10 Best Countertop Lighted Vanity Mirrors

best countertop Vanity Mirror

Have you ever wondered how some women manage to do their own makeup so well that it looks like a professional makeup artist did it? Well, the secret to perfecting your make up game is by doing it with perfect lighting conditions. You may have the best cosmetics but if you lack proper lighting, the chances of messing up are much higher.

We’ve all been there; you apply makeup and leave your home thinking you look fabulous, only to catch a glimpse later on of your reflection and realize that you look like a clown. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

This happens to many women and its usually as a result of subpar lighting in bedrooms or bathrooms where we apply makeup. If your home is not blessed with tons of natural light, your only solution to this problem is to invest in a lighted vanity mirror to ensure you have the perfect lighting you need to apply makeup flawlessly every day.

Best Countertop Lighted Vanity Mirrors – Reviews

#10 Waneway Lighted Vanity Mirror

Waneway Lighted Vanity Mirror

This countertop vanity mirror is surrounded by 12 LED Bulbs that emit a light that resembles sunlight. It had a length of 14.5 inches and a height of 19 inches which provides a clear full view of your face ensuring that you don’t miss any spots. The mirror has Smart Touch Control which allows you to switch the lights on and off or adjust the brightness by simply touching the sensor switch located on the screen.

It has a strong metallic frame and base built to last long. The mirror also features 360-degree rotation to help you find the perfect viewing angles. No wiring or assembly is needed to use the Waneway Lighted Vanity Mirror; simply plug and play using the included 12V adaptor.

#9 iHome LED Vanity Mirror

This mirror is the perfect blend of technology and functionality. It has bright accent LED lights with low and high settings and on top of that, you get to enjoy your favorite music as you apply your makeup using its built-in wireless Bluetooth feature.

It also has a mic to allow you to control Siri or Google. Included is a 10x detachable magnification mirror for detailed cosmetic application. It has a rechargeable battery and AC adapter to plug it into a power source.

#8 MayBeau Tri-fold Countertop Lighted Makeup Mirror

MayBeau Tri-fold Countertop Lighted Makeup Mirror

This makeup mirror features premium quality LED light that is bright enough to make everything crystal clear as you apply your makeup but not too bright that it hurts your eyes. The mirror features 3 panels with 1x/5x/7x magnifying to enable you to see the tiniest details as you try to perfect your look.

It has a tri-fold design that makes easy to store away safely when you are not using it. For power, you get two options with this mirror; you can either use 4 AAA batteries to power it up or plug it into a power source using a USB cable. It stands on your countertop securely and with its 180 free rotation, you can get that perfect viewing angle.

#7 Chende Makeup Vanity Mirror

Chende Makeup Vanity Mirror

This lighted mirror has a high-quality aluminum frame and a wooden base that sits securely on your dresser or countertop. It is elegantly designed with a glossy seamless splicing frame with 12 LED bulbs surrounding the mirror. The mirror measures 25.6 inches by 19.7 inches which is wide enough to cover your face entirely and make it easy to see every part of the face.

A turn knob is included on the side to turn the brightness up or down to suit your needs. The Chende makeup vanity mirror has an adapter to connect to the power source and an outlet on the side to plug in your curling iron or straightener.

#6 Vimdiff Makeup Vanity Mirror With Lights

Vimdiff Makeup Vanity Mirror With Lights

This vanity mirror has a classic round shape that looks elegant with natural LED light surrounding the mirror to give you the perfect amount of light you need to create a perfect look. It is quite small but with 10x magnification, you can see everything you need to easily which makes this mirror perfect for putting on lipstick, eye shadow, eyeliner, tweezing eyebrows, removing contacts, among other things.

You can attach it to your countertop or any other smooth, non-porous surface using the integrated suction cup. It has a 360-degree swivel joint to help you find the perfect viewing angles. This mirror is cordless and only draws its power from batteries.

#5 GeekHouse Lighted Vanity Mirror

GeekHouse Lighted Vanity Mirror

This premium quality vanity mirror from GeekHouse features large sized thick glass that allows you to get a clear view of your entire face on its superior reflective surface. The mirror is surrounded by 12 long-lasting LED bulbs whose brightness can be adjusted to give you the exact lighting intensity you need.

It has a smart touch control function for effortless control and the memory function that maintains your preferred brightness level. It has a solid tinplate metal base and frame and a convenient 360 adjustable tilting panel to give you different viewing angles. It is powered by a 12V adapter that is long enough to allow you to put the mirror anywhere in your room.

#4 Febuday Lighted Makeup Mirror

Febuday Lighted Makeup Mirror

This makeup mirror is a perfect gift for ladies on their birthdays, valentine’s day, anniversary, or other special occasions. It has a sleek design and is constructed of strong and durable ABS frame and base that will last long. Surrounding the mirror are 24 white LED lights that provide phenomenal light for makeup application, skincare, tweezing, shaving, or wearing contact lenses.

The mirror has a smart touch control sensor to help you set the brightness to your preferred level. The dual power supply system means you can power it up using a USB cable or 4 AA batteries if you need to use the mirror on the go.

#3 MRah Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror

MRah Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror

This Hollywood-style vanity mirror combines durability, functionality, and elegance to give you a mirror you’ll fall in love with. It measures 22 inches by 18 inches giving you a wide viewing angle and has 21 LED light bulbs to provide ample light for easy makeup application even in dark rooms.

You can choose one of three color modes when using the MRah Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror; warm white, daylight white, or yellow. The mirror has smart touch control that allows you to cycle through the 3 color modes and adjust LED lights brightness to your desired level. The mirror’s memory function ensures that you don’t have to keep readjusting the mirror every time you need to use it.

#2 Aesfee LED Lighted Vanity Mirror

Aesfee LED Lighted Vanity Mirror

This vanity mirror has a user-friendly design that features a round metallic frame and a sturdy base. It has a double sided swivel 360-degree vanity mirror with 1x side for regular makeup and 7x magnified side for a more detailed view.

It has 21 LED lights that provide bright natural light with a touchscreen that enables you to adjust their brightness to 3 levels. It has a built-in 2000 mAh battery that provides about 280 minutes of working time after which you can recharge it using the included USB cable.

#1 FUNTOUCH Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror

FUNTOUCH Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror

This mirror is our top pick for various reasons; it has a sleek unique design, 35 bright LED lights, and a detachable superior 10x magnification mirror for detailed viewing. The FUNTOUCH lighted vanity makeup mirror has a sleek polished frameless look with a touch sensor button to control the brightness of the LED lights.

It is has a length of 14.5 inches and height of 8. 97 inches to give you a full view of your face along with a detachable 10x magnifying makeup mirror that makes it easy to see all details clearly.

It comes with a double power supply which allows you to choose between powering it up with four AA batteries or using a USB cable. It has a sturdy metal base that stands securely on your countertop with 360-degree rotation capability to help you find great viewing angles.

Countertop Lighted Vanity Mirrors Buying Guide

In the quest for a perfect look, many women spend a fortune on high-quality makeup products, tools, and techniques. However, many forget about the most important thing; getting the perfect lighting.

We all look our best when in natural sunlight. Bad artificial lighting tends to emphasize our imperfections which makes us overcompensate when applying makeup creating a bad look.

When applying your makeup, you need to make the lighting as close as possible to the natural light which can only be achieved by using countertop lighted vanity mirrors.

Who needs lighted vanity mirrors?

1. Women who apply makeup daily

If you are used to applying makeup daily, you need a lighted mirror to help you see clearly so that you create an even, neat look every time.

2. Brides

Every bride dreams of having a perfect wedding and for this to happen, their makeup has to be on point. Without a lighted vanity mirror, this is not easy to achieve.

3. Men

A lighted vanity mirror can also be used by men during morning shaving routines. The magnification feature comes in handy when they need to check if any hairs are left and also to avoid cuts.

Factors to consider when buying countertop lighted vanity mirrors

1. Size

Countertop lighted vanity mirrors come in various sizes ranging from the large Hollywood makeup mirrors that take up the entire bathroom vanity to small ones that can fit in the palm of your hands.

The size you choose depends on your needs and the size of your counter or vanity where you plan to install the mirror. Most people need a mirror that’s big enough to see their whole face but small enough to save space. Some mirrors also come with space-saving features such as the trifold feature that helps save on space.

2. Style

Countertop lighted vanity mirrors serve an important function, but they are also a part of your bedroom or bathroom decor as well. If your bathroom or bedroom has silver features, getting a large gold-framed mirror might stick out and look bad. There are many styles to choose from, some with a modern vibe and others with a vintage style as well.

They are also made of different materials such as wood, ABS, or metal which affects how they look and how durable they are. Some lighted vanity mirrors attach to the wall while others are freestanding. It’s all down to your personal preferences and the existing design of your bedroom or bathroom when choosing the right mirror style for you.

3. Lighting type

Countertop lighted vanity mirrors use either incandescent lights or LED lights. LEDs are more popular than incandescent lights as they emit less heat and have a much longer life span. However, they tend to be more expensive. LEDs are also more natural-looking than the incandescent lights that are known to cast an unsightly hue on most complexions.

4. Magnification

Sometimes applying makeup feels like you are doing brain surgery. One wrong move and you could mess up your whole look and have to do it again which is annoying. The magnification feature makes it easier to see more details so that you can be more accurate and precise when applying your makeup, tweezing your eyebrows, shaving, removing contacts, or other functions.

A normal mirror with no magnification is indicated as 1x while one that magnifies your reflection to ten times its normal size is indicated as 10x. Some mirrors are dual sided with one side offering 1x magnification and the other offering higher magnification. Other mirrors come with a detachable magnification mirror that can be attached to the 1x mirror. It’s always a good idea to try out different magnification levels before choosing the one that works best for you.

5. Power source

Countertop lighted vanity mirrors either run on battery power or can be plugged into a power source. The batteries may be rechargeable or replaceable. A battery powered mirror is the best option for people who move around with their mirror or want to save outlet space.


Want to take your makeup game to the next level? Well, your first step is to buy a countertop lighted vanity mirror that works well for you. We hope our guide will be helpful in your quest to find it.