10 Best 6 Person Tents

Best 6 Person Tents

6-person tents are the standard when it comes to family tents, and if you’re planning on camping as a group, you’ll find value in such a tent.

The options available are plenty, and although many of them seem similar, picking the right one requires a patient and thorough analysis of each 6-person tent to uncover their advantages and flaws.

This is a compilation of 10 of the best 6-person tents available in today’s market. Should you be in the market for a new family tent, here are some of the options you should consider.

Best 6 Person Tents, Reviews

#10 Mobihome 6 Person Family Tent

Mobihome 6 Person Family Tent

The Mobihome comes with a unique feature: a special hub system that allows a single person to set it up in literally minutes. It is a spacious 6-person family tent with three windows, a door, and mesh ceiling panels for adequate ventilation in hot weather.

Built to withstand more than just the occasional downpour, this tent has a fully seam-taped 68D 1500mm PU-coated rainfly, a sturdy frame, and anchor points to enhance every camper’s experience. The door extends into an awning where you can relax away from the sun, and layers of micro-mesh on all openings keep the interior bug-free. It comes with a carry bag and weighs just over 14 pounds when packed.

#9 Timber Ridge Instant Cabin Tent for 6 People

Timber Ridge Instant Cabin Tent for 6 People

There’s plenty to love about this instant cabin tent from Timber Ridge. Most users prefer it because it requires no assembly and can be up in minutes thanks to its quick open system. The tent is spacious enough for six and built to make campers as comfortable as possible.

In terms of ventilation, it has a mesh ceiling as well as three zippered mesh windows. The interior space can be utilized fully because the tent comes with a side storage bag where you can store crucial items like cellphones, wallets, and keys. There is a single O-shaped door, which facilitates easy access to the tent.

#8 CORE Dome Tent for 6 People

CORE Dome Tent for 6 People

CORE is a fairly well-known manufacturer of tents known for its unique but practical designs. This 6-person dome tent is equipped with features such as H20 Block technology, which involves the use of waterproof polyester fabric, taped rainfly and sealed seams, and rain-resistant seals on the door and windows.

The tent stays cool and perfectly ventilated thanks to an advanced venting system, which draws cool air from the ground and pushes hot air to escape through the ceiling mesh. Keep the interior space organized with a variety of mesh pockets on the interior tent walls, including a gear loft on the ceiling.

The tent comes with features like electrical port access, so keeping all your devices powered from inside the tent shouldn’t be a problem.

#7 Coleman Montana 6 Person Tent

Coleman Montana 6 Person Tent

If you’re looking for value, this is one of the more affordably priced 6-person tents out there. The Coleman Montana is a tent with a durable build, a spacious interior, and excellent ventilation features. It allows you to keep the inside organized through the use of storage pockets where you can stash small necessities within reach.

The tent features angled mesh windows that bring in the air while keeping out moisture and bugs. There’s an awning on the door to protect it from torrents too. Its inverted seams keep water even further at bay, while its wind-responsive frame stays solid even in bad weather.

The tent comes with an electrical cord access slip, protected zippers, waterproof floors, and a large D-style door.

#6 CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent

CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Setting up this CORE 6-person tent takes as little as 60 minutes thanks to its instant setup mechanism. When pitched, it sleeps up to 6 campers on sleeping bags or two pairs of campers on two queen air mattresses. Its center height of 72 inches promotes unrestricted movement for fully grown adults.

The tent comes with a wall organizer on the inside, so you have plenty of designated storage space for all your stuff, including essentials and personal items like keys and wallets. Mesh layers on the windows and entryway serve as ventilation points, and there’s even a gear loft and a lantern hook attached to the ceiling. The tent comes in a carry bag, which contains everything from the rainfly to the tent, and weighs just under 24 pounds.

#5 Coleman Steel Creek 6 Person Fast Pitch Dome Tent

Coleman Steel Creek 6 Person Fast Pitch Dome Tent

The Steel Creek is spacious enough even without the screen room it comes with. It is a 6-person camping tent with features like extended window awnings for better rain protection and air circulation. When packed up, it fits easily into the provided carry bag, which is expandable via a rip-strip.

The tent comes with color-coded poles for easy setup. Its spacious interior can also fit two queen-size beds. It has tough rainfly as well as protected seams to stop moisture from leaking in. Other features include protected zippers, a wind-resistant frame, and an e-port to run electrical cords through.

#4 Coleman Tent with Screen Room

Coleman Tent with Screen Room

Having a tent with a screened-off porch has a lot of advantages. You can enjoy the breeze and sunlight in this screened off the porch, but if you prefer the comfort of the tent, there’s plenty of circulation inside thanks to its extended window awnings.

The inside walls are lined with storage pockets to help keep you organized. You can fit six campers or two-queen size airbeds inside the tent, which measures 5 feet by 8 feet. Highlights include wind-resistant frames, inverted seams, protected zippers, and waterproof floors.

#3 Coleman WeatherMaster 6 Person Tent

Coleman WeatherMaster 6 Person Tent

The WeatherMaster is an excellently built 6-person tent that comes with a lot of useful features. Its screen room, which is sealed off from the environment by a layer of mesh, offers a relaxing location to the lounge as well as sleep bug-free.

There’s plenty of storage pockets sewn on the insides of the tent’s walls where you can keep your stuff. Features include an electrical cord slip, Weathertec assembly (inverted seams, protected zippers, sturdy frame), and waterproof taffeta floors.

#2 Coleman 6 Person Cabin Tent

Coleman 6 Person Cabin Tent

This cabin tent can be set up in just 60 seconds from its expandable, rectangular carry bag. It, of course, comes with Coleman’s proprietary WeatherTec system, which includes features like tub-shaped floors, corner welds, and inverted seams.

Since it arrives mostly pre-assembled, you can set it up very quickly. It is equipped with Dark Room technology, which is essentially a sunblock mechanism that filters out up to 90 % of sunlight, reducing internal temperatures considerably.

It is properly weatherproof thanks to its double-thick fabric Polyguard rainfly, taped seams, and taffeta floors.

#1 Coleman 6 Person Sun Dome Tent

Coleman 6 Person Sun Dome Tent

This tent is built with welded tub-like floors that keep water out even in extremely bad weather. It has an enhanced ventilation system that draws cool air from ground level and expunges hot air through the mesh ceiling. There are storage pockets galore sewn into the inside of the tent to help with internal organization.

An E-port gives you the convenience of powering your devices while inside the tent. The rainfly is PU-coated polyester that’s durable and completely waterproof. Its rugged design makes it suitable for rough environments and unforgiving weather. The tent uses a shock-corded fiberglass frame, so it is easy to set up and take-down.