10 Best Bathroom Medicine Cabinets

Best Bathroom Medicine Cabinets

Whether you like it or not, diseases and other medical emergencies are a part of life and the worst thing about them is that they can strike at any time, even when you least expect it. As such, you have to always be ready at all times to at least offer basic first aid if you, a member of your family or your guest needs it.

It may not seem likely, but having a well-stocked medicine cabinet in your bathroom can be the difference between life and death. You should have a proper medicine cabinet in your home filled with all the medical supplies and hygiene products you need.

In addition to providing a safe place to keep your stuff, medicine cabinets also help keep your bathroom well organized and clutter free, and it makes finding things a lot easier. You no longer have to spend precious minutes digging through crowded vanity drawers in your bathroom. With a good medicine cabinet, everything you need is within reach.

Medicine cabinets come in various shapes, sizes and designs, which can make choosing one a tough task for any homeowner. We have done our research and picked the best medicine cabinets available to buy today;

Best Bathroom Medicine Cabinets, Reviews

#10 Elegant Home Neal Medicine Cabinet

Elegant Home Neal Medicine Cabinet

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If you are looking for small sized medicine cabinets, the Elegant Home Neal Medicine Cabinet is one of the best. This small medicine cabinet is made of MDF with a dark espresso finish that offers sleek lines for an ultra-modern look. This sturdy cabinet has a mirrored door that has a grid-work design with Beveled molding.

It may look small but it offers a lot of storage space with one closed adjustable shelf and three open compartments that make it easy to store items with varying heights and sizes. It also has a satin nickel door knob to reaffirm the modern look. Also included is the necessary assembly hardware.

#9 Zenna Home Medicine Cabinet

Zenna Home Medicine Cabinet

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This is a uniquely designed medicine cabinet that features a classic ‘cottage’ look that lends a relaxed feel to your bathroom and works well with most bathroom decor styles. The Zenna Home Medicine Cabinet is the perfect blend of attractive and functional; it features decorative wainscoting, a brilliant white finish, and door pulls that match the overall design of the cabinet.

This wall-mounted cabinet adds valuable storage in your bathroom and also has a full-length towel bar, a feature that you won’t find in most medicine cabinets. It is easy to assemble then mount using provided instructions and hardware.

#8 HOMFA Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

HOMFA Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

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This multipurpose cabinet has a modern design and plenty of storage space for your bathroom needs. It is made of strong high-grade MDF with an exquisite pure white finish that looks amazing in any bathroom. It has two glass doors with silver metal handle knobs for easy opening and closing.

It has one enclosed shelf behind the two shutter doors, and another open shelf to place your soap, towels, tissues and other bathroom items. You may assemble the HOMFA Bathroom Medicine Cabinet on the wall or over your toilet to save space. Everything you need to assemble and install it is included.

#7 Crossley Furniture Lydia Medicine Cabinet

Crossley Furniture Lydia Medicine Cabinet

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This medicine cabinet enables you to make use of every inch of space in your bathroom. It is made of solid hardwood and veneer construction that is durable and will last for many years. It has clean lines and an elegant door with a mirror finish, which makes it blend in well with your bathroom decor.

The large mirror is complemented by a wooden border capped nicely by flared molding. Inside, the Crossley Furniture Lydia Medicine Cabinet has three adjustable shelves with sufficient storage space.

#6 VASAGLE Medicine Cabinet

VASAGLE Medicine Cabinet

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This is a truly all-rounded medicine cabinet with a spacious interior to keep everything in perfect order. It is made of premium P2 grade MDF which is environmentally friendly, smooth to the touch, and extremely long-lasting. It has a large mirror on the door which, together with its white color, blend in with most bathrooms design.

The cabinet has one shelf behind the mirrored door with 3 height settings, one open compartment, and two lateral hooks to hang hair bands, towels, and other things. Installation is fast and easy if you follow the included instructions.

#5 STEELMASTER Medical Security Cabinet

STEELMASTER Medical Security Cabinet

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Sometimes you need a medicine cabinet that is secure enough to guarantee that no one gains access to it unless you let them. The STEELMASTER Medical Security Cabinet is highly secure.

It is made of strong steel and has not one, but two locks for extra security. It has two small shelves and two larger shelves organized in such a way that you can store items with different heights. You can easily mount it to your bathroom wall using the included mounting hardware.

#4 Croydex Kennett Triple Door Medicine Cabinet

Croydex Kennett Triple Door Medicine Cabinet

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This is a large 3-door medicine cabinet that measures 26″ x 36″. It is beautifully designed with a strong aluminum body that is finished with shiny mirrored doors. The aluminum body is strong and durable; it is chip proof and rust proof. Each of the three doors has a 165 degree sprung hinge for easy accessibility.

Each door opens into a space with three adjustable glass shelves where you can neatly arrange your stuff. The Croydex Kennett Triple Door Medicine Cabinet is large but very easy to install using the Hang ‘N’ Lock system. Included is everything you need for a recessed or surface mounted installation.

#3 Topeakmart Wall-Mounted Medicine Cabinet

Topeakmart Wall-Mounted Medicine Cabinet

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This is a small sized medicine cabinet that features a stylish and chic design that blends in seamlessly with any decor in your bathroom. It is constructed using heavy-duty waterproof MDF and strong metal hardware with sufficient load capacity for all your needs. It measures 13″ x 22″ and has a single door with a unique louvered design for good air circulation.

Inside, you get 2 adjustable shelves with ample space to store different sized items. Opening and closing is via a powerful magnetic knob and catch that makes it easy to open or close the door. The Topeakmart Wall-Mounted Medicine Cabinet comes with all necessary installation hardware and easy to follow instructions.

#2 Yaheetech Medicine Cabinet

Yaheetech Medicine Cabinet

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This wooden cabinet has an exquisite design and color that will definitely look great on your bathroom wall. It has a double mirrored door which looks elegant and comes in handy for your everyday shaving or makeup needs. You don’t need to buy another mirror.

It has two separate cabinet storage spaces to help you store items in order. Behind the double doors is a shelf that may be adjusted for easy storage of differently sized items. It also has an open shelf for keeping your towels neatly folded and ready to use.

#1 KOHLER Frameless Aluminum Medicine Cabinet

KOHLER Frameless Aluminum Medicine Cabinet

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For many years, Kohler has been one of the top brands when it comes to high-quality bathroom basics which is why it is no surprise that the KOHLER Frameless Aluminum Medicine Cabinet tops our list today. This single door cabinet is easy to install and has an elegant, rust-free design that stands out.

It has a 20″ x 26″ with mirrors included on the back door and the interior of the cabinet. It has 2 adjustable glass shelves with enough space for all your medical supplies. Installation is fairly easy with the included mounting hardware for recessed or surface installation.

Medicine Cabinet Buying Guide

When buying a medicine cabinet, there are many factors that come into play. You need a medicine cabinet that can accommodate all your needs comfortably but still look good in your bathroom.

Medicine cabinets are made of various materials such as wood, MDF, aluminum, or steel. They usually have an enclosed space with shelves where you are supposed to store your medical and hygiene items.

Depending on the size, a medicine cabinet could have a single door or have multiple doors. Most modern cabinets have adjustable shelves to make it easier for you to customize it so that your items can fit well.

Why You Need a Medicine Cabinet

1. To create order

We need a lot of medical items and hygiene products; pills, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shaving products, razors, first aid kits, bandages, female hygiene products, among others. Without a medicine cabinet, you don’t really have a good place in your bathroom with enough space to accommodate all these items.

As such, your bathroom can turn into a mess with all these items scattered around. A medicine cabinet provides the perfect spot to store all those items safely and in an organized manner so that they are easier to find.

2. Utilize unused space

A medicine cabinet helps you utilize valuable space that would otherwise have gone to waste. They are usually mounted on walls where there was nothing before.

3. Design feature

A medicine cabinet acts as a design feature in the bathroom and complements the overall look of the bathroom. Medicine cabinets are available in many materials, designs, and colors so it is easy to find one that looks great in your bathroom.

4. Keep items safe from kids and pets

A medicine cabinet is a great place to keep all the things you never want your young child or pet finding such as medicine, syringes, condoms, razors, among other things that pose a threat to them. Medicine cabinets are usually wall mounted high up where young children and pets can’t reach. Some of them are lockable for even more security.

Must-have Items in Your Medicine Cabinet

Before buying your medicine cabinet, you should know what items need to be in it so that you can get one that suits you. Obviously, every person has his/her own unique needs, but there are some items that we all need in our medicine cabinets. They are:

a) Emergency Instructions

Think of all the medical emergencies that you are most at risk of experiencing and have appropriate emergency instructions to deal with them in your medicine cabinet. You should also have a list of important emergency numbers such as doctors or poison control.

b) Aspirin

Aspirin is one of the most common and most effective painkillers for adults. It also comes in handy during heart attacks, according to the American Heart Association. However, be sure to keep it far away from kids.

c) Antihistamine

This is the go-to treatment for most allergic reactions, itching, and hives.

d) An NSAID and Acetaminophen

Acetaminophen helps to relieve pain and reduces fever. A Non-steroidal anti-inflammation drug (NSAID) reduces inflammation caused by conditions like toothaches and backaches.

e) flu relief medicine, decongestant, and cough suppressant

Everybody gets the flu and you’d be a fool if you weren’t ready for the day you get the flu. When you are sick, you barely have enough strength to go to the drug store so it’s better to be ready with all the flu medication in your cabinet.

f) Antacids

You need these if you suffer from heartburn regularly.

g) Bandages

A simple accident may result in minor or major cuts. You need bandages to stop the bleeding before you get to the emergency room. Stock up on bandages of different sizes, and don’t forget plenty of sterile tape and gauze.

To Consider When Buying a Medicine Cabinet

1. Size in relation to your needs

You need to first think of the items you need in your medicine cabinet, their sizes, and quantities. Once you have a clear picture, get a medicine cabinet that you are sure is big enough to handle all your current and future space needs comfortably.

2. Design

It is important to choose a medicine cabinet that blends in well and complements the overall design of the bathroom you install it in. Luckily, there are many designs, materials, and colors to choose from.

3. Is it lockable?

If you want to prevent anyone else from accessing the stuff in your medicine cabinet, you better get a lockable one.


Your medicine cabinet is almost like the first responder when there is a medical emergency in your home. You should invest in a good medicine cabinet and always ensure it is stocked up with everything you need.