10 Best Free Standing Toilet Paper Holders

Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder

Toilet paper stands are an essential part of each and every bathroom in a household or even the office. Besides the obvious reasons for having a toilet paper stand, a quality toilet paper stand contributes to the neatness of your bathroom. A stylish stand does not only keep the toilet paper rolls out of sight, but it also gives the bathroom a great outlook.

There are tons of toilet paper stands in the market, and each one has its own unique build. Although they pretty much serve the same purpose, they are not equal. They differ in terms of quality, design, capacity as well as cost. This, however, does not make it easy for anybody to pick one. In fact, the different varieties are capable of giving you a selection headache.

But what exactly makes a good toilet paper stand? This isn’t a question that we can exhaustively answer due to the varying tastes and preferences. Nevertheless, we have taken our time to compile a list of some of the best toilet paper stands. This list is endowed with some of the outstanding designs that offer more than just the utility.

Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder, Reviews

#10 Amazon Basics Freestanding Toilet Paper Stand With Reserve

Amazon Basics Freestanding Toilet Paper Stand With Reserve

This a fantastic stand that secures the toilet paper perfectly, letting it rip smoothly without coming out of the holder. You can also place it in any convenient position in the bathroom since it is somewhat portable. Additionally, if your bathroom has limited space, you don’t have to worry about this particular stand as it occupies very little space.

Besides the immediate toilet paper roll, this holder has an ample reserve where you can conveniently store your extra tissue. This feature makes it a perfect fit for almost every bathroom.

#9 InterDesign Kent Plastic Tissue Roll Reserve Bathroom

InterDesign Kent Plastic Tissue Roll Reserve Bathroom

If you like unique canister designs, you can barely go wrong with this tissue roll reserve. Its size makes it easy to move to any area of your bathroom. In spite of a slim design, you can store up to 3 tissue rolls at a time.

Furthermore, it is a good way to store your extra tissue paper rolls out of sight. It is suitable for any kind of décor in your bathroom. If you have ever had a problem where your cat is always messing your tissue paper, this is a brilliant solution to keep it at bay. This tissue roll reserve is hardly noticeable, but when noticed it looks great.

#8 Gatco 1436C Pedestal Toilet paper Holder

Gatco 1436C Pedestal Toilet paper Holder

This is yet another great standing toilet paper holder. It is sturdy with a heavily designed base which makes it stable. This means that it doesn’t wobble as you pull off the paper. Moreover, it comes with a tension holder that is made for the sole purpose of ensuring that rolls off freely without falling off.

The finish is classy and elegant giving your bathroom a superb look. Apart from its versatility and its stylish look, it is also very easy to assemble and stands at the right height which makes it serve its purpose conveniently.

#7 InterDesign Classico Metal Toilet Tissue Roll Reserve

InterDesign Classico Metal Toilet Tissue Roll Reserve

It is an incredible toilet paper stand which serves both the dispensing and the storage functions. With this stand, you do not have to contend with the inconvenience of going to find your extra roll of paper from elsewhere. You store a number of extra toilet paper on its reserve for easy access.

This model is suitable for most standard bathrooms. It is also befitting to a small sized bathroom that may not accommodate larger stands. If you are looking for an exceptional design together with the right functionally, this metal toilet papers stand could be a great addition for your bathroom.

#6 Tom Care Toilet Paper Holder Bathroom Accessories Toilet Paper Stand

Tom Care Toilet Paper Holder Bathroom Accessories Toilet Paper Stand

Despite being an excellent standing toilet paper holder, this stand comes with storage for your extra rolls. You can store up to two additional toilet paper rolls on its tower-like storage space. Further to that, this stand comes with a shelf where you can either put your phone or reading materials. With four raised feet, the stand is quite stable on the ground hence cannot tip over.

The stand is built with strong metal, which is also rust-proof just in case it accidentally comes in to contact with water. It is easy to assemble and comes with a 12-month warranty.

#5 InterDesign Twig Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder

InterDesign Twig Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder

If you would like a toilet paper holder that is visually appealing and also pocket-friendly, then you should look no further. This stand is heavy and stable in such a way that it wouldn’t topple over while dispensing the toilet paper.

It provides storage for extra rolls of tissue paper. If you are worried about how it will handle a tiled floor, rest assured this stand will not move or fall off easily while unrolling your TP.

#4 Spectrum Diversified Euro-Style Toilet Tissue Reserve

Spectrum Diversified Euro-Style Toilet Tissue Reserve

You definitely want to be able to reach your toilet paper without a struggle. This is a strong durable steel stand. It is finished with sleek chrome for elegance and easy maintenance.

The spectacularly designed stand is also endowed with storage space that can take up to four rolls of tissue paper. Thought it might be a bit wobbly, this isn’t an issue that deters it from serving its purpose as expected.

#3 InterDesign York Metal Toilet Tissue Design

InterDesign York Metal Toilet Tissue Design

The York metal toilet paper stand is beautifully constructed with a small base which can fit in between your sink and toilet perfectly.

It holds 3 rolls of tissue paper on its center pole which is a good buffer for your bathroom. It is easy to move around until you get the perfect spot. Be it your master, guest or children bathroom is not only convenient but also a splendid addition in terms of style.

#2 mDesign Freestanding Toilet Paper Holder Canister

Standing toilet paper holders come in different styles and materials. This is a plastic canister model free standing toilet paper stand which provides instant storage for your tissue paper supplies. If you prefer concealing your tissue paper, this is a perfect solution for your extra rolls.

It has a removable lid which opens and closes at your convenience while replenishing your supply. In addition, you can comfortably place it behind or beside your toilet seat. Despite the fact that this holder is made up of plastic, it can stand the test time. The plastic material that makes it is shatter-resistant and can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth if need be.

#1 Bino “Lafayette” Toilet Paper Reserve

Bino Lafayette Toilet Paper Reserve

This is a stylish, durable steel toilet paper stand that’s finished with chrome plating. It comfortably holds 3 rolls of tissue paper. Moreover, it is considerably elevated from the ground for safe keeping of your toilet paper.

Additionally, this toilet paper holder isn’t flimsy at all. It is heavy, reliable and stable in such a way that it doesn’t wobble. For those who buy large toilet paper rolls, this stand has the capacity to accommodate the bigger rolls.

Investing in a quality toilet paper stand goes a long way in ensuring that your toilet paper rolls are well stored. You can easily do it in style while keeping your bathroom neat. Instead of blindly purchasing a good stand, choosing among the above-reviewed toilet paper stands will rarely disappoint you.

Toilet Paper Stand Buying Guide

Before we jump into it, there are some of the qualities that make up a good stand depending on an individual’s style.

Storage capacity – You probably buy a dozen of toilet paper whenever you go out shopping. For this reason, you need a toilet paper stand with enough storage room to maintain an adequate level of supplies. This is why you should carefully weigh in on the number of toilet paper rolls you want to have at a given time when deciding on your ideal toilet paper stand.

Space available for the stand – The size of your bathroom matters when choosing the right toilet paper stand. Depending on the space available in your bathroom, you can opt for a wall mounted toilet paper stand which comes in handy if space is limited.

If your bathroom is quite spacious, a standing toilet paper holder should serve the purpose. Moreover, anyone, including your small children can access this kind of stand with the utmost ease.

Durability – When you are buying an item for home use, durability is one of the factors you take into consideration. There is no exception when it comes to a toilet paper stand. It should be of a sturdy build that can last for a considerable period of time.

Furthermore, you don’t want a stand that will need repair or replacement in a couple of months. With a durable toilet paper stand, you are guaranteed of safe storage of toilet paper supplies without any inconveniences.

Design – No one likes an odd looking home appliance or any other item in their house. This is why it is important to purchase a toilet paper stand that compliments your bathroom in terms of color as well as the overall finishing. A suitable toilet paper stand should fit and belong in your bathroom, giving it the right to feel and look.