10 Best Best Hand Dryers

Everyone wants to leave the bathroom with clean, dry, and germ-free hands. Paper towels used to do the trick but they tend to be costly and polluting particularly for commercial establishments. In the past, hand dryers were mostly found in public places and commercial properties.

But now, people are also buying hand dryers to install in their home bathrooms and for good reasons; a hand dryer can help you save a lot on paper towels and also help stop the spread of germs and bacteria from one family member to another. If you choose well, a hand dryer can also complement the design of the bathroom and make it look more valuable to anyone who sees it.

However, with so many good hand dryers available in the market, choosing the right one for your bathroom can be a daunting task. To make it easy for you, we have compiled the following list of 10 of the best hand dryers you can buy for your bathroom today;

Best Hand Dryers – Reviews

#10 Mophorn Automatic Hand Dryer

Mophorn Automatic Hand Dryer

This chic hand dryer has a durable, anti-rust stainless steel cover with a white baking varnished surface that looks fantastic on any bathroom wall. It has an advanced infrared sensor with a sensing distance of 5-12 cm and an auto turnoff feature that deactivates the hand dryer after 1 minute of use.

It has a 1800W motor that produces 30m/s wind speed that drys hands in less than 20 seconds. It also adopts some unique noise reduction technology that keeps noise levels below 65 decibels. With its class II electric shock protection, the Mophorn Automatic Hand Dryer is one of the safest hand dryers you can get.

#9 Goetlamd Stainless Steel Hand Dryer

Goetlamd Stainless Steel Hand Dryer

This 1800W hand dryer produces an air velocity of 200 mph which is enough to dry your hands in 10-12 seconds. It has a dull polished stainless steel shell that looks great on any bathroom wall and provides reliable protection against rust, chips, wear and tear.

It has a 1-minute auto cutoff time and a 125-degree temperature control cut-off to help you save energy. It operates at 70-72 decibels making it perfect for restaurants, offices, and even home bathrooms.

#8 Awoco Compact Automatic Hand Dryer

This high-speed hand dryer features a round air outlet that makes the airflow faster and more concentrated. It can dry your hands in 10-15 seconds making it one of the fastest in the market. It has low energy consumption and is UL listed for its high safety standards.

It has a unique seamless brush stainless steel design that looks elegant in any bathroom and is durable. Its automatic infrared sensor can detect hands from 8 inches away meaning you never have to touch it after installation. It is also ultra quiet and operates at 72 decibels.

#7 World Dryer Automatic Hand Dryer

World Dryer Automatic Hand Dryer

This surface mounted automatic hand dryer comes with a cast aluminum cover that features a white epoxy finish that is corrosion resistant and is sure to blend in with your bathroom’s design.

It has an antimicrobial compound infused into its internal plastic components to prevent the growth of mold and biofilm in order to extend its operating life. This is one of the few hand dryers with a heat control switch that lets you turn the heating element on or off depending on the weather.

#6 Xlerator High-speed Hand Dryer

Xlerator High-speed Hand Dryer

This surface mounted hand dryer is energy efficient and uses 12.5 amps at 110/120V. It has a beautifully designed one-piece white thermoset cover that will protect it from chips, rust and other signs of wear and tear. It produces a high-velocity hot air stream that drys hands in 10-15 seconds.

The Xlerator High-speed Hand Dryer is one of the few hand dryers that meets GreenSpec standards and also earns LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credits for its energy saving and waste reduction features. For noise reduction, the Xlerator High-speed Hand Dryer features a 1.1 nozzle that will reduce the noise level by 9 decibels.

#5 AIKE Heavy Duty Automatic Hand Dryer

AIKE Heavy Duty Automatic Hand Dryer

This expertly crafted hand dryer has an elegant stainless steel cover that provides long lasting strength and protection from corrosion, rusting, wear and tear. It takes just 10 seconds to dry your hands and uses just 3.60Wh energy per dry.

It has detatchable and cleanable HEPA filters that filter 99% of the bacteria in the bathroom air preventing dust and other air contaminants from entering the machine. It is UL certified making it one of the safest hand dryers to use.

It also features the power saving auto-stop function that will deactivate the dryer after 45 seconds if the hands are not removed.

#4 Alpine Hazel Automatical Hand Dryer

Alpine Hazel Automatical Hand Dryer

Manufactured by one of the household names in the industry, the Alpine Hazel Automatical Hand Dryer is just what you need for your bathroom. It is an automatic dryer that comes with a strong 2300 rpm brush motor that dries your hands in 20-30 seconds.

It boasts of a chic, contemporary design whose brilliant white color blends in with most bathroom designs. Installation is quick and easy with the included template and mounting hardware. It’s 60-decibel noise level makes the Alpine Hazel Automatical Hand Dryer a quiet option for your home bathroom.

#3 Tek Motion Electric Hand Dryer

Tek Motion Electric Hand Dryer

When it comes to power and speed, the Tek Motion Electric Hand Dryer ranks high as it can dry your hands in 10-12 seconds, which is 3 times faster than most conventional hand dryers. It is CE certified with an elegant and sleek stainless steel cover that protects it against chips, rust, and wear and tear.

Operating at 70 decibels, this is one of the quietest hand dryers that is perfect even for your home bathroom. Installation is easy and you can do it yourself with the included template.

#2 Penson & Co. Super Quiet Hand Dryer

Penson & Co Super Quiet Hand Dryer

This automatic hand dryer combines everything you want in a hand dryer; it’s fast, durable, affordable and extremely quiet compared to most other hand dryers. It features an impressive wind speed of 95m/s which drys your hands in just 10 seconds or less.

It comes with a specially designed noise muffling system that features a 1.1 noise reduction nozzle which reduces the sound level by 10 decibels. With its durable ABS cover, the Penson & Co. Super Quiet Hand Dryer will serve you long term and will never be affected by rust or chips. Installation is easy with the included installation accessories.

#1 Ecostorm2 Recessed Hand Dryer

Ecostorm2 Recessed Hand Dryer

This hand dryer tops our list as it checks all the boxes of the things we think a good dryer should have. First, its design is exceptional with the brushed stainless steel cover that protects it from rust, corrosion, wear and tear. It has an air speed of 201 mph which drys hands in 10 – 15 seconds.

Its automatic shutoff feature ensures you never waste energy as it turns it off after 45 seconds. Operating at just 63.5 decibels, this is the quietest hand dryer on our list and people in other rooms will not hear its sound. The Ecostorm2 Recessed Hand Dryer is LEED certified and UL listed making it one of the safest hand dryers out there.

Hand Dryers Buyer’s Guide

Hand dryers are one of those things that, at first, you don’t think you need but after using it for a while, you can’t live without. Modern dryers work in two main ways.

The older models rely on evaporation. In these models, a motor turns a fan which then blows air across the heating element, heating the air up and blowing it onto your hands. The heat from the element and air from the fan work simultaneously to evaporate the water from your hands.

Modern dryers do not rely on evaporation to dry hands. Instead, they rely on wind speed or power to blow the water off. As such, they usually have a small air outlet that creates more speed and pressure to quickly blow water off your hands while using a lot less energy than evaporation dryers. These dryers often still have some heat, but it’s needed for more for comfort than for speed.

Types of Hand Dryers

1. Traditional Hand Dryers

These are the old hand dryers that were designed to work after pressing the start button. They usually take 30-45 seconds to dry hands and they rely on evaporation. They are not sanitary since everyone who uses one has to touch the button others touch. It also consumes a lot of power and is not something you should consider buying today.

2. High-speed hand dryers

These also require a button to be pushed to start working but they take a lot less time to get the job done compared to traditional hand dryers, about 10-15 seconds. However, they tend to be louder and much more costly than traditional hand dryers, but you can expect more speed and efficiency.

3. Automatic hand dryers

These are the modern and current best type of hand dryers as you never need to touch them after installation. They use infrared sensors that immediately detect when hands are placed beneath the dryer to start the machine and turn it off when the hands are removed. This type of dryer is more convenient, energy efficient, and sanitary than the rest.

Factors to Consider Before Buying

1. Speed

This is one of the key factors to consider. You don’t want to spend a minute or more waiting for your hands to get dry so that you can go about your normal business. It is frustrating and can cause a traffic jam of people in the bathroom waiting to use the dryer if it’s in a public place.

A good hand dryer takes about 10-15 seconds to dry your hands completely. Some models take less than 10 seconds but they are either a lot louder or significantly more expensive.

2. Noise

The noise produced by hand dryers can be irritating and distracting particularly in a commercial setting. Also, if you buy a hand dryer at home, you don’t want one that will wake people up in the middle of the night if someone goes to the bathroom.

In general, the more powerful the hand dryer is, the louder it’s going to be. However, some modern models are using various noise muffling techniques to bring the noise levels to a manageable 70 decibels or less.

3. Power

The hand dryer’s power is directly related to how fast it drys your hands. A 1800W hand dryer will be faster than a 1000W hand dryer, but it is usually louder.

4. Efficiency

Most modern hand dryers are powerful and efficient. This is an important factor as it affects the running costs of the hand dryer. Hand dryers with high efficiency take 10-15 seconds and require low power to do so. High-speed hand dryers offer better energy efficiency than traditional types.

Their automatic sensors ensure that the dryers only turn on when in use and immediately shut off after use. Most modern hand dryers do not need a heating element so they are more energy efficient than past models.

5. Durability

Hand dryers are a fairly long-term investment that should last about a decade or more. It’s vital to get a model with strong build quality to last for years. Stainless steel hand dryers tend to last longer and are resistant to rust, wear, and tear.

6. Hygiene

Germs are a big issue in any shared restroom. As such, you need to get a hand dryer that won’t play a part in spreading pathogens. Automatic hand dryers are the way to go as the users don’t need to touch them to use them. Some of them also come with HEPA filters that only blow clean air onto your hands.


Whether you need one for your home or business, buying a hand dryer will prove to be one of the best decisions you ever made. In addition to the health benefits, it will also help you save some money on paper towels.

On top of that, it improves the look and value of the bathroom, and the rest of the property as well. We hope that our guide will help you make the right decision as you buy your next hand dryer.