Top 10 Best 12 Person Tents

Best 12 Person Tents

These days, all you need to have a memorable outdoor experience is friends, adventure, and a great tent. 12-person tents offer all the space you need without the extra weight.

They’re light enough to lug around in backpacks and survival kits, but when you set them up, they become home away from home.

If you’re in search of a spacious tent for your next group camping trip, consider the following 12-person tents.

Best 12 Person Tents, Reviews

#10 CORE Extra Large Straight Wall 12 Person Tent

CORE Extra Large Straight Wall 12 Person Tent

This tent has enough space to stretch around in and walk without crouching. 86 inches is high enough even for tall people to walk around comfortably. The tent measures 16 feet long by 11 feet across, which is enough space for 12 adults to sleep comfortably.

The tent’s waterproof rainfly sits atop a mesh layer that can be exposed during warm weather. It is very breathable in hot weather and a nice spot for stargazing on cloudless nights.

The tent weighs just over 40 pounds when packed. It comes with 22 stakes and a 68D Polyester rainfly that’s quite weatherproof.

#9 OZARK Trail 12 Person Base Camp Tent

OZARK Trail 12 Person Base Camp Tent

For large base camp setups, this 12-person OZARK Trail tent is a good choice. The tent is spacious enough for 12 people plus luggage, and this is because it has an internal gear organizer that keeps all your stuff neat.

The tent stays lit, thanks to the LED string lights embedded into its fabric. These can be powered by either a power bank or some batteries.

8 mesh windows with rollback folds keep the area inside cool without letting bugs inside. Besides those, there’s also a large ceiling vent and another one on the side. Setting the tent up is easy enough thanks to its color-coded poles.

#8 Americ Empire 3 Room 12/14 Person Tent

Americ Empire 3 Room 12 14 Person Tent

With the choice of fitting up to 6 queen mattresses or 12 people plus luggage, this is one of the biggest 12-person tents you’ll find anywhere. Though it is extremely spacious, it is significantly lighter than similar tents (it weighs just 30 pounds).

It has durable steel poles, a waterproof rainfly, 6 large windows, and 2 doors. There’s also a hook for your lantern on the inside, as well as four pockets to organize your stuff in. Setting it up takes around 15 minutes since the instructions are clear, and the pieces fit well together.

It is 100% waterproof thanks to a 2000mm PU layer on its polyester rainfly. If you need more privacy, there are removable curtains that can be used to divide it into 3 rooms. There’s a net covering on the doors and windows to keep the tent bug free. It comes with a handy carry bag.

#7 CORE Lighted 12 Person Cabin Tent

CORE Lighted 12 Person Cabin Tent

You get 18 feet by 10 feet of space in this lightweight 12-person cabin tent from CORE. There’s never a dark moment in the tent, and that’s thanks to 950 lumens worth of built-in LED lights, which are scattered across the roof poles and fabric. Turn them on using the wall-mounted switch, which makes the tent more like home, and select from three brightness settings to suit your mood.

The tent has a 68D polyester rainfly with a 600mm hydrostatic coating. It comes with 20 steel stakes, telescoping steel tent poles, and a durable 125gsm floor shell. The light system uses 4D batteries, which are not included.

#6 CORE 12 Person Cabin Tent with Side Entrance

CORE 12 Person Cabin Tent with Side Entrance

This 2-room CORE cabin tent has plenty of room for up to 12 people plus luggage. It’s perfect for hot weather because it has low-placed vents, which draws cool air from the ground, and a mesh ceiling that allows hot air to escape.

On clear nights, you can take down the rainfly to enjoy an unobstructed view of the stars. The rainfly is reinforced against rain and wind with heat-sealed tape.

The tent comes with 15 steel stakes and weighs just 40 pounds when packed up.

#5 Eureka 12 Person Copper Canyon Tent

Eureka 12 Person Copper Canyon Tent

Setting up this massive 12-person cabin-style tent takes less time than you’d think. Straight walls allow you to maximize on floor space, while a fiberglass frame keeps the tent lightweight but sturdy. It features a wall-wrapping bathtub floor that helps keep the interior warm and toasty.

The interior is littered with useful functions, such as the e-cord slip for electrical cord access, high stash pockets, and mesh panels for ventilation. The tent weighs just over 38 pounds and has an interior peak height of 7 feet.

#4 NTK Super Arizona GT 12 Person Tent

NTK Super Arizona GT 12 Person Tent

The Super Arizona GT 12-person tent comes in a zipped stuff bag that has an ID tag to help you keep track of it. Assembling the tent is a breeze since it only needs 2 poles for the inner tent and a smaller one for the awning and back area.

Its floor is waterproof and has anti-fungus protection. A later of silver keeps moisture far away so you can stay dry and comfortable. The bathtub-style design ensures that not even puddles of water can get into the tent.

Its frame is fiberglass with chrome-plated ferrules, its canopy 190T Taffeta polyester, and its mesh ultra-thin polyester. It comes with two D-style doors too.

#3 Tahoe Gear Prescott 12 Person Family Cabin Tent

Tahoe Gear Prescott 12 Person Family Cabin Tent

At 20 feet by 10 feet, the Tahoe Gear Prescott family tent is one of the largest out there. You get 200 square feet of space, which is plenty for all your luggage plus up to 12 campers. The center height stands at a comfortable 6.5 feet, so you won’t have to crouch or hunch over.

The rainfly is 190T polyester with 1200mm waterproof coating and UV-proofing. Assembly is easy thanks to its shock-corded fiberglass design, and when packed, it weighs just over 30 pounds.

#2 OZARK Trail 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent

OZARK Trail 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent

This 3-room tent offers the right mix of space and privacy with its unique L-shaped design. Assembling it is easy because it comes with its poles pre-attached. Large windows on all sides facilitate proper ventilation and promote proper lighting at all times of the day.

It stands at over 6 feet in the middle, so there’s enough room to stand comfortably. It can accommodate 12 campers in sleeping bags or three queen airbeds. Its factory-welded bathtub floor keeps puddles of water and torrential rain at bay, while its factory sealed seams and polyester rainfly stops any moisture from leaking in even in bad weather.

#1 CORE 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent

CORE 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent

This tent has a front and back door for easy access. If you like stargazing, you can remove the rainfly to enjoy an unobstructed view of the night sky through the mesh ceiling panels. Meanwhile, heat-sealed tape and tough 68D polyester rainfly fabric ensure that no rain ever gets in.

The tent has a center height of 80 inches, and it comes with 20 7-inch stakes as well as telescoping tent poles. Setting it up can be done quickly thanks to its pre-assembled components.

A room divider is included if you wish to divide the spacious tent into two. The advanced venting system, which draws cool air from the ground and allows hot air to escape through the ceiling, keeps things cool and comfortable no matter the weather.