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StrikeAd built the world’s first dedicated mobile demand side platform, Fusion, back in 2010. Whether you want us to manage your campaigns, or you want to setup everything yourself, we’ll enable you to make the most of the opportunity that programmatic (across multiple devices) presents. Our platform lets you plan, build and evaluate campaigns quickly and easily whilst helping you optimize the unique opportunities of mobile.

The result? Highly targeted, cost effective and efficient mobile ad campaigns that make the most of your ad budget and get you the results you want.


fusion plat OUR PLATFORM, Programmatic Mobile Advertising

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Engage vs Solo

Key differences between our two main offerings


StrikeAd Engage

StrikeAd Engage is a fully managed solution sold on a per IO basis, with brand-safe whitelists available, local sales support and client services

  • StrikeAd Engage: a fully managed service with 24/7 access to StrikeAd’s team of experts
  • Simple and straightforward: no need for any understanding of mobile advertising or
    programmatic buying
  • Sophisticated mobile targeting: (by device, carrier, network type, app/site, etc…)
  • Because it’s a fully managed service it’s a risk free way of running campaigns
  • StrikeAd Engage is built on the same feature-rich platform as StrikeAd Fusion so there is no compromise in technology, reach or performance

StrikeAd Solo

StrikeAd Solo is a self serve platform, sold on a fee basis and offering full transparency as well as local support and training from the strikeAd team

  • StrikeAd Fusion: a single console through which agencies can plan, execute and evaluate hundreds of mobile campaigns
  • Sophisticated optimisation, tracking, insight and analytics offering unparalleled levels of efficiency
  • Scalable: - huge mobile reach of over 28
    billion monthly page impressions
  • Transparent inventory incorporating brand safety
  • Granular targeting options specific to mobile (by device, carrier, location, app etc.)



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IAB Southeast Asia, Singapore Chapter launches mobile committee

The IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) Southeast Asia, Singapore Chapter has established a mobile committee to drive investment in mobile advertising.

The committee features voices from all sectors of the mobile ad space, from Facebook to Amobee, and aims in the short term to act as a collective industry voice to grow investment and improve both the sophistication and measurement approach to that particular investment, said the IAB.

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Fraud in Mobile and how we deal with it

The digital ad sector has made some tangible progress in the war on fraudulent ad impressions, thanks to new detection methods and improved processes from many sell-side platforms. However, problems still persist in the desktop space and in particular, Appnexus was recently called out for allowing more fraudulent suppliers into its exchange.

In the mobile ad space we believe the opportunity for fraud is minimised by the natural controls in the app ecosystem which comprise the majority of our inventory. Apps are safer environments as they must be vetted before being allowed in a store, and the stores themselves are nationally controlled to minimise redirect to suspicious country domains.

Furthermore, at StrikeAd we use an automated system to protect our advertisers involving a three layered approach to combat against fraudulent impressions, clicks and conversions as follows:

1.) Exchange bid ID: StrikeAd use the exchange bid ID to remove any duplicated impressions, clicks or conversions. The exchange bid ID is encoded in StrikeAd’s unique impression identifier, and whenever this is repeated more than once we will only count the first recorded instance
2.) Timestamp : for all traffic that has our unique identifier associated at click or conversion level, but no impression matches the same ID – all click/conversions are discounted. Further to this, all clicks that are registered more than an hour later than the initial impression will be removed
3.)Price Checking: StrikeAd make checks against the bid and win price for each impression. Where the win price is higher than the bid price, the subsequent impression is removed.

In addition, StrikeAd also manually detects suspicious behaviour which could be fraudulent in the by building a unique site/app ID. Here a unique identifier is associated to every site/app that StrikeAd listens to in the bid request. This is split into three parts:
1. Exchange name
2. Inventory type
3. ID
4. Which would equal ‘nexage_app_24311’

In the past few weeks the percentage of impression fraud that we identified and removed was 11.7% and click fraud was 1.0%.

For all campaigns in the Detailed reporting section of Fusion, StrikeAd users can split the data by the individual sites/app that traffic was delivered against, including impression, click and CTR.

StrikeAd users can then filter by highest CTR to the lowest and decide to blacklist at the campaign level those with suspiciously high rates. Furthermore, StrikeAd can do the same for obvious fraud at the system level as an additional protective service to its customers.