10 Best Bathroom Towel Hooks

Bathroom Towel Hooks

Beautiful bathroom decor is not just about the colors, tiles, and flooring. Although these are the biggest difference makers in the overall look of your bathroom, you also need to consider the smaller details: vanity hardware, faucet style, and, of course, towel hooks. Towel and bathrobe hooks keep a low profile because of the practical role they play. They create order in the bathroom and also ensure that your towels are always dry and fresh-smelling when you need them.

On top of their practical functions, you can also use towel hooks creatively to add to the aesthetic quality of your bathroom. However, choosing one is not easy. There are many types of towel hooks with different designs, sizes, colors, and made of different materials. Choosing the best one for your bathroom can be hard which is why we have prepared the following list of the best bathroom towel hooks you can buy today:

Bathroom Towel Hooks, Reviews

#10 Gatco Chanel Single Hook

Gatco Chanel Single Hook

This towel hook has a striking appeal with lustrous, interlocking detail that will instantly modernize any bathroom. It is handcrafted and hand-polished with high caliber metalwork that ensures quality and integrity.

It is easily mountable on various surfaces such as tile or drywall using household tools. This towel hook comes in two impressive finishes; satin nickel or chrome so you can choose the one that suits your overall bathroom design best.

#9 AmazonBasics Modern Robe Hook

AmazonBasics Modern Robe Hook

This towel and robe hook is made of zinc alloy that is durable and highly resistant to damage. It is hand finished to give it a uniform look amongst all hardware sets and styles. It has a satin nickel finish which easily blends in with most bathroom decor.

Included in the package are mounting brackets, mounting screws, and drywall anchors. Once installed, the AmazonBasics Modern Robe Hook can support a weight of up to 11 lbs which is enough for your towel, bathrobe, washcloth, loofah, and other bathroom items.

#8 HASKO accessories Suction Cup Hooks

Whether as a result of personal preferences or lease contact limitations, some people may not be willing to drill holes in their bathroom walls to install a towel hook. If that sounds like you, this towel hook from HASKO accessories is perfect for you. It uses suction cup technology for installation which requires no holes, screws or tools.

You simply have to position the hook on a smooth, non-porous surface, apply some pressure and turn clockwise. The hook is corrosion resistant and rust proof; the knob and cap are made of hardened plastic, the hooks are made of stainless steel, and the suction cup is made of premium rubber.

#7 Jekoo 3M Adhesive Towel Hooks (4-pack)

Jekoo 3M Adhesive Towel Hooks (4-pack)

These powerful adhesive Hooks come with a strong 3M self-adhesive backing which protects against water and will never fall off even after extensive use. It is made of brushed stainless steel which is waterproof, rustproof and has a high load-bearing capacity.

Installation is easy and requires no tools; all you need to do is peel off the protective cover and stick it on your desired positive. These Hooks can support up to 7 lbs which works for your towel, robe, umbrella, hat, clothes, and more.

#6 KES Towel Hook

KES Towel Hook

This hook has an elegant matte black color that suits most bathroom designs. It is constructed of premium grade stainless steel with nickel/chrome content to protect against corrosion and rust. For installation, you get to choose between using the included strong glue to stick it to the wall or screw-mounting using the included stainless steel anchors and screws.

#5 Liberty Single Over-The-Door Towel Hook

Liberty Single Over-The-Door Towel Hook

This towel hook has a unique over-the-door design that makes it extremely easy to install and perfect for situations where a permanent mount isn’t an option. The hook simply hangs over any existing bathroom door with no need for fasteners.

However, if you feel that it is necessary to secure it to your bathroom door, the hook is drilled already to enable you to screw it to the door. It has a beautiful satin nickel finish with a white porcelain end cap. It can hold up to 35 lbs comfortably.

#4 Franklin Brass Double Prong Towel Hook

Franklin Brass Double Prong Towel Hook

This hook features a casual style that goes well with most bathroom decor and provides enough space to hang your towels, bathrobes and other bathroom essentials. It is made of zinc die-cast and has an elegant matte nickel finish. To install it, you simply need to screw it to your desired location on your wall using the included mounting hardware. It can support up to 35 lbs.

#3 NELXULAS Brushed Stainless Steel Towel Hooks

NELXULAS Brushed Stainless Steel Towel Hooks

These Hooks are super heavy duty and designed to hold various items comfortably. They have a strong solid stainless steel construction that ensures quality and longevity.

The anchors are made of premium quality non-recycled material while the screws are made of stainless steel, ensuring it never rusts or falls off. The screws are concealed to add to the aesthetic appeal of the towel hook. Once installed, this heavy-duty Hook can hold up to 88 lbs.

#2 Liberty Hardware Single Polished Chrome Hook

Liberty Hardware Single Polished Chrome Hook

This hook features an ultra-modern yet timeless design. It is made of die-cast zinc which is then treated with a beautiful chrome surface. This chrome hook effortlessly installs into any location in the bathroom using simple household tools.

Once installed, the hook is strong enough to hold two full sized towels, two hand or face towels, bathrobes, clothes or any other piece of clothing that needs drying off. This gorgeous hook increases the utility and functionality of your bathroom and at the same time adds a lot of visual appeal.

#1 KES Swivel Towel Hook

KES Swivel Towel Hook

This genius towel hook makes the top of the list today for many reasons. It is made of a sturdy and heavy duty zinc alloy body and finished with a fingerprint-proof, rust resistant brushed nickel finish.

What makes this towel hook special is its Swivel design that features three foldable arms that Swivel back and forth to make it possible to hang 3 items at once. To install it, you need to mount it on the wall using the included hardware.

Bathroom Towel Hooks Buying Guide

Things can quickly get messy in your bathroom without a proper way to organize your bathroom essentials. Nobody likes clutter and when it is in the bathroom, it is even more annoying.

Luckily, you can easily create order in your bathroom by just adding a towel hook or a few of them to the unused space on your bathroom wall.

Towel hooks make use of space that would otherwise have gone to waste and provide a place to hang your towels, bathrobes, clothes, loofahs and other items. They can help you organize your bathroom as you will always have a designated spot to hang your towel every day.

Hooks are also essential as they expose your towel to fresh open air for quick drying and freshness. You will always have a dry and fresh smelling towel every morning which is cool.

On top of their functionality, towel hooks are also used as a decorative feature to spice up the overall look of the bathroom. They are available in various designs, shapes, colors, and materials which gives interior designers much to work with.

To Consider When Buying Bathroom Towel Hooks

1. Number of hooks – Most towel hooks are available in single or dual hooks. The number of hooks you need depends on the number of items you need to hang on a daily basis. These include towels, bathrobes, clothes, washcloths and other items.

2. Size – The size of the towel hook determines what can and can’t be hanged on it. For instance, some hooks are designed to hang small towels and may not be big enough to hang full-size towels. Make sure you get a hook designed to suit your needs or else your items will keep falling off.

3. Material – What is the bathroom towel hook made of? This matters a lot as it determines how long you can expect it to serve you. Since you are installing it in the bathroom, you can expect that it will be exposed to water every day. As such, you need to choose a material that is corrosion resistant and rust proof. The material also needs to be strong and durable in order to give you many years of quality service.

4. Design – Apart from its functionality, a towel hook also acts as a design feature in your bathroom. As such, you need to pick a towel hook with an elegant design that looks good on its own and even better together with your existing bathroom design.

5. Installation – There are many ways you can install a towel hook. Some of them come with an adhesive to stick them to the wall. Others use suction cups. Others use screws while others are simply hanged over the bathroom door. The choice is down to how permanent you want it to be and if you are willing to drill into your wall to install it.


Towel hooks are an inexpensive and easy way to create much-needed order and convenience in your bathroom. We hope our guide helps you find the best towel hooks for your bathroom.