Best 60 Inch Bathroom Vanity Double Sinks

60 Inch Bathroom Vanity Double Sinks

Are you looking to splurge on the best 60 Inch bathroom vanity double sinks? Well, in case you are, you’ve stumbled on the right post. Over the next couple of sections, you will find detailed reviews of the top ten 60” double vanity bathroom sinks, each of which are incredibly stylish, sophisticated and elegant.

In case you’re wondering how to pick your favorite product from so many options, then too we have you covered. Yes! Once you’re done with the reviews, you will find a detailed buying guide that’ll help you get a better idea about the things you should really consider while getting a vanity sink. So wait no longer, and browse through our post to know everything you always wanted to know bout these sinks.

60 Inch Bathroom Vanity Double Sinks, Reviews

#10 Bathjoy Double Ply Sink

Bathjoy Double Ply Sink

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If you’re looking for a classy and stylish bathroom sink, Bathjoy’s double ply sink is your best bet. Requiring minor assembly, this sink features soft closing doors along with an entire fleet of drawers. The cabinet surface is crafted from lacquer adding to the style and sophistication of the product. Another notable aspect of this sink is the fact that is crafted from high quality tempered glass.

This glass top alone makes it tad easier to clean. When you get this package from Bathjoy you will receive a double cabinet along with two ceramic sinks, two solid chrome-based faucets, two squeaky clean mirrors, a big pop up drain and a ring for mounting. The design is modern, stylish and incredibly sophisticated. Also, since it is spacious enough, two individuals can comfortably use it standing next to each other. So regardless of your bathroom décor, you can absolutely count on the elegance quotient when it comes to Bathjoy.

#9 60” Vanity Double Sink Combo

60” Vanity Double Sink Combo

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If you’re looking for a vanity double sink featuring modern design, this is perhaps one of the best products to bank on. The design is not just modern, but also incredibly stylish and sophisticated. But that’s not all of it. In addition to being incredibly stylish, this double sink combo comes with an entire cabinet that’s large and spacious enough to accommodate all your toiletries. The vanity mirror is beautifully placed, and you also get an additional 1.5 GPM faucet along with the product.

Unlike many other similar products, this is one of those rare combos that includes all relevant fittings. This sink comes with many intriguing features, the most striking one being its natural wood finish that renders a more elegant look to it. Since both the sink and the cabinet is moisture and corrosion proof, cleaning it too won’t be that big of a hassle. The product is resistant to wear and tear, and being made of MDF wood, it is environment friendly as well.

#8 Design Element Vanity Sink Combo

Design Element Vanity Sink Combo

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If you’re looking for the best 60-inch vanity double sinks, this product from Design Element will definitely make the cut. Crafted from high-end solid hardwood, this is one of the prettiest and most sophisticated sinks you’ll ever chance on. Interestingly, a solid design isn’t just the only striking aspect of this sink. In addition to having a solid hardwood cabinet and a flawless marble countertop, this sink is also pretty functional with its faucets, soft closing doors and spacious drawers.

Unlike several other similar products, the cabinet of this sink comes with a coating of DURA-lacquer. This doesn’t merely render it the classy shine, but also protects it from subsequent wear and tear. The drawers of this sink are not just spacious, but they also come with a fine backing of nickel hardware. This in turn makes them tad more functional. Since the product also comes with a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects, you can totally count on it in terms of quality.

#7 Abbey 60-inch Double Bathroom Vanity Sink

Abbey 60-inch Double Bathroom Vanity Sink

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When it comes to choosing a classy and elegant vanity sink, there’s no way you can go wrong with Abbey. This product I sleek, stylish and incredibly functional. When you first chance upon it, you’d be blown away by its high-end construction. Crafted from 100% solid wood and plywood, this vanity sink has a naturally classy appeal that makes it stand much ahead of similar products. Unlike other brands, you will not find a single piece of MDF or similar, other inexpensive particle board.

The drawers of the sink feature dovetailed design and are also crafted with 100% wood. The makers have rendered a natural finish to these drawers, so that you’re actually able to see what they are crafted with. Both the drawers and the doors come with a soft-closing mechanism, and the stunning snowy white quartz countertop simply adds to the charm. So if you are looking for a classy and functional double vanity sink, this is one of the best products to vouch for.

#6 Harper 60-inch Double Bathroom Vanity Sink

Harper 60-inch Double Bathroom Vanity Sink

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Are you looking for a double bathroom vanity sink with a solid construction? In case you are, this 60-inch double bathroom vanity sink from Harper is a great option. Made from solid wood and plywood, this product doesn’t contain a bit of cheap materials like MDF or particle boards. Each of the drawers are cleverly crafted from solid wood, and like the Abbey sinks, they too come with a dovetailed design.

The drawers are extremely spacious and are powered by the soft-close function. The doors of the cabinet too are backed with this feature. When you get this product, you are also likely to get a matching backsplash and a solid grade faucet as free gifts. Also, since it is completely assembled, you do not have to spend any time installing the sinks or the countertops. The overall product is pretty solid, and going by the reviews, it is also value for money.

#5 Silverlake 60” Bathroom Vanity Sink

Harper 60-inch Double Bathroom Vanity Sink

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If you’re looking for sophisticated, stylish and yet incredibly durable vanity sink- this product from Silverlake will surely meet your expectations. Crafted from 0.6” moderate density fiberboard, this sink features a solid cabinet that isn’t merely uniform in finish but is also resistant to water and additional wear or tear. Since the product itself is designed to withstand several years of a humidity-prone environment, there’s no way you can go wrong with it.

The design of this sink, with its cabinets, soft closing doors and pull out drawers, is quintessentially classy. This style is European inspired, and it’ll perfectly sync and resonate with any bathroom décor. The huge luxury mirror will further add to the charm of this product. While using this sink, we also found it to have ample storage, and being made of highly engineered wood, it is also quite easy to clean. So, if you’re looking for a perfect blend of class, elegance and sophistication- this is one of the best vanity sinks available in market.

#4 U-Eway Double Vanity Sink

U-Eway Double Vanity Sink

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If you’re looking for an economical yet stylish and functional double vanity sink- this product from U-Eway is a great option. Made from environment-friend MDF wood, this sink is solid, functional and yet incredibly economical. Like many other double vanity sinks in a similar price range, this product two comes with an attached mirror and three cabinets.

Yes, you will get two main cabinets and an additional side cabinet along with this sink. These cabinets feature soft closing doors and drawers that are incredibly spacious. Yes, these drawers can comfortably accommodate all your stuff with absolutely zero hustle. The frosted glass panels will be easy to clean, and since all the hardware is included with the original product, assembling it wouldn’t be that big of a hassle. So, if you’re looking to splurge on a solid double vanity sink, this is one of the best products to opt for.

#3 Kingran 60” Double Vanity Sink

Kingran 60 Double Vanity Sink

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Kingran’s 60” double vanity sink is a perfect choice for people who are looking to splurge on a classy, sophisticated and yet incredibly affordable vanity sink set. Available in both medium and large variants, this product is a complete package. Yes, when you opt for this product, you will get two main vanities, one small vanity, two ceramic sinks, two faucets, two large pop up drains, two luxury mirrors, two units of hot/cold, water hose and two units of accessory package.

Crafted from MDF wood, this product is also pretty economical. And the best part: it is easy to clean while also being wear resistant and environment friendly. A single model will last you several years, and since the installation manual is provided with the product, installing it too is pretty simple.

#2 Wyndham 60” Double Vanity Sink

Wyndham 60 Double Vanity Sink

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If you’re looking for a vanity sink with a relatively traditional design, this double vanity sink from Wyndham is surely a great option. Made from a combination of wood, plywood and MDF this product isn’t just stylish but is also environmentally sustainable. While its cabinet is large and spacious, what’ll strike you most about the product is its truly transitional styling.

Yes, with deep dovetailed drawers and squeaky white marble counter top, this set is easy to manage and easier to finish. What we liked most about it, however, were the incredibly functional doors and the spacious drawers. Each of these aspects add to the product’s charm and makes it a top favorite among users.

#1 Wonline 60” Black Sink

Wonline 60 Black Sink

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Wonline’s 60” black double vanity sink is a wonderful addition to any bathroom. Its classy design will perfectly match your bathroom’s style, and since its cost too is pretty affordable, practically anyne can get it home. The sink is made of ceramic and comes with a faucet and a drain.

Alternatively, the cabinet is made from high-end well-finished engineered hardwood which is extremely easy to maintain. This product will perfectly complement any bathroom’s décor, so get it right away to add a dash of zing to your boring bathroom!

60” Vanity Sink Buying Guide

If you’re buying a vanity sink for the first time, we can only guess how baffled you are with the options. So, in this section, we’ve listed each of those factors that you should always consider before getting a sink.

Material – When it comes to vanity sinks, you get to choose from vitreous china, porcelain, glass and cast-iron variants.

While each of these variants are equally good, we would recommend porcelain sinks for their durability and classy appeal. If cost is a concern, you can always opt for vitreous china or the cast-iron variants.

Assembly – While choosing your vanity sink, always make sure that the product you opt for is quick and easy to assemble.

Even if it doesn’t come with pre-assembled features, the sink should have an instruction manual that helps you assemble it in a jiffy!

Cleaning – There’s no point in splurging on a sink that’ll take you several hours to clean. And this is exactly the issue with glass or cast-iron sinks. Porcelain sinks are relatively easy to clean, and unlike most other variants, they will also last you a long time.

Accessories – While getting a sink, you will find entire sets of sinks with a huge range of accessories. So even before you zero in on a final option, weigh out your options and try to settle with a product that has maximum accessories. This will ensure that you’re getting products that will truly be a value for your money.

Typically, you are likely to get a cabinet, faucets, pipes and one or two units of drain locks with your vanity sink. So, check for the brands that offer maximum high-end accessories, before finalizing any option.

Warranty – While exploring vanity sinks, you will find some products to be available with warranties and others to be available without it. Here, it is always a good decision to opt for the model that comes with a warranty. This is because you can always get back to the manufacturer in case you encounter a defect.

Bottom Line

Well, now that you have a clear insight on bathroom sinks, explore your options and finally choose the one that perfectly resonates with your need. Over the last few sections, we’ve listed sinks under every price range and design. So regardless of your preferences, we re quite sure that you will chance upon a sink that’ll surely live up to your needs.