10 Best Fogless Shower Mirrors

Best Fogless Shower Mirror

Picture this; it’s on a Monday morning. You know you need to get up for work but you can’t resist snoozing that alarm a few more times. Finally, you decide to wake up but realize that you only have a few minutes to shower, brush your teeth, shave and if some time is left, fix up a quick breakfast before heading out.

You take the quickest shower of your life and just as you are about to begin shaving, you notice that the reflection in your bathroom mirror is too blurred to even recognize. It’s the dreaded fog! Time is running out and since you can’t wait for the fog to clear, you furiously wipe it down and start your shave. Before you even get to halfway, the fog is back again and you have to keep wiping it down until finally, you are late for work and you have to face your furious boss.

If this seems like a story you don’t want to be part of, you need a fogless mirror in your bathroom. Unlike standard bathroom mirrors, fogless mirrors are designed to remain dry and crystal clear even when put in a room full of steam. With a fogless mirror, you can save a lot of time that would have been spent wiping down bathroom mirrors over and over again.

When buying a fogless mirror, you have to be very careful. There are a lot of mirrors out there that are advertised as fogless mirrors but they are far from it. In this article, we have done our research and compiled the following list of the top 10 fogless mirrors you can buy today for your bathroom.

Best Fogless Shower Mirrors, Reviews

#10 Peppi Life Fogless Mirror

Peppi Life Fogless Mirror

This fogless mirror works like a charm with its nanomembrane material that absorbs moisture quickly to prevent fog. To activate the anti-fog feature, you just need to splash some water on the mirror.

The Peppi Life Fogless Mirror has a protective premium soft silicone sheath covering that protects the glass. Its ultralight nature makes it perfect to carry around when needed.

#9 Upper West Collection Fogless Mirror

Upper West Collection Fogless Mirror

This is one of the most stylish fogless mirrors available that has a unique round design and is perfect for shaving, tweezing, grooming and makeup. It has a diameter of 6.5 inches and comes with a rotating and locking suction that allows you to place it securely anywhere you want in your bathroom. It has a unique flexible arm that can rotate 360 to give you multiple viewing angles. A separate razor holder is also included in the package.

#8 Mirrorvana Fogless Mirrors

Upper West Collection Fogless Mirror

This fogless mirror is easy to install and makes a perfect gift for your boyfriend, husband, son, dad, or just yourself. It is light and compact which makes it super convenient to carry around. It is shatterproof and rustproof for durability and can be used on any bathroom surface.

It has a fog-resistant coating that gives you that fog-free perfect shaving experience. To install it, you just need to find a flat and non-porous surface in your bathroom then use the suction cup to hold it in place.

#7 ReflectXL Fogless Shower Mirror

ReflectXL Fogless Shower Mirror

The ReflectXL fogless shower mirror features a unique patent pending design that effectively prevents fogging. It is quite large compared to other fogless mirrors and measures 7.6″x5. 6″.

Before using it, you only need to hold the mirror in hot water for a few seconds. The mirror can be hanged up wherever you need in your bathroom.

#6 Mirrorvana Shatterproof Fogless Mirror

Mirrorvana Shatterproof Fogless Mirror

This fogless mirror takes just a few seconds to install using its new and improved suction cup that is sticky and compatible with all flat, dry and non-porous bathroom surfaces.

It is shatterproof with a generous viewing area, but it still is compact and light enough if you want to carry it around.

To use it, you must first fill its reservoir with hot or warm water to keep your mirror fogless. It comes equipped with a place to hang your razor blades.

#5 Cheftick Fogless Mirror

Cheftick Fogless Mirror

This fogless shower mirror has an elegant round design and is made with strong and durable materials that last. It comes with a water reservoir that you must fill with hot water to enjoy the mirror’s Anti-Fog qualities.

It has an advanced humanized design with a built-in razor holder for convenience. You can install it on any part of your bathroom wall using its next-generation locking suction. Once installed, you can tilt it to any angle or easily reposition it if you want to.

#4 ToiletTree Products Fogless Shower Mirror

ToiletTree Products Fogless Shower Mirror

This shatterproof fogless mirror features a patented design that guarantees it won’t fog up for any reason. It has a patented removable water chamber which you are supposed to fill up with warm or hot water before using the mirror. When the chamber is full of hot water, it is scientifically impossible for the mirror to get fog.

It has a built-in shelf to keep your razors and toiletries. Its adjustable bracket allows you to tilt the mirror in various angles to suit your needs. Mounting is easy with the powerful double-sided water resistant tape that won’t damage your tiles.

#3 The Shave Well Company Fogless Mirror

The Shave Well Company Fogless Mirror

This mirror makes it on our list mainly because of how simple and inexpensive it is compared to the others with similar performance. The Shave Well Company Fogless shower Mirror was designed to outpace, outperform, and outlast all other fogless mirrors out there.

All you have to do is douse it under the hot water stream and it will stay fogless for the duration of your shower. Cleaning this mirror is very easy as it has a special coating that makes it easy to get rid of soapy, sticky water spots.

#2 JiBen Fogless Mirror

The Shave Well Company Fogless Mirror

When it comes to design, nothing beats the JiBen Fogless Mirror. It features a modern sleek design that looks amazing on any shower and conveniently incorporates a small razor holder in its mirror frame.

It comes with a powerful suction cup that’s easy to mount or reposition if needed. Its swivel arm design allows for 360-degree rotation to any angle you want. To use the JiBen Fogless Mirror, all you need to do is rub some of your hot shower water on it and it won’t fog.

#1 ToiletTree Products Ultimate Fogless Mirror

ToiletTree Products Ultimate Fogless Mirror

This mirror makes it to the top of our list for 3 main reasons; design, build quality, and the fact that it’s impossible for it to fog up. All you need to do is to add hot water to its reservoir and the mirror is guaranteed to stay fogless throughout your shower.

The ToiletTree Products Ultimate Fogless Mirror features an updated sleek design with a larger reflective surface and thinner frame that ensures it fits perfectly in your shower. It also has a redesigned shelf that offers more storage convenience to organize your toiletries.

It is rustproof, shatterproof, and adheres easily to any bathroom wall. It has an easy installation process and it’s 360 rotation capability ensures that once installed you don’t need to keep moving the mirror.

Fogless Mirrors Buying Guide: Need to Know

So you have finally decided to get a fogless mirror for your bathroom and you don’t know what to look for. Don’t you worry; we got you covered.

First, what does a fogless mirror look like?

Fogless mirrors come in various designs, sizes, and types. Most fogless mirrors are small with a rectangular or round shape.

There are 3 basic types of fogless mirrors:

1. Fogless Mirrors With Coatings

These are among the most common types of fogless mirrors that use a chemical based coating to ward off the fog. The chemical coating is highly effective at first but it is inevitable that it will lose its strength over time.

To prevent this, it is advisable to remove the mirror from the shower when not in use to slow down the deterioration of the coating. Once the coating is completely gone, the mirror loses its ability to resist fog but you can reverse this by applying a fresh coating.

2. Fogless Mirrors With Reservoirs

This is the current most common type of fogless mirrors. The mirror comes with a reservoir which you are supposed to fill with hot water before your shower.

The hot water heats up the glass on the mirror to the same temperature as the steam in the shower which effectively prevents fog. Fogless mirrors that use reservoirs should last forever without ever relying on anti-fog spray.

3. Attached Mirrors

This type of fogless mirror attaches directly to the water pipe coming out of the wall and acts as the intermediary between the water pipe and the shower head. The mirror has a valve that allows you to siphon water coming directly from the shower to warm the mirror.

Once you choose the perfect fogless mirror for your bathroom, it’s time to install it.

Different fogless mirrors have different attachments techniques, some of which are as follows:

a) Adhesive strips – these are perfect if you want your fogless mirror fixed in a more permanent position. Adhesive strips mostly come in the form of a double-sided tape that attaches to most surfaces. This option is preferred by men who want to install fogless mirrors permanently in their home bathrooms.

b) Suction cups – these are great for people who don’t want to permanently attach their fogless mirror in one position. Suction cups use pressure to hold the mirror in place but you have to install them on a flat, non-porous surface or else the mirror will eventually fall off and potentially shatter.

c) Shower hook – whether you screw it to the shower pipe or hook it around the pipe itself, a shower hook is the most portable option when you want to attach your fogless mirror.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Fogless Mirror

1. Size

Fogless mirrors are not like normal mirrors. The smaller a fogless mirror is, the higher the likelihood that its entire surface will stay fogless when needed. The size also determines where you can and can’t install the fogless mirror. If you want a mirror you can carry around with you, find one that is light and smaller in size.

2. Design

When choosing a fogless mirror, you have to consider the overall design of your bathroom and compare that to the design of your desired fogless mirror. Your mirror should not stand out but blend in with the design of your home.

3. Permanent or Temporary?

Do you want to install the mirror in a permanent position or have a mirror that you can easily switch positions when necessary? Fogless mirrors have different attachment techniques such as adhesives or suction cups. Adhesives tend to be more permanent while suction cups are just for temporary use and positioning.

4. Build Quality

You never know; your fogless mirror may accidentally fall to the bathroom floor. Its build quality is what determines if your mirror survives the fall or shatters into a million tiny pieces. You should always go for a shatterproof mirror that won’t crack easily and even if it does, you won’t need to worry about having to deal with small, dangerous glass pieces.

5. Additional Features

Some fogless mirrors come with interesting additional features to make them easier and more fun to use. For instance, you should go for a mirror that has shelf space to hang your razors and other things. Some mirrors also come with integrated LED lighting to enable you to see even more clearly.

6. Does it Rotate?

A good fogless mirror should be rotatable to different angles when attached. You shouldn’t have to keep moving it around to get the viewing angle you want. Some fogless mirrors allow for 360-degree rotation.


Installing a fogless mirror in your bathroom is a great idea especially if you enjoy shaving in the shower. It allows you to see clearly what you are doing to avoid cuts or missing any areas.

Installation is easy and everything you need to install one is usually included when you buy it. Even though fogless mirrors are fairly inexpensive, we hope that our guide will help you make the right choice that will give you maximum value for your money.