10 Best Bathroom Wastebaskets & Trash Cans

Best Bathroom Wastebaskets

There are many types and designs for bathroom wastebaskets. When it comes to choosing the best bathroom wastebasket, you have to be more careful than it is with the common home or office baskets. Some of the common wastebaskets used at home and office may not be suitable for the bathroom.

The wastebasket used in your bathroom should be able to withstand the wet conditions and must fit within the small space available. It is also important to consider the mechanism of emptying the basket after it is full.

The bathroom environment may not be very hygienic and touching the wastebasket with your hands may lead to the spread of germs. Some designs offer automatic opening while others come with handles designed for easy disposal. Here is a detailed review of the best bathroom wastebaskets based on customer reviews and general features of the wastebaskets.

Bathroom Wastebaskets & Trash Cans Reviews

#10 InterDesign Pail Metal Round Trash Garbage Can

InterDesign Pail Metal Round Trash Garbage Can

The Pail Metal Round Trash Can by InterDesign is one of the best bathroom wastebaskets on the market. The round metallic can comes with a handle for easy transport and disposal of waste. It has a capacity of 3.3 gallons despite its stylish small size appearance.

The can will add some color to your bathroom thanks to the stylish high gloss ivory finish with black lettering. This wastebasket is very stable thanks to its wide base and the metallic weight. The can measures 10.75″ x 10.75″ x 10.5″ and can fit perfectly in both small and large bathrooms.

#9 Kent Plastic Wastebasket

Kent Plastic Wastebasket

The Kent plastic wastebasket is another great product from InterDesign. This basket is designed to swerve perfectly for the bathroom and kitchen or small office spaces. The wastebasket has a sleek design that allows for perfect fitting under the sink or in a small corner. The can is made of durable plastic material, which means it is light and easy to transport.

The wastebasket comes in classic bronze color which means that it easily matches most of your bathroom decor. Thanks to its wide base and strong plastic material at the bottom, the trash can is stable and cannot topple easily. The Kent Plastic Wastebasket measures 8.35″ x 8.35″ x 10″ and can fit perfectly in small spaces.

#8 mDesign 5 Liter Rectangular Small Steel Step Trash Can

mDesign 5 Liter Rectangular Small Steel Step Trash Can

The 5 Liter Rectangular Small Steel Step by mDesign is a great wastebasket for the bathroom for various reasons. The basket is made of steel which means that it is long-lasting and may not be affected by water in any way. Besides durability, this mDesign wastebasket comes in a perfectly designed rectangular shape.

The perfect design and its small size allow for easy fitting in small spaces including under the sink and countertops. Besides the design, this wastebasket offers hands-free step-on lid which ensures that your hands remain hygienic since you do not have to touch the can when disposing of waste.

The can is also smooth on the exterior making it easy to clean. With a damp cloth, just swipe over the can to get rid of any dirt in an instant. As if that is not enough, you can also easily transport the 5 Liter Rectangular Small Steel Step wastebasket thanks to the carrying handle.

The steel material used in making this can and the stylish finish make the can durable and shatter resistant. This wastebasket measures 11.25″ x 5.5″ x 11.75″ which means that it can fit in a very small space. Surprisingly, it has a whopping capacity of 5 liters.

#7 Simplehuman EMW6136667 1.6 Gallon White

Simplehuman EMW6136667 16 Gallon White

The EMW6136667 by Simplehuman is one of the best designs when it comes to bathroom wastebaskets. Although it has a small capacity as compared to others on this list, it is also perfect for those with minimal space in the bathroom.

The wastebasket is made with custom fit liners to ensure that you enjoy a clean trash can at all times. This wastebasket offers automated lifts up for easy trash removal. With the dimensions of 8″W x 10.8″D x 12.1″H – 21, this can is perfectly suited for an average family.

#6 Blue Donuts Wastebasket

Blue Donuts Wastebasket

The Blue Donuts Wastebasket for bathroom comes with many features that are not shared by others. This trash can is made of stainless steel which means that it is durable and resistant to corrosion. With a capacity of 6 liters, this can is perfect for any small family and can fit perfectly in any small space.

#5 InterDesign Spa Rectangular Trash Can

InterDesign Spa Rectangular Trash Can

Although designed for multipurpose use, the InterDesign Spa Rectangular Trash Can is perfect for the bathroom. The can is made of plastic which, means that it is convenient for the wet bathroom environment. The compact size of the trash can also make it ideal for those with small spaces.

It has a wide base to enhance stability and also fits perfectly with most bathroom decor thanks to the white color. The InterDesign Spa Rectangular Trash Can measures 8.5″ x 8.5″ x 9.75″ and can fit in any small corner thanks to its design.

#4 Home Basics White Faux Marble Bathroom Wastebasket

Home Basics White Faux Marble Bathroom Wastebasket

The White Faux Marble Bathroom Wastebasket is a trash can that doubles up as an artistic display. The Faux Marble is designed to gracefully evoke the elegance of an authentic marble bathroom floor. With a pedal operated lid, it is one of the most hygienic wastebaskets for the bathroom available on the market.

Thanks to the removable inner plastic can, waste disposal and cleaning is much easier. The White Faux Marble Bathroom Wastebasket boasts of a non-slid base which helps prevent sliding or tipping over. With the dimensions of 7.75″ x 9.6″, it is one of the smallest wastebaskets and can fit in any small space.

#3 Simplehuman 4.5 Litre Round Step Trash Can

Simplehuman 45 Litre Round Step Trash Can

The Simplehuman 4.5 Litre Round Step Trash Can is the only wastebasket on this list with a 10-year warranty. This goes to show the quality and durability of the can. Designed perfectly for small spaces with strong steel walls to ensure that it is long lasting.

It enjoys a strong steel pedal for opening the lid and also boasts of fingerprint-proof finish resistant smudges ensuring that the stainless steel remains sparkling shiny at all times. With its classic round shape, it fits perfectly in bathroom corners or small spaces under the counter or sink

#2 mDesign Slim Plastic Rectangular Small Trash Can

mDesign Slim Plastic Rectangular Small Trash Can

The Slim Plastic Rectangular Small Trash Can by mDesign is another great wastebasket specifically for the bathroom. The can comes with built-in handles which are perfect for hanging on the wall or under sinks.

The design works perfectly for small spaces and can be used anywhere including home and office. It is also easy to clean since it can be wiped on the outside by damp cloth to get all the dirt off the smooth plastic.

The Slim Plastic Rectangular Small Trash Can is, without a doubt, durable since it is made of the shatter-resistant plastic. If you are looking for a product you can trust, the mDesign wastebaskets stand out since they are made in the US. The basket measures 10.75″ x 5″ x 10″ and has a capacity of 5.7 liters.

#1 Umbra Skinny Sleek & Stylish Bathroom Wastebasket

Umbra Skinny Sleek & Stylish Bathroom Wastebasket

There are many reasons why the Umbra Skinny Sleek & Stylish Bathroom Wastebasket tops the list. Besides the fact that it enjoys a rating of 4.8 from over 3000 users, the design, shape, and efficiency of this wastebasket are outstanding.

The Umbra Skinny is small in size with a modern slim look which fits perfectly in narrow openings. In spite of the small design, this trash can holds up to 2 gallons of waste and has a handle to facilitate easy transport of waste.

The Umbra Skinny Sleek & Stylish Bathroom Wastebasket is made from super strong polypropylene cloth and has a round bottom to enhance stability. Unlike the ordinary wastebaskets, this basket enhances your bathroom decor thanks to its variety of stylish colors and finishers.

Bathroom Wastebaskets & Trash Cans Guide

You may think picking a wastebasket is an easy job.

However, when you consider the complexities of the bathroom environment, you may realize that it is a bit more complicated.

When selecting your bathroom wastebasket, you must consider the wet environment, the sliding floors, and other important factors.

This simple guide will help you make the right choice for your bathroom wastebasket.

Consider The Material Use To Make The Wastebasket

The material is an important aspect, especially for the bathroom wastebasket. The material determines the ease of cleaning and the stability of the basket on the bathroom floor. Since the bathroom is a wet environment, you should avoid wastebaskets that are made of materials that are affected by water.

For instance, wooden wastebaskets may have a beautiful look and are also eco-friendly but are not ideal for the bathroom. Wood absorbs water and any wooden wastebasket in the bathroom may get spoiled faster. Choose material that is longlasting too.

The main materials that make the best wastebaskets for the bathroom are plastic and metallic. Some metals such as aluminum may catch rust faster. It is advisable to use none rusting materials such as stainless steel or plastic. If you have to use any other metallic material, consider the coating.

Consider The Design and Shape Of The Wastebasket

Most bathrooms have minimal space and may not be able to accommodate a large basket. However, with the right shape and design, a big basket may be able to fit into your bathroom. There are different shapes and designs for bathroom wastebaskets. The rectangular and circular wastebaskets are the most common.

Depending on the shape of your bathroom or space where you intend to place your wastebasket, chose a shape that is ideal. Do not just pick a bathroom wastebasket because it looks good on the outside, consider the dimensions and the shape too.

Does The Basket Offer Automated Opening

The mechanical principles upon which a wastebasket operates also matter. Since the bathroom wastebasket stays in the bathroom, it is better to choose one that does not require opening with hands for hygiene purposes. There are several designs that do not need you touching the basket.

Some bathroom wastebaskets do not have a lid at all. You may choose to use a lidless basket to avoid constantly having to touch the basket when opening. However, the bathroom wastebasket may contain waste that is not good to look at either. The recommended option is the wastebaskets with a lid and a foot pedal for opening.

This kind of wastebasket deals with all the issues concerned with hygiene. It ensures that the dirty bathroom waste stays where it is not visible plus, you do not have to touch the can when you open it.

Consider The Ease Of Transport and Waste Disposal

Choosing the right waste disposal basket is not all about the size and the materials. You must also consider the ease with which you can dispose of the waste. There are some waste disposal cans that offer automated disposal while others come with an inside plastic bag for easy disposal.

When shopping for a waste disposal basket, look for one that offers assisted waste disposal. A good wastebasket should have a handle for easy transport and a waste disposal mechanism of some sort.

Choose a wastebasket that you can use to dispose of waste without having to touch it with your hands. It should also be easy to clean. This means that the material used to make the can should allow for easy cleaning.


Bathroom wastebaskets are an essential part of the bathroom. To be able to maintain a hygienic and clean bathroom, you need a waste can that is effective. However, the process of choosing the wastebasket is not straight forward.

Follow the steps in this guide to be able to make the right choice next time you go shopping for a bathroom wastebasket. You must always remember that the bathroom environment is different from the other parts of the home. When choosing your wastebasket, consider the sliding floors, the water, the unhygienic waste and so on.

You must think about the mechanism for waste disposal, the durability of the wastebasket, and the stability of the basket on the floor. Make sure you do your research well and only choose a wastebasket that suits the bathroom environment.