10 Best Car Dehumidifiers

Best Car Dehumidifiers

If humidity can cause significant damage to your house, then it can wreak havoc on your car. Cold weather, air conditioning, and a bunch of other factors can cause condensation to form inside your car, and that makes for some uncomfortable breathing.

Luckily, there are dehumidifiers specifically made for this purpose. Car dehumidifiers sometimes double as air purifiers, so in addition to ridding your car’s air of moisture, they also leave it pure, clean, and fresh. If you’re in the market for one of these nifty gadgets, here’s ten of the best picks to browse through.

Best Dehumidifiers for Your Car, Reviews

#10 Wenko Car Dehumidifier

Wenko Car Dehumidifier

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The Wenko car dehumidifier is a simple moisture-absorbing tool that does what it says. It absorbs all moisture from the car’s interior, preventing frozen windows, fogging, rust, mold, mildew stains, and musty smells.

The dehumidifier can be used for up to 3 months. Once it is saturated, you can dry it easily by letting it rest on the radiator for a few minutes. Alternatively, you can use a microwave or oven.

This reusable car dehumidifier may be the last you ever buy. It is easy to put to use, and it can be dried using various methods. It is capable of holding up to 850ml of water.

#9 Trenton Gifts Reusable Car Dehumidifier

Trenton Gifts Reusable Car Dehumidifier

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This humidifier for cars comes in the form of a small bean-bag that measures 6 inches long by 4 ¼ inches wide. It is completely leak-proof and unscented, so you don’t have to worry about triggering your sinuses or allergies.

Since it is reusable, all you need to do once it is saturated is pop it in the microwave for a few minutes. It uses non-toxic Si02 granules to attract moisture, and its outer shell is made of sturdy, non-woven fabric. It can be used in the car, at home, or on a boat to keep the air dry.

#8 CLEAR AIR Charcoal Dehumidifier and Air Purifier (5-pack)

CLEAR AIR Charcoal Dehumidifier and Air Purifier (5-pack)

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For a low price, you can get five of these bamboo charcoal dehumidifiers, which can be used in your car, in a closet, or in other areas of the house. It is eco-friendly, odorless, and non-toxic. This dehumidifier is perfect for absorbing allergens, pollutants, moisture, and musty odors from the air, leaving it fresh and pure.

The bags are reusable for up to two years. They only need a bit of sun-drying once a month to rid them of the accumulated moisture. They are incredibly easy to use; all you need to do is place them in the right position. Thanks to its small form factor, the bag can easily be placed inside a gym bag too to keep things dry.

#7 SEAL Reusable Car Dehumidifier (2-pack)

SEAL Reusable Car Dehumidifier (2-pack)

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For the price of one standard car dehumidifier, SEAL gives you two large ones. Their silica-filled dehumidifier bags are highly effective, and therefore suitable for preventing rust, mold, mildew stains, and musty air in the car. Each bag is capable of holding up to 800ml of water, which is about 60% of the bag’s weight.

The dehumidifier has a smart indicator that changes color when the bag is saturated. According to the manufacturer, all you need to get it up and running again is to “charge” it in a microwave for at least 2 minutes. Each bag has an anti-slip pad to make them easy to handle, and they’re both very compact.

#6 Weupe Reusable Moisture Absorber for Cars

Weupe Reusable Moisture Absorber for Cars

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This nifty car dehumidifier bag shows you when it is full through its color-changing window. When ready for use, the window is blue, but once saturated, it turns to a bright pink. This way, you will always know when it’s ready for the microwave or oven.

It can be used in cars, bathrooms, closets, bedrooms, boats, and anywhere else with too much humid air. All you need to do is place it in the right place. Weupe is also an aesthetically appealing moisture absorber. It will not be an eyesore, no matter where you place it.

#5 AmazonBasics Car Dehumidifier

AmazonBasics Car Dehumidifier

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Amazon produces a simple, cheap car dehumidifier for car owners that want something straightforward. It features a classic black design with the AmazonBasics logo on top. It effectively strips the interior of your car of unwanted condensation, preventing fogged up windows, rust, mold, and mildew stains.

Though it is reusable, it can only be reused a maximum of four times. It is absorbent enough to absorb up to 190ml before it is full, and once this happens, you can use the microwave to get it back to standard. It has a lining at the bottom that stops moisture from leaking.

#4 BARSKA AF12500 Renewable Car Dehumidifier

BARSKA AF12500 Renewable Car Dehumidifier

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Featuring a stylish gradient color scheme at the top, the BARSKA AF12500 car dehumidifier will certainly not be an eyesore in your vehicle. It measures 3.5 inches by 5 inches, by 1.25 inches, and weighs about 70 ounces. The dehumidifier attracts moisture using silicon dioxide (SIO2).

It features a patented color-changing indicator that lets you know when it is saturated. When it can’t collect any more water, it takes just 4 minutes to dry it at 600W in a microwave. It is easy to use, durable and works efficiently to reduce moisture in the air.

#3 Zarpax LV-A300-US Reusable Car Dehumidifier

Zarpax LV-A300-US Reusable Car Dehumidifier

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The Zarpax LV-A300-US is a reusable dehumidifier designed for cars, trucks, and SUV’s. It is “charged” in a 600W microwave for up to 6 minutes when it is full, which you’ll know by the color of its smart indicator. It turns pink when the dehumidifier has absorbed the maximum amount of moisture, and blue when it is empty.

The dehumidifier is easy to use and is a useful tool when it comes to combating fogginess and high humidity in the car. It comes in a stylish bag that is also leak-proof and does not leave stains.

#2 Vacplus Moisture Absorption Packets (5-pack)

Vacplus Moisture Absorption Packets (5-pack)

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These hanging humidity packs are perfect for your car. For a very low price, you get 5 of them plus a premium mini-hook. The bags are filled with a hygroscopic substance known as calcium chloride. They can absorb large amounts of moisture (up to 500ml) before they are saturated.

The absorbed moisture is stored in a plastic bag at the bottom of the dehumidifier, which you can see. They are not reusable, but you can stock up on them since they come so cheap.

#1 Eva-Dry E-333 Mini-Dehumidifier (2-pack)

Eva-Dry E-333 Mini-Dehumidifier (2-pack)

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The Eva-Dry E-333 is probably one of the best mini-dehumidifiers in the world. It is wonderfully compact, yet quite powerful. The dehumidifier is extremely silent and small enough to fit inconspicuously in various areas of your car. It uses renewable silica gel ton to attract moisture.

An indicator turns from orange to green as the dehumidifier continues to absorb moisture. It has a maximum liquid capacity of 6 ounces. The dehumidifier is charged for 8 to 10 hours when it becomes saturated, after which it is ready to use again.