The consistency, the flavor, the nourishment, and of course, the easiness to prepare them, make them the go-to dish for bars, restaurants, and individuals all over the world. Now, in order to prepare fries, you have to first slice a peeled potato into slim yet consistent slices.

While traditionally people have done this with knives, there are many modern appliances you can choose from to minimize the effort. Among them, french fry cutters stand out as some of the most practical and understandably so. Having said that, let us take a look at the ten best french fry cutters the market has to offer so that we may better understand what they’re all about.

Best French Fry Cutters, Reviews

#10 CUGLB French Fry Potato Cutter

CUGLB French Fry Potato Cutter

Made from premium quality food-grade stainless steel, the CUGLB French Fry Potato Cutter is known for its durability and food security. Crafted with a user-friendly design and construction, it can also be used by your children. Featuring 2 ultra-sharp blades that can be interchanged, it produces two sizes that include regular size fries or gourmet style fries about 3/8th inch thick and 1 inch thick.

Ideal for cutting all kinds of fruits and vegetables, it makes preparation easy, quick and convenient. Thanks to its sturdy base with strong suction, it maintains its position and does not move, while its heavy-duty lever ensures you get evenly cut slices with just a gentle push. Easy to clean and maintain, it should be washed and dried with a soft cloth.

#9 Norpro French Fry Cutter

Norpro French Fry Cutter

Light in weight and compact in size, the Norpro French Fry Cutter is an ideal kitchen tool for homemade fries. Measuring 4.75 inches high, 9.75 inches long and 4.5 inches wide, the tool comes with a heavy-duty pusher with plates measuring 3.5 inches.

Thanks to its high-quality suction cups under the cutter, it maintains its position and provides stability while in use. Featuring 2 cutting grids and 2 pusher plates, this French fry cutter will give you professional-style delicious fries in minutes.

#8 Prepworks by Progressive Tower Fry Cutter

Prepworks by Progressive Tower Fry Cutter

Known for its durability and performance, the Prepworks by Progressive Tower Fry Cutter is a multipurpose kitchen tool that provides evenly cut fries and vegetable sticks in minutes. Made from premium grade materials and components, it simply requires placing the potato in the middle of the blades and pushing down onto the lid, giving you even French fry slices.

The cutter comes with a detachable pusher and grid that makes it easy to clean, while the transparent container holds the cut slices minimizing the mess. Thanks to its non-skid base, it provides optimum stability and does not move when in use.

#7 Bradex Potato Chipper Potato Veggie Chopper

Bradex Potato Chipper Potato Veggie Chopper

The Bradex Potato Chipper/Veggie chopper is a heavy-duty kitchen tool that is stronger and more durable than most potato cutters and slicers out there. Easy to use and convenient, this cutter provides you with evenly cut slices for fries and waffles.

Made from high-quality materials and components, it is safe for you to use and comes with a buffer zone that allows your kids to join you while you cook. Time-saving, efficient and compact in size, this cutting tool is ideal for making potato chips, cutting apple slices and fries.

#6 Tiger Chef French Fry Cutter

Tiger Chef French Fry Cutter

Designed to minimize your prep time, this appliance produces evenly cut dices and slices with ease. Quick and easy to use, it simply requires a gentle push of the ratchet handle that moves the food through the ultra-sharp blades smoothly.

Equipped with two interchangeable blades including one with 25 holes and one with 45 holes, it comes with a knife guide to help with accurate cuts and slices. Easy to clean and maintain, the cutter also comes with a cleaning brush to help clean the blades without cutting your fingers.

#5 TigerChef Commercial French Fry Cutter

TigerChef Commercial French Fry Cutter

Made from robust cast iron components, the TigerChef Commercial French Fry Cutter is ideal for restaurant and home use and highly recommended by professional chefs. Providing you with evenly sliced and diced vegetables, this cutter is consistent, compact in size and extremely convenient to use.

Designed with heavy-duty suction feet, it offers optimum stability on countertops and can also be mounted onto walls. Thanks to its all-metal body, it is ultra-durable and produces uniform cuts for fries, chips and more. Including 5 different size blades, you can choose the size of your fries, varying from thin to thick.

#4 Weston French Fry Cutter

Weston French Fry Cutter

Featuring 2 heavy-duty blades, the Weston French Fry Cutter is the most convenient and easiest way to dice and slice fruits and vegetables. Including a 3/8th-inch and 1-inch blade with a pusher, it makes slicing easy and effortless.

Easy to use, the tool simply requires pushing down on the ratchet handle, allowing the pusher to move the vegetable through the ultra-sharp blades, giving you evenly cut slices. For even dicing, the tool also comes equipped with a detachable knife guide that helps with accuracy.

#3 ICO Stainless Steel 2-Blade French Fry Potato Cutter

ICO Stainless Steel 2-Blade French Fry Potato Cutter

The ICO Stainless Steel 2-Blade French Fry Potato Cutter is a premium grade kitchen tool that is designed to slice and cut potatoes into even cubes and slices. Featuring 2 ultra-sharp stainless steel blades of different sizes, it comes equipped with a sturdy steel base with a special suction cup lock that offers optimum stability. Easy to use, quick and convenient, this tool is ultra-durable, compact in size and ideal for home use.

#2 Culina French Fry Potato Cutter

Culina French Fry Potato Cutter

Crafted for quick and easy slicing and dicing, the Culina French Fry Potato Cutter features a unique design that includes a curved lower half to help fit potatoes easily. Equipped with two heavy-duty blades that can be easily interchanged depending on the required size, it produces regular size fries or thin gourmet style French fries.

The tool can also be used to cut zucchinis, yams, cucumbers, apples and more, giving you restaurant-style, evenly cut slices, and cuts. Great for preparing weight loss meals and diet-friendly meals, this tool is easy to clean and should be washed after every use.

#1 New Star Foodservice 42306 Commercial Grade French Fry Cutter

New Star Foodservice 42306 Commercial Grade French Fry Cutter

Featuring a heavy-duty cast iron body, the New Star Foodservice 42306 Commercial Grade French Fry Cutter is designed with a high-quality stainless steel rod and is resistant to rust. This particular cutter can cut fries in 3/8th-inch pieces, it is very easy to use, and guaranteed to produce even cuts effortlessly.

Equipped with robust suction cups under sturdy, strong feet, it ensures optimum stability when in use and does not move from its position. Thanks to its convenient design, it can be mounted onto a wall or placed on your kitchen countertop with relative ease.