10 Best Copper Bathroom Sinks

Copper Bathroom Sinks

Bathroom sinks play an important role in the overall appearance of the bathroom. Installing a classic sink creates an attractive atmosphere— adding some color to your bathroom’s interior design. However, when it comes to bathroom sinks, there are important factors to consider other than beauty.

You have to pay attention to the drainage capacity of the sink and its durability. Copper bathroom sinks give you the best option when it comes to selecting a bathroom sink that guarantees efficiency and durability. Most copper bathroom sinks are handcrafted from pure copper, giving them a long lifespan. Some are alloyed with other materials to add some taste in artistic display.

Whichever way you chose to go, a copper bathroom sink is definitely the right choice. In this post, we have done research and reviewed the best copper bathroom sinks you can purchase on Amazon. Read on and make your wise shopping decisions.

10 Beautiful Copper Bathroom Sinks – Reviews

#10 SimplyCopper Rustic 14″ Round Mexican Copper Vessel

SimplyCopper Rustic 14 Round Mexican Copper Vessel

The Round Mexican Copper Vessel from SimplyCopper is definitely one of the best copper bathroom sinks in the market. Enjoying a rating of 4.7 on Amazon, this sink stands out due to its durability. The sink is made in a basic bowl design for easy flow of water. The sink is also made with durable pure 18 – gauge copper. Each sink is hand hammered to ensure that it is unique in design and appearance.

This Round Mexican Copper Vessel is designed for a small bathroom with a 14″ x 5-1/2″ outside dimensions and 14″ x 5-1/2- Inside Dimensions. The drain opening is the standard 1.5 which is effective for draining the normal bathroom water. The sink has a perfect finish with the natural copper appearance.

#9 Rustic Round Copper BUCKET Vessel Bath Sink

Rustic Round Copper BUCKET Vessel Bath Sink

SimplyCopper brings to the table another fantastic bathroom sink. This one is shaped like a bucket and offers all the features of the bowel shaped Round Mexican Copper Vessel bathroom sink. SimplyCopper 15” is made of high quality 18- gauge copper.

The bucket-shaped sink is also handcrafted to offer a unique rustic antique look. Installed as a vessel, the outside dimensions are 15″ Round / Depth: 6″. The drainage opening is also the standard US 1.5 drain. This drain is perfect for the normal family bathroom services at home.

#8 Sinkology SB302-16NU Handmade Naked Copper

Sinkology SB302-16NU Handmade Naked Copper

The Sinkology SB302 is one of the unique designs for copper bathroom sinks. It is designed to offer easy installation thanks to the mounting hardware attached to the sink when you purchase. It is crafted with a 14-gauge pure copper making it durable.

If you are looking for a sink that gives you enough space and also adds beauty to your bathroom, this should be your choice. The sink boasts of naked copper finishing which is perfect for anyone looking for the natural look of copper.

#7 MR Direct 924 Single Bowl Copper Bathroom Sink

MR Direct 924 Single Bowl Copper Bathroom Sink

Crafted from pure mined copper, the MR Direct 924 is one of the most durable options available on the market. This sink comes in several designs with several top mount, under mount and vessel configurations. The MR Direct boasts of 100% hammered finish with a scratch resistant coat.

The MR is made from 99% pure mined copper and is also easy to install as compared to similar sinks. Since each piece is handcrafted, you are guaranteed of getting the unique design that has no resemblance to any other. This one-piece construction sink offers a limited lifetime warranty.

#6 Sinkology Seville Copper Drop-in Bath Sink with Overflow

Sinkology Seville Copper Drop-in Bath Sink with Overflow

The Sinkology drop-in bath has a unique design with an overflow option. The bath is made of pure mined copper to enhance durability. The Handcrafted bath sink features 14-inch faucet that will easily help replace your old bath sink.

The sink is perfect for a bathroom of any size thanks to its medium dimensions of 20 x 17 x 5.5 outside and 16.5 x 11.75 x 5 inside dimensions. The bath uses the standard US drain of 1.5 inches which is perfect for the normal bathroom water use.

#5 Monarch Abode 17086 Pure Copper Hand Hammered Harbor Vessel

Monarch Abode 17086 Pure Copper

With a stylish and unique look, the Monarch Abode 17086 is shaped as a harbor vessel. The sink is designed for above the counter use and is made of high-quality heavy gauge copper and handcrafted to offer perfect finishing and unique outward look.

The Monarch Abode is definitely a bathroom sink that will add some style and color to the bathroom while offering the perfect drainage. The sink offers a slightly larger drainage hole than the standard US drain of 1.5”. On the low side, this sink does not come with the installation ring or a drain. However, the copper sink is durable and offers a unique look for your bathroom.

#4 VIGO Rectangular Copper Glass Vessel

VIGO Rectangular Copper Glass Vessel

This is not necessarily a pure copper sink but it has a perfect copper finishing. The sink is made of solid tempered glass that is scratch resistant. The sink is suitable for large to medium bathrooms thanks to its large size with dimensions of 22.25″ by 14.25”. The glass enjoys a solid thickness of 5 ” and the outward copper finishing is handcrafted with the possibility of color variation.

The sink is designed for above the counter installation and offers a 1.75-inch drain which is slightly larger than the US standard drain. It is perfect for large families and can be used in both medium and large bathrooms.

#3 Monarch Pure Copper Hand Hammered Skirted Sink

Monarch Pure Copper Hand Hammered Skirted Sink

The Monarch can be used both as a drop-in or over the counter. The sink is made with a uniques 3 skirt design that can add some flavor to your bathroom interiors. It comes with a sink drain hole of 1.75 which is slightly larger than the standard.

The handcrafted sink is definately the right upgrade if you are thinking about expanding your bathroom capacity. It has 1 rim for perfect installation which is also not visible to guests. Made from 18-gauge pure copper, the monarch copper sink is strong and durable. This sink does not include an overflow drain faucet. Although it enjoys a perfect finishing, the copper may get corroded if one cleaned well and left wet.

#2 Schrodinger 17-inch Handmade Copper Bathroom Sink

Schrodinger 17-inch Handmade Copper Bathroom Sink

The 17” Schrodinger bathroom sink is artistically designed to give a breathtaking look to your bathroom interiors. Handcrafted from pure copper, this sink is perfect for anyone with a medium to small size bathroom. It is smaller in size as compared to other bathroom sinks with the dimensions of 17″ x 13″ x 5.5″ for the sink.

The sink also has a 1.5 drain which is the standard drain for the US bathroom sink. Besides the small design, the Schrodinger has double flex rims which help in the installation process. You can install the sink at home without the need for professional help. The 18- gauge copper sink guarantees durability, uninterrupted drainage, and beauty to your bathroom.

#1 SimplyCopper 17″ Oval Copper Sleigh Vessel

SimplyCopper 17 Oval Copper Sleigh Vessel

The Oval Copper Sleigh Vessel by SimplyCopper is one of the unique designs when it comes to bathroom sinks. Its unique shape is meant to add a uniques look and feel to your bathroom. The sink is small in size with dimensions of 17″ X 10-1/2″ X 4″. This makes the sink perfect for small areas such as apartments. The sink is also durable thanks to the 18-gauge pure copper used in making it.

You can enjoy your sink for a long time without worrying about scrach or rust if you follow the maintenance instructions. It uses the standard drain opening of 1.5 which is perfect for a normal family setting. The handcraft aged finishing adds a unique look to your bathroom.

Copper Bathroom Sink Buying Guide

When shopping for a bathroom sink, it is important to choose one that serves your needs. The mistake that most people make is buying a sink that is trending or one they like without considering its features.

A bathroom sink should not be so complicated but should be able to serve the purpose. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the right copper bathroom sink.

Choose The Right Sink Size

Dimensions matter a lot when choosing your sink. The size of the sink should be determined by the size of your bathroom. There is no point in buying a large sink that will consume all the space your bathroom leaving you with little space for other purposes.

As you may have noticed in the reviews above, there are bathroom sinks that are designed for small apartments while others are designed for large apartments. If you live in a small apartment, your bathroom sink length should be between 13” and 19”. A20 ” bathroom sink may look great but will definitely not fit in your bathroom well.

Consider The Durability Of The Sink

The reason why most people prefer copper sinks is that they are durable. However, not all copper sinks can be said to be durable. One factor that affects most copper sinks is rust and tarnishing. When choosing a copper bathroom sink, look at the gauge and the finishing. The gauge will help you understand the durability of the sink. The 18-gauge copper is the thickest gauge you can find in the market. Any sink made by 18-gauge copper can be termed as durable.

Do not buy any sink that is below 14-gauge. If you wish to have a durable sink, it must be made of pure copper with a thick gauge. With that said, it is also important to consider the finishing. As mentioned above, copper can get rusty and lead to the wearing out of the sink. Pure copper finishing is good but such a sink must be maintained with oil rub.

Consider Your Family Needs and The Size Of The Drainage Outlet

The size of the drainage outlet also matters a lot when choosing the copper sink. Since most copper sinks come with a fixed outlet, it is paramount to choose one that is sufficient for your family drainage needs. Most sinks in the US use a standard size of 1.5”. However, some larger sinks may have a larger outlet. When choosing your copper bathroom sink, choose one with the drainage outlet that is big enough to drain the sink in time.

Pay Attention to Beauty In Relation To Your Bathroom’s Interior Design

As much as the sink is supposed to drain the water and serve for a long time, the bathroom sink should also add some beauty to your bathroom. There are many designs to choose from when it comes to copper bathroom sinks. The designs vary in shape, structure, finishing and other factors. Most people prefer hand hammered finishing for the copper sinks.

The hand-hammered finishing guarantees a unique look. However, you can also go for a smooth finishing as long as it is impressive to you. Choose a color that matches well with the bathroom lighting and other colors in the bathroom. When choosing your bathroom sink, you should also remember that copper may be susceptible to rust.

Those who want a sink that is long lasting opt for an old age look that is perfect even when the sink starts rusting. Whichever way you chose to go, make sure your sink looks attractive to you and adds some flavor to your bathroom


There are many factors to consider when buying a copper bathroom sink. Since there are so many options to choose from, it is important to have a list of your priorities at hand. In some cases, you may be forced to compromise one quality for another. For instance, if you wish to buy a sink with perfect finishing, you might find one but it may fail to meet the size requirements for your bathroom.

When choosing your bathroom sink, have priority factors you to consider first. Ensure that the sink is made from durable pure copper with the highest gauge possible. Also, consider the size of your bathroom and the size of the sink that would fit in perfectly.

After choosing a sink that is durable and fits, you can now start paying attention to the other factors such as design and finishing. whichever way you chose to go, make sure you buy a copper bathroom sink that serves your needs.