10 Best Folding Bikes

One of the main reasons why folding bikes have become so popular in the world today is the fact that they are portable. A portable bicycle is not just convenient; but it will transform your biking experience to your delight.

It’s no wonder that there are hundreds of models of folding bikes to choose from. However, to enjoy all the merits, it is critical for every person to choose the best folding bikes for the best rewards. For this reason, this article is going to break down the jargon and give you a comprehensive review of some of the best portable bikes in the market.

You will be in a position to compare the pros and shortcomings and see what best fits your needs. The good news is that the variety has enabled users to get more options at good prices. In this regard, you will also know why these types of bikes are essential. They are indeed an asset to have and you will see why.

In addition, the information below will provide an unparalleled guide into the factors that go into choosing a folding bike that will work for you. Not knowing what to look for in a good folding bike will be a big setback and the idea is to get the best value for money; while the quality and functionality are still intact.

The Top 3 Best Folding Bikes

  • Columba 26"
  • Folded Size: 38x14x29 Inches

    Material: Alloy

    Color: Blue

    Weight: 33 lbs

    Wheel Size: 26 Inch

    Gear: Shimano 18 Speed
  • 121 Review(s)

  • Zizzo Campo EuroMini
  • Folded Size: 27x31x12.5 Inches

    Material: Alloy

    Color: White, Yellow

    Weight: 28.5 lbs

    Wheel Size: 20 Inch

    Gear: Shimano 7 Speed
  • 181 Review(s)

  • Schwinn Loop
  • Folded Size: 29.5x29x19 Inches

    Material: Alloy

    Color: Black, Silver, White

    Weight: 33 lbs

    Wheel 20 Inch

    Gear: Shimano 7 Speed
  • 560 Review(s)

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What to Look for When Buying a Folding Bike?

There are numerous factors that you should consider before buying. This is because you want value for money and a product that serves you as required.

The following is a breakdown of the most important elements to consider.

The Purpose of The Bike
There are all manner of folding bikes that serve specific roles. You need to identify your need for the bike. If you want a bike for travel on public transport, then you should consider a bike that is very compact, very lightweight and one that is very quick to pack. If you want one for long journeys, then look for a folding bike with large wheels, slower to pack and one with good suspension.

Those who want a bike for use off road, one with thick large wheels and suspension will do. Those who wish to get a bike that can be carried on planes will need a very compact bike that is slower to pack.

Also consider a bike that is ideal for your gender if you are a man or woman. There are many unisex adult bikes that people can consider. Otherwise, you will find men’s bikes and women’s bikes to choose from. All in all, know the clear purpose of the folding bike.

Size of the Wheel
This is another vital consideration when buying this product. Larger wheels are easier to ride and fold slower. Small wheels are hard to ride and they have a lighter steering. The four main sizes are 24-inch, 20-inch, 18 and 16-inch wheels. These specifications will help you know where you fit in best.

Method of Folding
All folding bikes do not fold the same way. There is half fold, triangle hinge and break away. The half fold bikes will fold in half and this is made possible by a hinge point. There are also quick release clamps that make it possible for the seat and handle bars to retract.

With the triangle hinge, frames are able to fold down in very small sizes. This is made possible by flip hinges that make the rear wheel to swing underneath. With the break away, the bike is partly folded and dissembled so that it can fit into a small compartment. The latter consumes a lot of time.

Folding bikes that come with a suspension mechanism have a better ride than those that do not. Although this may add some weight in the bike, the comfort cannot be overlooked. Tough rides caused by smaller wheels can be mitigated this way.

Size of the Frame
Frame size will determine how comfortable you are in the folding bike. In addition, the size will determine the maximum height of the rider. In this regard, this consideration will help you to make a suitable decision on folding bikes. Most bikes will suit people who are between 4’10 and 6’4′. If you are taller, a telescopic seat-post will be ideal for you.

The Top 3 Rated Folding Bikes Reviews

Zizzo Campo EuroMini Folding Bike


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The Zizzo offers a practical and versatile way of moving around cities and linking up those gaps in mass transit. Its relatively smaller size hides its massive versatility, especially with the speed boost provided by its 7-Speed Shimano Tourney derailleur, which makes your travel on hills and roads a breeze.

Zizzo-Campo-EuroMini-Folding-Bike1The plethora of well thought out design tweaks easily makes the Zizzo a standout bike. It is very rare to find a bike that has genuine and authentic Shimano machinery. The Zizzo boasts a Shimano drivetrain that makes it sturdy and durable. The bike incorporates ergonomics into premium performance, bringing on board adjustable saddle and handlebar for comfortable riding experience. A highly responsive Shimano 7-speed grip shifter integrated into its handlebar allows you to shift on the go with ease. The efficient rear and front alloy V-brakes are lightweight but offer reliable and sufficient stopping power you need when called upon. A reliable braking system and a pair of high-quality grippy tires make this bike feel compact and planted on the descents, a rarity in most folding bikes.

The EuroMinin fold so small! Its fold dimensions are H-27 inches, L-31 inches, W-12.5 inches, and a weight of 28.5 lb. Folding this bike is pretty easy and straightforward and with experience, you’ll be able to fold your bike within thirty seconds or less. What’s more, it can snuggly fit in a standard checked bag. It only means that you can easily store your bike beneath your office desk, carry it with you or store it inside your car.


  • Lightweight and easily portable.
  • Sturdy and durable frame.
  • Genuine Shimano components.
  • Adjustable hence suitable for all ages and sizes.


  • Relatively bulkier

Schwinn Loop Folding Bike


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From recumbent and upright bikes, elliptical trainers to folding bikes, Schwinn blends exceptional quality and affordability with technology and user-friendly features. This one, in particular, is its typical product, offering urban multi-modal travel, free and unrestricted carriage, and top-notch performance. With the Schwinn at your disposal, you’ll enjoy a smooth, comfortable ride that makes the most of every ounce of effort and minute of time.

The Schwinn Loop boasts an attractive design with a low stand-over frame ideal for city commuters, especially female cyclists. Its alloy folding frame is extremely sturdy and durable. The Schwinn Loop is a great space-saving machine and has a folding size of 29.5 inches by 29 inches by 19 inches. It will easily fit in at any space in your room, office or apartment.

Schwinn-Loop-Folding-Bike1When it comes to performance, the Schwinn comes equipped with a high-end 7-speed drivetrain from Shimano. You can easily shift between the different gears in response with the demands of your terrain to ride with relative ease. Whether you are on a fitness mission and would like to tackle some of the most unforgiving terrains, the Schwinn Loop is a formidable fitness tool that won’t get intimidated by the unsightly nature of the trails. The bike has robust and durable 20-inch alloy wheels that can withstand both the roughness and toughness of any cycling environment.

For an instant stop, the Schwinn is fully equipped with reliable and equally sturdy alloy linear-pull brakes. And if you will be riding in a dusty terrain, the bike comes with full wrap fenders on both its front and rear to protect you from road spray. It has a built-in carrier at the back which you can use to carry your pieces of stuff. You also have a durable nylon carry bag to keep your bike concealed and protected. Ideal equipment for your daily city commutes, the Schwinn Loop also features a kickstand and durable steel hinges. Overall, the Schwinn is an incredible folding bike worth your investment.


  • Very sturdy and durable construction.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Easy to fold.
  • Great value at an affordable design.


  • The carrying bag doesn’t look great.

Columba Folding Bike


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Making routine commutes to work or maneuvering through a highly urban setting can sometimes present a huge challenge. Whether you are a college student, a workout enthusiast, devoted cyclist, or a daily city commuter who would want to enhance the various aspects of his life, the Columba folding bike presents you the easiest opportunity to achieve this. This is a highly versatile piece of equipment which you can use as a portable workout device as well as a decent, reliable transportation tool.

As opposed to other conventional foldable bikes that feature the old retro look, the Columba boasts a smooth up-to-date design which is gorgeous and eye-catching. The entire modern look blends well with the incredible features and accessories which every Shimano fanatic out there will surely love. The Columba is not only easy to fold and unfold, but is equally extremely lightweight with a fairly smaller fold dimension of 38 inches by 14 inches by 29 inches for easy storage and transportation. It is small enough to fit in a compact’s car rear trunk!

Columba-Folding-Bike1Being a road bike, the Columba has a monstrous 18-shifter that functions holistically with the efficient derailleur to allow a nice, trouble-free uphill cycling and speedy gear alterations needed to tackle inconsistent terrains. The 26-inch by 1.5-inch Kenda tires are not only extra durable, but reliable and performance-driven tools that guarantee top performance in nearly all types of terrain. Though they might seem relatively larger, the wheels offer more stability as well as comfy riding experience. These unique tires come with enhanced thickness and power to tackle the rocky terrains. And you don’t have to worry about chipping the frame color or even damaging your bike’s body through putting it the ground! The Columba comes equipped with a robust and glistering alloy kickstand to quell your worries.

The bike’s braking system is top tier and dependable enough to bring you to an instant stop and the handle stem can easily be adjusted to suit your cycling demands. If you are looking to purchase a versatile, high-quality and affordable bike, the Columba should be your ultimate choice. This quality gadget manages to embody each of these features inside a compact and stylistic package for a smooth and versatile ride.


  • Minimal assembly.
  • Highly versatile.
  • Affordable.
  • Quality performance.
  • Easy and fluent gear shifting.


  • When folded, there is no locking option.