10 Best Small Hot Tubs for 2020

Best Small Hot Tubs

In recent times, small hot tubs have grown in popularity, and this is primarily due to the increasing awareness of their multiple benefits. Better yet, unlike a few years back, these small tubs are getting more affordable than ever before. If you are interested in investing in one of these fantastic items, we have outlined ten of the best small hot tubs in the market.

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#10 Aleko Inflatable Oval Hot Tub

Aleko Inflatable Oval Hot Tub

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Enjoy deep relaxation within your backyard courtesy of the oval inflatable ALEKO hot tub. What particularly sets the Aleko Inflatable oval tub apart is the fact that it encourages intimacy between the two individuals without getting cramped.

Moreover, it features cup holders and a drink tray for that moment when you want to bring over wine or some coffee. It is also quite easy to control due to its digital control panel, which helps you effectively configure the heating, filtering, and bubble jets.

Lastly, and even better, it affords a 145 gallons water capacity, allowing you and your spouse or colleague to really soak in it.

Top Features:

  • Water capacity: 145 Gallons
  • Spacious Seating Capacity
  • Durable PVC Material
  • Maximum Temperature: 104 °F
  • Power: 1500 Watts

#9 Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub

Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub

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Soak into the warm and bubbling portable Airjet Coleman Spa to unwind, lounge around, and relax after a stressful, long day! This hot tub releases the Airjet bubbles from its bottom to create a bubbling and warm hot tub environment. With these soothing bubbles, you are sure to chill out and loosen up.

Also, this tub features inflatable walls that are made from UV-resistant, puncture-resistant, and durable Tritech material not only to retain its original shape but also prevent damage. What’s more, it comes with its pump that, besides inflating it, runs filtration, as well as controls the exclusive massage system in addition to a ChemicalConnect dispenser.

Top Features:

  • Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Portable Shape
  • Two Lifting Handles
  • 2-Step Filter Cartridge Replacement
  • Drain Valve

#8 Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set

Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set

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Among the most persistent and nagging problems that many hot tub owners face is hard water issues. In spite of water treatment, it is not uncommon for the tub to retain hard water. This can ideally affect the overall hot tub experience.

Fortunately, with the IntexPureSpa hot tub, you can wave this problem, goodbye! This Portable massage spa boasts an inbuilt hard water treatment system that allows you to keep the water both smooth and soft.

Furthermore, this 210-gallon Bubble Massage IntexPureSpa is low maintenance and comes with a 2-step filter cartridge technology allowing you to keep the water clear and clean for a relatively long time.

Top Features:

  • Water Capacity: 210 Gallon
  • Insulated Cover
  • 2-Step Filter Cartridge Replacement
  • Hard Water Treatment System

#7 Essential Hot Tubs 20 Jets Arbor Hot Tub

Essential Hot Tubs 20 Jets Arbor Hot Tub

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One of the most common considerations when choosing a hot tub is the seating capacity-particularly for those who like having a few friends over and into the hot tub.

If this describes you, then Essentials Arbor Hot tub is an excellent choice. Why? It boasts a seating capacity of 6 individuals. In addition, this tub features a stunning granite-style design with a spacious circular shape that ensures you and your five colleagues enjoy every moment of the hot tub experience. The experience gets even better with its 20 jets designed for an unmatched hydro massage experience.

Top Features:

  • 6-Seater Capacity
  • Gorgeous Granite-Style Design
  • 20 Stainless Steel Jets
  • Cover and Strong Clips

#6 Essential Hot Tubs 14 Jets Newport Lounger

Essential Hot Tubs 14 Jets Newport Lounger

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For anyone seeking a relatively more robust option, then this is the best fit. The Newport Lounger Essential Hot tub boasts a seating capacity of 4 individuals in addition to its 14 significantly strong hydrotherapy jets. This is a fantastic tub for anyone who delights in the company of a few friends while experiencing the remarkable hot tub experience.

Besides the decent seating capacity and jet strength, this tub is also quite easy to install. In fact, since it needs no electrical connections, you can comfortably fit it in your backyard.

Top Features:

  • 4-Seater Capacity
  • 14 Hydrotherapy Jets
  • Sturdy Stainless Steel Built
  • Insulated Cover

#5 Lifesmart 13 Jets Plug and Play Hot Tub Spa

Lifesmart 13 Jets Plug and Play Hot Tub Spa

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A fantastic addition to your yard, the Lifesmart 4-seater is a testament of LifeSmart Spas’ goal of affording an overall luxury experience. This unique plug and play Lifesmart spa comprise 13 high therapy jets that provide you with an ideal massage experience.

It is made from high-quality materials that render it robust and durable. The hot tub comes with a comfort dial that allows you to effectively balance water and air in addition to a distinct top side digital thermostat that adjusts the spa’s temperature.

This Lifesmart tub can comfortably hold an approximate 195 water gallons and features a spa light complete with interchangeable mood lens caps. Finally, it also boasts a unique child-safe locking cover and is an excellent choice for both outdoor and indoor use.

Top Features:

  • Full Foam Energy-Saving Insulation
  • 13 Hydrotherapy Jets
  • 4-Seater Capacity
  • Superior Balboa Digital Control
  • Exclusive Locking Energy Saving Cover
  • Comfort Dials

#4 American Spas Hot Tub AM-628TS 2-Person 28-Jet

American Spas Hot Tub AM-628TS 2-Person 28-Jet

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Essentially, if you are very particular when it comes to cleanliness, then the 28-jet American Spas tub will win you over. It is arguably the best 2-seater small tub available, especially if you want to ensure no trace of bacteria remains in your tub. How can this be possible? Well, this tub features a distinctive Hydro Clear Ozonator, in addition to strong chemical removal provisions. Such is the efficiency of the former feature that it can guarantee crystal clear water!

Top Features:

  • Hydro Clear Ozonator
  • LED Light Feature
  • Chemical Removal Properties
  • Air Blower
  • Included Cover

#3 Home and Garden Spas 3 Person 31-Jet Spa

Home and Garden Spas 3 Person 31-Jet Spa

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For optimal leisure and relaxation, only one small hot tub can help you realize this – the 31 jets Home and Garden spa. This exclusive 3-seater tub provides 31 therapeutic jets that can effectively hit all the major body parts.

By doing so, you can enjoy a fantastic hydro massage that effectively loosens up the muscles in virtually every key area. What’s more, this 210-gallon capacity hot tub also features some distinct LED lights to enhance the experience further.

Top Features:

  • 31 Massage Jets
  • Durable, Slip-Resistant Acrylic Surface
  • Stainless Steel Built
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • 3-Seater Capacity
  • 7 Colored LED Llight

#2 QCA Spas Sirius 2-Person Oval Spa

QCA Spas Sirius 2-Person Oval Spa

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With hot tubs, several features can catch the eye, including the color, size, or even the shape. When it comes to the QCA Cordoba Spas 2-seater tub, its exciting shape is what instantly captures your sight.

Unlike traditional tubs, it is neither square nor circular, but an oval-shaped compact tub. Its shape and design are primarily designed for intimate couples to feel much closer. It features a comfy inbuilt seating as well as a rather smooth surface for an optimal experience.

Top Features:

  • Oval Shape
  • Ozonator
  • Smooth Seats
  • 190 Gallons Capacity
  • Cover included

#1 AquaRest Spas AR-300 2-Person 14 Jets

AquaRest Spas AR-300 2-Person 14 Jets

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Finally, and undoubtedly our top pick is the Aquarest Premium 300 tub. Remarkably built for 2, this is the most exquisite small hot tub in the market by far! Besides its compactness, the Premium 300 Aquarest tub comes with an Easy Klean Filtration System that affords you nothing short of clean water for your delight.

What’s more, its list of features includes a durable built that houses an efficient ozone system to help you clean the tub effectively.

Top Features:

  • Efficient Filtration System
  • Spacious 2-Person Fitting
  • Inclusive Ozone System
  • Powerful Jet Technology
  • Durable Built