10 Best Corner Shower Caddies

Corner Shower Caddies

Picture this: you’re taking a nice shower at the end of a tiring day. You lather your body but then it hits you; you can’t find your loofah. You try finding it but with your bathroom products scattered all over the place, you know you won’t find it any time soon.

We all know just how annoying it can be when shampoos, soaps, razors, conditioners, and other bathroom essentials are scattered all over the bathroom. It makes finding the things you need harder as you have to dig through a lot of clutter.

If you want to organize your bathroom, a shower caddy is one of the must-have items because it helps you create order in your bathroom and makes finding shampoos, washcloths, soaps, and other items much easier. With a shower caddy, you always know exactly where to find the item you need which can save you a lot of time in the long run.

There are many types of corner shower caddies with different designs, sizes, and materials which can sometimes make finding the right one for you hard. The following is a list of some of the best corner shower caddies that you can buy for your bathroom;

Best Corner Shower Caddies – Reviews

#10 BINO Corner Shower Caddy

BINO Corner Shower Caddy

This tension pole shower caddy comes with 4 poles to meet various installation heights up to 8 feet, 2 inches. It has 3 adjustable self-draining baskets that can comfortably hold your soaps, shampoos, conditioners and more.

The baskets can easily clip on to any part of the tension pole to give you a customizable space with hooks to help you organize your poufs, razors, washcloths and more. The BINO Corner Shower Caddy is made of strong steel that is powder coated to prevent rusting and corrosion.

#9 Simplehuman Shower Caddy

Simplehuman Shower Caddy

This rust-proof stainless steel corner shower caddy is the one to get if you are looking to maximize your storage space in the corners. It has a sturdy reinforced aluminum pole that supports the shower caddy and keeps it steady. The feet are adjustable to help keep the shower caddy upright even on uneven floors.

It has two adjustable shelves to keep your different sized shower essentials and convenient hooks to hold your shower accessories. The Simplehuman corner shower caddy has durable stainless steel construction which is easy to clean and will last for years without any signs of rust or corrosion.

#8 Tenby Living Shower Caddy

Tenby Living Shower Caddy

This shower caddy may appear small but it provides room for everything you need in the shower. It is made of strong and durable plastic that is resistant to wear and tear and has drainage holes on each shelf to keep mold and mildew at bay.

It has adjustable feet to keep it stable on your bathroom corner without shaking or wobbling. The shower caddy also comes with spacers for easy height adjustment so that even your tall bottles can fit. Assembling the Tenby Living Shower Caddy takes just a few minutes and requires no tools.

#7 SANNO Shower Caddy

SANNO Shower Caddy

This shower caddy is perfect if your bathroom wall is constructed of a smooth, flat and non-porous material such as ceramic tiles, granite, glass, acrylic, stainless steel, laminate, mirror, or any other nonporous surface with a glossy finish.

It is made of rustproof stainless steel and resembles a basket that can hold all your differently-sized shower essentials. Installation is easy and requires no tools, screws, or drilling. The caddy has two strong suction cups that will securely attach to any corner wall or detach if you need to move your caddy.

#6 Zenith Products Tension Pole Corner Shower Caddy

Zenith Products Tension Pole Corner Shower Caddy

This shower caddy allows you to transform your wasted bathroom corner space into valuable storage that holds all your bathroom essentials comfortably. It has an adjustable tension pole that fits in spaces with a height of up to 8 feet, 1 inch, which is the standard ceiling height for bathroom.

Extension poles are available if you have a taller ceiling. The pole caddy installs easily without the need for any tools. The caddy has 4 adjustable wire shelves that provide ample storage space for commonly used shower and bath items. The finish is attractive, rustproof, and will last for years.

#5 Kenney Spring Tension Caddy

Kenney Spring Tension Caddy

This 3-tier tension shower caddy features a stainless steel pole that adjusts from 5-9 feet to fit most ceilings. It has 3 deep wire storage shelves that are also made of stainless steel and can easily slide down or up to accommodate tall bottles.

The shelves have openings that can hold bottles upside down for effortless dispensing. It also has clip-on accessory rings to hold your razors, loofahs and other items. You need no tools to install the Kenney Spring Tension Corner Shower Caddy.

#4 CY Craft Corner Shower Caddy

CY Craft Corner Shower Caddy

This is the perfect corner shower caddy if you are looking for a minimalist option that takes up just a small space. This shower caddy may be small, but it has enough space to keep your soap, facial cleanser, washcloth, and other shower items organized. It is made of strong ABS material and features a bottom hollow-out design that provides fast draining to prevent the buildup of bacteria.

It features one shelf with a protective barrier to keep items intact and three removable hooks to hang your towel, brush, and other items. For easy installation, the CY Craft Corner Shower Caddy comes with 2 adhesive strips that apply to any smooth and non-porous bathroom walls.

#3 mDesign Metal Tension Pole Shower Caddy

mDesign Metal Tension Pole Shower Caddy

This stylish corner shower caddy features patented constant tension technology that keeps the rod secure at any height and eliminates shifting over time. The tension pole is made of solid steel with rust-resistant finish and has plastic ends to prevent scratching of the surfaces and keep the pole from slipping.

It has 4 large capacity baskets, each with its own unique purpose. One basket has a built-in towel bar to hang your washcloths or towels. Another has two hooks for hanging loofahs, razors and other items. The other two baskets are extra deep to allow for storage of larger items. Installation is a piece of cake with the included instructions, hex wrench, and hardware.

#2 ALLZONE Tension Corner Shower Caddy

ALLZONE Tension Corner Shower Caddy

This strong tension shower caddy easily installs in your bathroom corner to give you a spacious, long-lasting space to store your shower essentials. It has 4 poles to meet different installation height requirements meaning you won’t have to cut the pole for a secure fit that will never collapse. The poles are made of galvanized pipe covered with rust-resistant stainless steel to give you long lasting service.

The ALLZONE tension corner shower caddy has 4 adjustable shelves with automatic draining and protective barriers that ensure your items never fall off. The shelves are held to the pole by durable rubber rings that can slide up and down to provide room for tall bottles. The shower caddy is rust proof and easy to clean which helps it maintain its new look even after years of use.

#1 Simplehuman Adjustable Tension Shower Caddy

Simplehuman Adjustable Tension Shower Caddy

This amazing corner shower caddy is easily our top pick for various reasons. It has a large capacity that is enough to organize all your shower essentials and leave plenty of room for more. The shower caddy is constructed of stainless steel that won’t rust and has a reinforced aluminum pole with grippy rubber feet and a high-compression spring for a secure fit.

It has three adjustable shelves that easily slide up or down to make room for your tall shampoo bottles with just a quick turn of a dial and convenient storage hooks that can hold your razors, toothbrushes, loofahs, and other accessories. The shelves have specially cut holes to allow for easy dispensing and two towel hangers that clip anywhere on the aluminum pole.

Shower Caddy Buying Guide

Shower caddies are one of those items that you think you don’t need at first but once you’ve had one, you can never go back to life without one.

A shower caddy provides extra storage space to keep your shower essentials and helps you create much-needed order in the bathroom.

Continue reading our guide below that will help you make the right purchase.

Types of Shower Caddies

1. Tension pole corner shower caddy

This is one of the most popular caddy options in the market that rests in the corner of the bathtub. It is held in place by a tension pole with several shelves fixed to the pole. Tension pole shower caddies are popular because they fit well in the corner, making use of space that would otherwise have gone to waste.

They also have more storage space and most can be used by more than 4 people. The only downside to tension pole shower caddies is their susceptibility to rust and if you overload them or install them incorrectly, they can come crashing down on you when you least expect it.

2. Suction Cup Caddies

These are more suitable for use by one person as they usually don’t have a lot of storage space compared to tension pole caddies. They are usually small and compact and can fit into small shower stalls and corners.

They attach to your bathroom wall using suction cups that allow you to move them if needed. The downside with suction cup caddies is that they can only be installed on flat and non-porous surfaces and you may have to constantly replace the suction cups.

3. Hanging shower caddy

This is the most popular shower caddy type as a result of how easy it is to install it or remove it if needed. They are designed to hang over the pipe shower heads connect to without the need for tools.

They easily come off when you need to clean them. However, they may not work for some uniquely designed shower heads and if you use a handheld showerhead, they may obstruct the hose.

Common materials and coatings used to make shower caddies

1. Metal caddies

These are by far the most common type of caddies and the most durable. They are usually coated in a rust-resistant material for strength and durability. Solid metal caddies are also the least susceptible to mold buildup.

2. Plastic frame shower caddies

These are usually the least expensive and incredibly lightweight. They are easy to install and usually come with an option to rest in the corner or hang on the shower head.

3. Mesh/Polyester shower caddies

These are perfect for dorm or gym living and are usually portable. They are easy to clean and dry quickly to avoid build-up of bacteria.

Factors to consider when buying a corner shower caddy

1. How much space do you need?

Before buying a shower caddy, you need to determine how many items you need to keep there, both the ones you have and the ones you intend to buy in future. You need a caddy that can comfortably accommodate all your needs and leave space for more. Tension corner shower caddies are known to provide more space than the other types.

2. What is it made of?

You need a shower caddy made of materials that can survive being exposed to damp conditions constantly without getting damaged. If it’s metallic, you need to ensure that it is rust resistant. If it’s wooden, you need to ensure that the wood won’t rot after being exposed to water for so long. The material should also be easy to clean to prevent the buildup of bacteria and to keep the shower caddy looking new for many years.

3. Is it adjustable?

Chances are that you have a lot of shower items with different shapes and sizes. You need to choose a shower caddy with adjustable shelves to allow you to customize it to suit your space needs.

4. How much space are you working with?

You need to buy a shower caddy that can fit into the space you want to install it. For instance, if you don’t have a lot of space, you can opt for a tension pole corner shower caddy as it needs minimal space.

5. Design

Choose a corner shower caddy that looks great and suits the overall design of your bathroom.


We hope our guide will help you find the perfect corner shower caddy for your bathroom that will help you organize your bathroom and last for many years in great condition.