Top 10 Best 8 Person Tents

Best 8 Person Tents

As you plan your next road trip or camping adventure, you need a good quality size-able tent that can accommodate you and your belongings. If you will be traveling as a small family or a group of more than five people, an 8-person tent is suitable for you. Below we reviewed some of the best 8 person tents that are worthy of your money.

Best 8 Person Tents, Reviews

#10 Alpha Camp Cabin Tent

Alpha Camp Cabin Tent

Alpha Camp is an elegant tent consisting of high-quality materials. It comes with a sealed flysheet to provide you with double-layer protection against the wind and rain. It is sturdy and waterproof, not forgetting wear-resistant. With the five mesh windows and a door, you get a comfortable space to relax during the day and night.

The product consists of polyester material, and the company provides a waterproof oxford PU carry bag. Keep small items such as your phone in the inner pockets. Besides, there is an e-port on the tent, which allows you to fix an extension cord into the interior. It takes a minute to set up and fits two queen airbeds

#9 Skandika Montana Tunnel Tent

Skandika Montana Tunnel Tent

Are you looking for a tent that is not the usual hexagonal or dome-shaped? A tunnel design of the Skandika Montana is worth considering. It features sealed seams that contribute to the product being waterproof.

The inner tent is made of breathable polyester while the flysheet is PU coated polyester for UV protection. Its sleeping pods and entrances have mosquito mesh to keep bugs away.

However, the poles are steel and fiberglass for durability purposes. The manufacturer provides a free repair kit. Hang a lantern on the hook and keep your items in the organizer pockets. Using the extra posts, you can create a nice porch at the front door. There are three entrances to assist in keeping the tent cool in addition to the windows and vents.

#8 NTK Laredo 10 by 15-foot GT Tent

NTK Laredo 10 by 15-foot GT Tent

With the NKT Laredo, you are purchasing a sturdy tent with galvanized steel components for stability as you have fun. It also has an E-port for convenience when you need to charge your devices. The thin mesh material protects you against mosquitoes while allowing proper airflow in the tent. The brand has one large door, mesh vents, and three windows for ventilation.

On the interior of the NKT, you will find D-style entrances with mosquito mesh. To help organize your space, the company includes a gear loft and utility pockets in the tent. Using the fiberglass poles and aluminum pin and ring structure, set up is fast and easy. The floor of the tent takes a bathtub style. It consists of heavy-duty, anti-fungi polyethylene material for your protection.

#7 Browning Big Horn Canopy

Browning Big Horn Canopy

As one of the best 8-person tents, Browning Big Horn is a stable product consisting of fiberglass rods and steel parts that provide extra strength. It has four windows for ventilation and two doors for easy access. The mesh roof boosts airflow inside the tent but also lets you have a good view of the beautiful stars at night.

Besides, the vertical sidewalls offer extra space for more furniture and belongings. Big Horn tents incorporate sealed seams for waterproofness, a polyester fly and polyester oxford bottom to keep the tent dry always. It has a two-room divider if you need some privacy.

#6 Tenaya Lake Cabin Tent

Tenaya Lake Cabin Tent

Tenaya is a stylish, unique tent featuring in-built lighting. It LED illumination to provide overhead interior light. That is not all. It incorporates a fast-pitch mechanism that allows quick set up to save time.

The manufacturer provides an integrated closet with shelves and a hanger bar to store different items. To ensure the inside of the tent is dry, there is a rainfly and a weatherTec system that ensure comfort. The model can hold two queen-size airbeds.

#5 Kodiak Canvas Deluxe Tent

Kodiak Canvas Deluxe Tent

Kodiak tents boast of a hydra-shield material that is 100 % cotton canvas. It is breathable long-lasting, and watertight. With a 6-feet and 6-inches height, you can comfortably walk inside the tent.

It has two big doors, one at the front and another at the back for convenience. The product also has vents and four windows with netting to ensure air circulation. Its floor is polyester vinyl and while the rods are sturdy steel flex-bow poles.

#4 Tomount Camping Tent

Tomount Camping Tent

Why would you purchase the Tomount tent? For starters, it is an eye-catching brand offering fast setup. It is windproof, water-repelling, and solid. Its double layer design improves durability.

It can fit three queen air mattresses or eight sleeping bags if you like. The tent has two-way zippers that allow you open them from inside or outside the canopy. It has one mesh door, five mesh windows, and a mesh top. With the eport, you can charge your gadgets with ease using an outdoor power source.

#3 Core Instant Cabin Tent

Core Instant Cabin Tent

What does the Core tent offer users? The manufacturer designs it to accommodate nine adults with gear, thus it is roomy enough for eight people. It also has an advanced venting system that utilizes adjustable airflow vents on the ground while allowing warm air to get outside the tent through the mesh ceiling. The removable rainfly comes in handy when it starts to drizzle.

Setup is easy considering that the telescoping rods are already attached to the tent. Get in through the large T-style door and enjoy the cool breeze. The product has a removable room divider, which you can detach when need be. However, it can hold two queen-size air mattresses. Its electrical cord port is helpful, and you can keep your valuables in the wall pockets.

#2 Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

With the Wenzel Klondike, you are buying a tent that has weather armor fabrics to safeguard you against wind and rain.

It can accommodate two queen airbeds and has a front awning that serves as a wonderful porch.

Keep your items in the pockets. The tent has vents in the back and roof for proper airflow.

#1 Coleman Instant Tent

Coleman Instant Tent

Coleman takes the lead in the review due to several aspects. For example, it consists of polyester material and taped seams. It is an instant version that erects in a minute. It can accommodate one queen airbed and has weathertec system.

Two welded floor and inverted seams keep the tent dry. With the rugged dual thick fabric, this brand is long-lasting. Besides, it has a vented rainfly that increases airflow when it is raining to ensure comfort.